Ladies and gentlemen, if you go to see this movie and plan to only get entertained by Hollywood action and fantasy, you miss the point.

The opening narration says “This is a true story,” some films list recounts of scenes or the movie itself as “based” on a true story. 13 Hours wasn’t “BASED” on a true story. It is a true story. That’s an important distinction because when this true story unfolded on September 11, 2012 there were lies told about what was happening. As a result of those lies our nation took a shift in direction to what we see happening today.

13 Hours is a gripping American horror story that is more real than anything Hollywood’s bright screenplays could create. It was told by the real survivors. A first hand accounting of what they went through, during the narrative title of this film. But you miss the point if you think it was made to entertain you or pad some production studios pocket. It was made to remind our nation, to make clear distinctions between the truth – and lies.

Our country is failing. Failing badly, because of lies. Not just the lies that were told about the events in this film, but a multitude of lies about the state of our union. It’s time we understand the truth. Lies were told to the four families of the men who died in this horror film. Their pain as a result of the lies, grips one’s heart. The intensity and power of this being a true story should pause the hate speech and resentment we foster towards our nation.

Because we are divided by lies. When you go to see this film, think if you can, recall what happened when the news broke of this event. The lies that were told. If you don’t recall or can’t remember, everyone knows how to use Google. As a result of the lies, the face of our nation was lead down a path to follow more lies and ultimately where we are today.

So watch for the statement at the opening of this film. Please look for it, because it becomes a very important impact about any film that comes from any production studio… “This is a true story”. Very rarely used in the accounting of a film. Something we all need to stop and think about… if the truth matters anymore.



Best Quotes


Tyrone ‘Rone’ Woods: You’ve got the US Ambassador at risk; you’ve got to send us.
Bob: You are not the first responders. You will wait.


Bob: We have no jurisdiction in this country. We’re not even supposed to be here.
Tyrone ‘Rone’ Woods: Losing initiative.
Bob: Stand down!






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