By Isaac Beardsall (Barnsley, England)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the perfect hopeless romantic in this indie, sort of ‘hipsterish’ rom com. Accompanied by the unconventional Miss Zooey Deschanel. A girl who like her name brings sunshine and happiness into everything she undertakes.

Tom Hansen (Levitt) is an adequate greetings card writer who strives to one day be a more than adequate architect and hopefully find his one true love. This so happens to be Summer (Deschanel) a girl who succeeds in every job she undertakes and just so coincidently disagrees with the theory of love at first sight. The story runs alongside an architectural theme with a nonlinear narrative.

The general theme to the story is that of boy meets girl however it isn’t all a fairy tale ending. Throughout the film the couples on and off relationship is portrayed with beautiful cinematography and lively soundtracks that keep things fast paced, zesty and unique to say the least.

In terms of the casting and performance, the chemistry between Levitt and Deschanel is of perfect blend. Bouncing dialect ‘to and fro’ like they have performed together as a duo for many years. In my opinion though Deschanel can sometimes lack the emotion of the moment and does not keep up with the performance of Levitt.

Taking a deep look into the cinematography and originality of the film helps you to see the small masterpiece that Marc Webb has crafted. Using small animated birds and expectation/reality kaleidoscopes this sharp director’s vision is well interpreted. Some noteworthy scenes includes a dance accompanied by the Hall and Oates song ‘you make my dreams come true’. It’s upbeat, quirky and punched with small laughs.

One of the key factors that make this film so appealing to its target audience is how down to earth and relatable it is. The foundations are built upon the idea that true love can quite often be one sided and not all romance however innocent and perfect it may seem ends with a happily ever after. Marc Webb seems to relish the idea of this independent and intelligent interpretation of such a simple idea.

Some critics may say Webb strives too hard to achieve originality and neglects the general depth in the story however in my opinion his modern style of direction breaths fresh air into the genre. The nonlinear narrative runs smoothly alongside a beautiful blend of genres in terms of musical backing including huge references ‘to the Smiths.

Although in no means can it be classed as a classic masterpiece of its genre it will always remain in my all-time favorites. I would definitely compare 500 Days of Summer to 50/50 another one of Levitts work or even Scot Pilgrim.

Overall superbly performed by its cast, smartly edited and shaped, a nice little film full of all the qualities of something big. Expressing real life romance and bringing something we can all relate to.

500 thumbs up to 500 Days of Summer.

Rating: 4/5


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