Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Dave Franco, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, Lior Raz, Payman Maadi


Action adventure directed by Michael Bay. The story follows six billionaires, who fake their own deaths and form an elite vigilante squad in order to take down notorious criminals.



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One: There’s this trick that we all do to get through our day. We take a box, and into that box we place all the horrors of the world. Then we close the box and pretend it doesn’t exist. Only some of us, we’ve lost our ability to pretend.


One: I’ve been looking for a special operator like you for a while.
Five: Who are you?


One: What if I told you, I know what happens when you die. You become a ghost.


One: We do the dirty work others can’t. Here’s the fun part. From now on, you’re dead.


One: The best part of being dead, is the freedom. No policies, or politics. We answer to no one. We could take out some truly evil people.


One: It’s all erased.
Six: No more criminal records. No more getting arrested just for getting naked, or just usual stuff. You know, being naked, getting drunk, casual stuff.
Two: No more office parties.
Four: Or stupid weddings.


Five: So we’re all going to die.
One: We blend in to disappear.


One: We’re all going to die. We may as well do it while we’re alive.


One: How is it going over there?
Six: You’re really ruining my flow right now, you know that?


Three: We got an issue. There’s movement, man.


One: We have fifteen minutes.


Four: It’s time.
One: Hit it.


Two: No one touch. He’s mine.


Two: We’re stuck at the stairwell.
Five: Guys, I got a bad idea.
One: Don’t have bad ideas. Have good ideas.


[as something lands on top of their car]
Two: Was that a bad guy?


[referring to the six of them]
Woman: These people were declared dead.


Man #1: If they exist, they could be made not to.


One: None of us will be remembered. What’s about to happen will.


Three: Good things can erase the bad ones, right?


One: Welcome to the world’s biggest magnet.


Four: Are you out of your mind?


One: I wasn’t sure it would work. I mean, I wasn’t sure-sure. I had a suspicion, but I… God, this is all so f*cking dangerous.


Man #2: Who the hell are you?
Four: We’re no one.


One: Are you seeing that?
Driver: Yes!
One: Are you seeing that?
Driver: Yes!
One: Sorry for yelling.


[as they are driving around fast in Italy; referring to the color of the car]
One: Nice call on the DayGlo Green. It blends right into the Italian architecture.
Driver: Hang on.
One: No, no, no!
[the crash through a massive glass window of a building and break some antique statues]
One: Oh, that was Apollo and Daphne!
Four: Guess this happens when you try to steal a whole country, right?
One: Yeah, we probably could have used a warm-up mission.


[as he spinning the car]
Driver: Starting to feel it.
Two: I’m feeling f**king car sick.
Four: Watch out!
[as the car spins]
Four: Not the puppies!
One: F**k!


[as they are about to head straight into a giant statue]
One: Not the David! No! Not the David! Not the David!
[the car stops just before it hits the statue; Driver looks up at the naked statue]
One: Do you want to get out and compare or should we maybe think about going?
[they start to drive off]
One: Yep. Let’s go.


Driver: God, I love Italy.


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