Starring: Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Natasha Liu Bor

dizzo, Zendaya



Comedy sequel written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, which follows three friends and put under-appreciated moms, Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn), as they struggle to cope when their respective mothers, (Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, and Susan Sarandon), visit for the holidays. By the end of the journey, our moms will redefine how to make the holidays special for all and discover a closer relationship with their mothers.


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Amy: [voice over] Christmas is a magical time, full of wonder, excitement and joy. A time for making lasting memories with family and friends. But do you know the secret behind what makes Christmas so special? Moms. Moms working their asses off, cooking, wrapping, decorating and shopping.


Amy: [voice over] I’ve always loved Christmas, but as a mom it’s a lot of work. In between the wrapping, the shopping, the cooking, the decorating. There’s almost no time to actually enjoy it, and only one thing could make it even more stressful.


Kiki: Sweetie, we don’t drink the tree water because we’re people, right.
[as she takes her son away from the tree water he begins to cry]
Kiki: Oh, God. Make it stop.


[at the mall to go Christmas shopping]
Carla: Fuck.
Amy: Holy shit. I don’t think I can do this sober.
Carla: You guys want to get drunk at the food court?
Kiki: Ooh, yeah.


Amy: I feel like a giant stress ball from like November to New Year’s.


Kiki: I spend months picking out the perfect present for everyone. You know the only thing I get in return? Coupons, free back rubs.
Amy: That’s not okay.
Kiki: Shitty back rubs.


Carla: This is our busiest time of the year at work. I wax thirty-nine pussies today.


Carla: Who’s next?
[all the women in the waiting area put their hands up]
Carla: Oh, my God. Since when did every woman in America need completely hairless vagina on Christmas?


Amy: Remember when the holidays were actually fun? Let’s take Christmas back.


Jessie Harkness: Wow, the house looks really nice.
Amy: Oh, thank you.
[Jessie goes to sit down with Amy’s kids]
Amy: Your dad is awesome.
Lori: I thought you hated him.
Amy: Why would you say that?
Lori: I heard you and daddy in the bedroom. You kept screaming at him.
Amy: Those were just, they were happy screams.
Lori: And then you punched the wall and yelled the F word. You were like, “Oh, my fucking God!” Just like that, “Oh, my fucking God! Oh, my fucking God!”
Amy: Okay, okay. Shh, shh, shh. Daddy and I were just playing a little fun grown up game.
Lori: You played the game seven times.
Amy: Six and a half.


[as she reads a text]
Amy: Oh, no.
Jessie Harkness: What is it?
Amy: My mother’s coming for Christmas.
Lori: Oh, my fucking God!


[referring to Amy’s mother coming for Christmas]
Jessie Harkness: Everything’s going to be fine.
Amy: She’s the most critical human being on the planet. I can’t fix that, I’m not Beyoncé.


Carla: Mom? What the actual fuck!


Carla’s Mother: I’m here to see my daughter on Easter.
Carla: It’s Christmas.
Carla’s Mother: Christmas.


Kiki’s Mother: I cannot wait to spend every waking minute with you.
Kiki: Oh, no.


Amy: Hi, mom.
Amy’s Mom: Where is your tree?
Amy: I didn’t want to waste time Christmas tree shopping. I actually just wanted to enjoy Christmas this year.
Amy’s Mom: Amy, you’re a mom. Mom’s don’t enjoy, they give joy, that’s how being a mom works.


Amy’s Mother: Where’s your tree?
Amy: I guess I’ve just been a little busy.
Amy’s Mother: Well, clearly not at the gym.


Amy: I’m a thirty-four year-old woman and she’s still telling me how to live my life.
Kiki’s Mother: My mom got her hair cut and colored exactly like mine.


[referring to Amy’s mother]
Carla: She’s going to keep treating you like this until you fight her.
Amy: Physically?
Kiki: I don’t want you to meet my mom.


[referring to her mom]
Kiki: We went to prom together.
Dr. Karl: Oh, Lord.


Carla: [to Kiki] Every time I think I’m the fucked up one in this group you open your mouth. And then I’m like, “I’m doing great.”


[referring to her mother’s behavior]
Kiki: Is that normal?
Dr. Karl: We don’t like to use the word normal.
Kiki’s Mother: You’re going to be my best friend forever.


Amy’s Mother: I want to throw a Christmas party.
Amy: Where, in my house?
Amy’s Mother: Yes, and a hundred and eighty-four people are coming.


Amy: How much does this cost?
Amy’s Mother: Can you put a cost tag on wonder?


Amy: Christmas is supposed to be fun. Let’s take Christmas back. No more perfect gifts, no more perfect decorations, no more perfect anything!
Carla: Let’s put the ass back in Christmas! That didn’t come out exactly as I planned it, but you guys get what I mean.
Amy: Yeah, we know what you meant.


Amy’s Mother: My daughter thinks that I’m so hard on her, but I had a horrible mother. She once slapped me for wearing open toed shoes on a sailboat.
Kiki’s Mother: That was a different time then.
Amy’s Mother: It was two months ago.


[as she waxes Ty’s balls]
Carla: Slight sting on your nutsack.


Ty Swindle: I can pull my butt crack open for you if you want.
Carla: No one’s ever asked if they could hold their butt crack open for me before.
Ty Swindle: I’ll hold my butt crack open for you anytime, Carla.


[referring to Ty]
Carla: I’m kind of on a date with Santa number two.
Amy: How did you guys meet?
Carla: Oh, waxing his balls. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about another human being in my entire life.
Kiki: That is so romantic.


[as they watch the Santa’s strip; referring to Ty]
Kiki: He has such kind eyes.
Carla: Put a baby in me, Santa number two!

Total Quotes: 30




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