Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Jonah Hauer-King, Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, Alexandra Shipp, Wes Studi, Chris Bauer, Barry Watson



Family drama directed by Charles Martin Smith which chronicles the adventure of Bella (Bryce Dallas Howard), a dog who embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human, Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King), an aspiring med student and VA hospital volunteer. Bella touches the lives of many during her unwavering quest, from an orphaned mountain lion cub to a homeless veteran down on his luck, Bella brings joy and comfort to everyone she meets with her unique spirit and faith.


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[first lines]
Bella: [voice over] It’s simple at first. Home is the only place you know. And everyone there is your family. My first home was full of cats. And I’m a dog. Cats had sharp claws and made a funny tummy sound when they were happy. The kittens had a mother cat. And I had a mother dog. I couldn’t imagine that life could get any better. As I grew, we made a home together. We were happy for a while.


[after her mother is taken away]
Bella: [voice over] I never saw her again. I don’t know what would have happened to me without Mother Cat. And day by day, little by little, Mother Cat became my mother.


Bella: [voice over] Men took my dog family, but this man named Lucas was different. He came every day, and the cats trusted him.


[referring to Bella, who’s ran into Lucas’s arms]
Olivia: She is really cute.
[to Bella]
Olivia: Hi. Hey. It will not be hard finding you a home.
Lucas: Well, wait. I mean, you saw how she ran right to me. Maybe that’s a sign that her home’s supposed to be with me.
Olivia: Lucas, you cannot take care of a dog, okay? What do you do when you go to school or the VA?
Lucas: Listen, I actually live with my mom. It’s not how it sounds. She’s a veteran. You might have seen her at the VA. Terri Ray?
Olivia: Yeah.
Lucas: Well, she isn’t able to hold down a job just yet, so she’s at home even when I’m not. Listen, maybe a puppy would be good for her too.


[referring to Lucas]
Bella: [voice over] Nothing had ever felt as good as being held by him.
Olivia: She does really seem to like you a lot.
[to Bella]
Olivia: What do you see in him that I don’t, puppy?


[as he brings Bella home]
Lucas: I think I’m going to call her Bella.
Terri: Honey, you know we can’t have a puppy. Our lease says no pets.
Lucas: They say a dog is good for depression.
Terri: Who says that?
Lucas: Oh, I’m pretty sure somebody says that.
Terri: Is this going to be one of those things I say is a terrible idea and you do it anyway?
Lucas: Yeah. And who do you suppose I learned that from?


Bella: [voice over] Lucas and I played the best games.
Lucas: Bella, get the ball.
Bella: [voice over] We played “Get the Ball”.
[as Lucas is studying Bella is going around his legs]
Lucas: Stop.
Bella: [voice over] We played “Stop”.
Lucas: Stop, Bella. I have to study. Here. Have my blanket.
Bella: [voice over] It smelled amazing. Just like Lucas.


Bella: [voice over] We played “Don’t Chew Shoes”.
[to Bella as she takes his shoe and starts chewing it]
Lucas: Bella. Don’t chew shoes!


Bella: [voice over] And there was my favorite game of all.
Lucas: What? What do you want? I’m trying to… Oh. Do you want a tiny piece of cheese?
Bella: [voice over] “Tiny Piece of Cheese” filled me with such a strong feeling.
[he gives Bella the piece of cheese to eat]
Lucas: There you go.
Bella: [voice over] Like I was safe and happy and warm, all at once. It was love.


[as Bella sees snow for the first time]
Bella: [voice over] What is it? Cold, wet. Ice cream! Ice cream is falling from the sky!
Lucas: Bella. It’s snow. It’s just snow.


[Bella is at Terri’s VA group support meeting]
Bella: [voice over] I could always feel mom’s sadness going away when I comforted her, like Mother Cat comforted me. But she wasn’t the only one who needed me. Mack was the most sad.
[to Teo, as she watches how Mack is comforted by Bella’s presence]
Terri: I’m going to bring her again tomorrow.


Bella: [voice over] I loved making Lucas happy.


[Bella sees a squirrel outside the bedroom window]
Bella: [voice over] That squirrel! I had to have that squirrel.
[she jumps out the window to chase after it]
Bella: [voice over] Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel!


[as Bella is being sent away]
Bella: [voice over] His scent was fading. I was getting farther and farther away. I smelled my Lucas blanket to feel better, but it wasn’t Lucas.


Gavin: What’s your name? Molly? Ellie?
Bella: [voice over] Let me out.
Gavin: Blanche.
Taylor: Blanche? You got to be kidding me.
Gavin: My mother’s dog was named Blanche.
Taylor: Well, that explains a lot.


[still trying to guess Bella’s name]
Gavin: Beatrice? Millie? Sophie? Sadie? Chloe? Bella.
[Bella whines]
Gavin: Bella.
[Bella barks her confirmation]
Gavin: Bella! See? See, I told you. It’s Bella. That’s a good dog.
Bella: [voice over] How did he know my name?
Gavin: Your name is Bella.


[as Bella is trying to make her way back to Lucas]
Bella: [voice over] I knew now that my journey was much longer than I’d ever imagined. Two winters. How many more winters would there be? And how many more could I take?


Bella: [voice over] It hurt so much, but I had to keep going. The streets and the houses started to look familiar. I finally did what Lucas told me. I did go home.


[after Bella finally finds her home with Lucas, but finds they are no longer there]
Bella: [voice over] I could smell they had been gone for a long, long time. I tried so hard, and I’d come so far. I just couldn’t take another step.


Lucas: Bella! You’re alive. I can’t believe it. Bella, where have you been all this time?
Olivia: Is that Bella?
Lucas: Yeah, it is. It really is.
Terri: Bella!
Olivia: Oh, my God. It’s been like two and a half years.
[to Bella]
Olivia: Hi.
Bella: [voice over] Lucas! Olivia! Mom! I did Go Home!
Terri: She came home.
Lucas: I know, I know.


Olivia: She’s an amazing dog.
Lucas: She really is.
Bella: [voice over] I was really home with Lucas, and Olivia too. I was where I needed to be.


[last lines]
Bella: [voice over] I finally understood that the invisible leash that led me to Lucas was made of love. He was my person, and I was his dog.

Total Quotes: 22


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