By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise. In this chapter, the film follows Detective John McClane who has had no contact with his son, Jack. While Jack is operating on a CIA mission, he gets arrested by Russian forces, as well as a man named Yuri who is in fact the mission itself. John becomes notified of his son being arrested and flies to Russia to go see him before his trial. During the trial, an explosion sets off in the courtroom, and an enemy group of gunmen try to kidnap Yuri in search of a “file”. Jack quickly escorts him out, and unexpectedly runs into his father. John suddenly becomes entangled in his son’s mission and helps him through many situations.

The film was predictable but it did not disappoint the vibe that the past films created. The inclusion of McClane’s son was very well thought out as a result of the inclusion of his daughter in the past film, Live Free or Die Hard. The filming was great and the slow-motion sequences were very well done.

The comedy in the film reflected that of its predecessors, although the language in the film was surprisingly cut down as compared to the past films. Like most people would agree, Bruce Willis is known for his use of swearing in his films, and honestly being very good at it. It was a little disappointing seeing his cursing brought down a level, but it did not kill the vibe of the movie.

The film is full of the action everyone would expect to see with explosions and gunfire, and the father-son humor in the dialogue was very well thought of, and could bring a connection to viewers. The movie is filled with very well done twists and it keeps the viewer shocked throughout the film.

I recommend this film to anyone looking for a very well done action film, as well as those who have stuck with the Die Hard films since the beginning. To those who are not a fan of the Die Hard franchise, Yippee-Ki-Yay!


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