hologram-for-the king

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tom Skerritt, Sarita Choudhury, Ben Whishaw, Alexander Black, Tracey Fairaway


Story: Comedy-drama directed and written by Tom Tykwer and the story follows struggling American businessman Alan Clay (Tom Hanks) who is sent to Saudi Arabia to close what he hopes is potentially a massive deal. Baffled by local customs and stymied by an opaque bureaucracy, he eventually finds his footing with the help of a wise-cracking taxi driver Yousef (Alexander Black) and a beautiful Saudi doctor (Sarita Choudhury).

Verdict: This isn’t really an eventful story it’s just your typical mid-life crisis movie and the only reason to watch it is because of Tom Hanks. It’s an easy watch with good performances but overall it’s slow paced with some funny moments.


Best Quotes   (Total Quotes: 20)


Alan’s Boss: [to Alan] You’re in charge of a deal that’s pivotal for the company, so I need to know that you’re going to close this.


Alan Clay: You may find yourself living in your garden shack, and you may find yourself looking for your large automobile. And you may find yourself without a beautiful house, without a beautiful wife, and you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”


Alan’s Daughter: Hi, dad. Where are you?
Alan Clay: I’m in Saudi Arabia. I’m pitching holographic system to the king.


Ron: You sound like you’re on the moon
Alan Clay: No, I’m in Saudi Arabia. We’re pitching the three-dimensional holographic meeting system to kings.


Yousef: Excuse me.
Alan Clay: You the driver?
Yousef: Driver, guide, hero.


Yousef: Where are you from?
Alan Clay: Boston.
Yousef: Do you like Chicago.
Alan Clay: Not in the winter.
Yousef: No, the band.
[he starts playing their tape in the car]


Yousef: So where are we going?
Alan Clay: The king’s metropolis of trade.
Yousef: There’s nothing happening there.
Alan Clay: It’s full steam ahead.
Yousef: [chuckling] See for yourself.


Salem: You work for CIA or something?
Alan Clay: Just a little freelance work.


Yousef: People don’t like jokes like that.
Alan Clay: I knew it as soon as I said it.


[pointing to the large building as they drive by it]
Alan Clay: There was something going on there yesterday.
Yousef: Yeah, that’s where they do the executions. Do you want to go back and check out what’s going on now?
Alan Clay: No. No!


Catherine Flynn: The king hasn’t been here in a while.
Alan Clay: How long is a while?
Catherine Flynn: Eighteen months.


Alan’s Boss: Alan, where are you? Why are you not out there?
Alan Clay: Because nothing is happening.
Alan’s Boss: If you don’t get the king you’re fired.


[Alan wakes up to find himself being checked out by a doctor]
Zahra: Mr. Clay.
Alan Clay: What happened to me?
Zahra: An anxiety attack. You’ll be okay.
Alan Clay: Thank you.


Zahra: This has you really, huh?
Alan Clay: I’ve lost direction I think.


Zahra: Most people rather be somewhere else, but you’re not most people, are you?
Alan Clay: Oh, I’m not that clever.


Zahra: [to Alan] I think I need to see you again.


Yousef: [to Alan] There’s a lot at stake for a woman like her!


Alan Clay: What do you think of this?
Zahra: You and me, the big culture clash? We are separated by the thinnest filament.
Alan Clay: Well, that’s the way I think.
Zahra: That’s the way it is.


Alan Clay: It’s a brand new city. It’s unchartered territory, and we are the trail blades. With the deserts and the camels and the tents. Showtime. Expect the unexpected.


Zahra: You ready?
Alan Clay: I’m ready.

Total Quotes: 20




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