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A Quiet Place is written and directed by John Krasinski and starring himself as Lee, his wife Emily Blunt as Evelyn, Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott and few others. It seems like Krasinski didn’t get the roles that he wish for, the big ones. So he made his own film and got the role that he wanted.

Here’s my spoiler-free review of A Quiet Place.

The film is about a family that live in silence due to the fact that there are monsters who attack by sound. It may seem simple but it’s definitely not, these creatures cannot see so they only attack by sound *almost like cockroaches* so all you have to do is stay quiet to survive.

From the start of the film you see the family of five in a grocery store, it feels weird like when they talk by sign language you get it if one of them do, but all the members of the family communicate with hand gestures. It is that intense any little sound they make these creatures hear… but the main problem is they have kids and sometimes they don’t get it. As for the first scene we see one of the kids, take a toy from the store with batteries inside and that NASA space shuttle toy make a sound.

Not exactly every single sound, they can obviously walk, their footsteps cannot be heard thus they should be very gentle soft steps, their daughter Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott is genuinely deaf so she from the start of the film, every time she see these creatures it’s different from the other family members, when something happens and it led them to go into someone/something they can be very loud, you can hear them from miles away but Regan can’t and that kind of helped her.

Regan always thought that her dad don’t love her and doesn’t care about her as much as he does for Marcus and all that is for something that happened before which she always blames herself about, her father Lee is overprotective of her that’s why, every time she wants to do something he tells her not but it’s not the same with Marcus.

Sound is one of the main things I look and focus in a horror film and the way it was delivered by the sound department in the film was perfect, every time the film focuses on Regan the sound goes completely silence which is a weird feeling that you get inside a theatre full of sound speakers, yes of course it happens with many movies but in this one it was different for the fact that Regan was deaf and how we the audience get to experience her position and what she goes through at the same moment. Also it made the whole experience even more terrifying, you legitimately don’t know when you’ll hear a sound.

Everything was hard for Lee his wife Evelyn was pregnant, he have to deal with his other kids and also protect them, but also it was the same with Evelyn I mean she only had few days left for her birth. So they both were in an unbelievably hard time, especially the fact that they have to deal with a newborn baby which as most babies do when delivered is to cry, so not only physically but also mentally they had to wait for that day.

I don’t get goosebumps from watching a horror movie, I feel like it’s impossible but man for some scenes in this one I felt as I’m in that cornfield with them and my heart was pumping too fast.

Everyone acted great in this film, especially Emily Blunt I think she was brilliant.

I swear I can’t believe this film is not related to Stephen King by any way possible, it felt as something he could write or even have wrote before !

I legitimately think that this movie should be experienced in cinemas, not necessarily a big screen but in a theatre because I think the way John Krasinski made the film is to be seen in cinema, it wouldn’t work at any theatre what makes it special is the silence of the theatre you at, you can see how it’s hard to not make any sound, I mean that’s what these characters of the film are doing. Staying quiet and I think you should to, for a better experience. You can genuinely see what they are going through. Especially how hard it is to stay quiet.

Sooo, I’m not too sure with the originality of the film. For me I don’t see it as an original film because I think it’s kind of inspired by some of the older horror films definitely not the new ones. Even from the video game “The Last of us”.

But A Quiet Place is one of the best horror movies ever made ! Yes, it’s only got released and I really just two hours ago got out of the theatre from watching the film, but I’m 100% sure of my love of this great horror film and it is on my top 10 or even top five *I’m not sure on that I guess it will take time for adjustments* favourite horror movies of all time.

Best horror film I’ve seen in a long time, precisely 2014 It Follows, if you know me you’ll know how much I love It Follows, but I LOVED A Quiet Place very much that I’ll have to say that I loved it more than It Follows.

The film reminded me of A24’s It Comes At Night, not as I’m comparing the two films but how dark A Quiet Place were made remember A24 2017 horror film, how each film characters were hiding in a place trying to escape, but again I’m not comparing them It Comes At Night was really good horror film, but A Quiet Place was something else.

I love how many or maybe all the critics/audience are praising this film that I think came of nowhere, John Krasinski and the rest of the crew deserve every bit of the love they’re getting. I certainly will pre order the blue ray the second it gets release.

DEFINITELY GO SEE THE FILM, as soon as possible. It’s a really good cinematic experience but you should be careful on where you’ll see it, well, try to go to an empty theatre because some people won’t shut up, and the film is quiet as it says by the title.

Rating: 4/5



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