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The film sets after the events of Prometheus (2012) where a new group of space travelers are looking for a new home for their colony but when they receive a strange distress call on a nearby planet, the crew go ahead and investigate not know what they got themselves into they discover the remains of the Prometheus ship and a rather strange creature lurking and guarding the land they find themselves in. Battling and surviving from ruthless and dangerous species known as Xenomorphes, the group finds assistance from a mysterious stranger. With everyone safe and inside (so they thought) it turns out the stranger is prepping the group of survivors for their death as it turns out the stranger is a dysfunctional android creation which wants to end human civilization with the rise of the aliens.

The Good

One thing I really admired about this film was the set piece scenery. The setting really made the film feel like an actual horror movies the combination of dark lighting and CGI of a ruined, deserted and isolated Island of sand really creates a feeling of uncomfort and scare which really does bring out the whole post-apocalyptic theme but it doesn’t create a theme of survival like we’re used seeing in similar films but more of an atmosphere shock and scare which really gives the film marks for its horror elements. Additionally the aesthetics and look of the much fan favorite Xenomorph looked scarier and monstrous then ever.

The Bad

Let’s get started with the first and most important thing that made this feel film lackluster and that is simply the character development. At the beginning of the film we saw the relationship of our characters in danger as their crew members are killed and their captain is burnt to death. Sounds pretty depressing right? well the remaining crew member’s seem to get over it pretty quickly which had no emotional value to the plot what so ever. Furthermore the surviving crew members really lacked personality and character as each of them die one by one, you couldn’t care less who dies and who lives.

it gets worse for the film as the story is just outright boring and mostly confusing. There wasn’t a real objective or point in the film until the last moment of the film which really just felt inexcusably dull and annoying ranging from pointless dialogues to unexplained sequences. The biggest flaw was the explanation on why the android David decided to kill all his predecessor and turn to the aliens. With no real development and issues in continuity makes this the dullest addition to the alien franchise

The Verdict

If I am completely honest, this was one of the biggest disappointments of 2017 and without a doubt the worst entry to the alien franchise. The film had potential from the start but fails to deliver all the previous elements which made us enjoy the alien films excluding Prometheus. Boring dialogue, slow story development, confusing plot holes, uninteresting characters, the list just keeps going on. This is simply a mockery of the Alien franchise and a disgrace to be called a blockbuster movie.

Rating: 1/5


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