By Bishop Bryant (Bartow, Florida, USA)


All the boys love her, they actually love her so much, they might just die for her.

In this teenage wasteland with bitter cinematography, we open the movie with a spunky opening credit scene. We are given the sort 90’s horror movie feel. Pool party, kids getting drunk, bodies sweating and the water’s bloody. In the beginning minutes of the movie, we are introduced to the surreal horror this movie introduces. Throughout the dreary landscape, we have the I Know What You Did Last Summer storyline and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre feel. This just calls for an extremely bleak kind of feeling that seems to crawl up your skin.

Our characters aren’t exactly likable. They all have distinctive features that make them all different: The shy popular girl, the overly jealous and snobby best friend and the insecure call girl who are all followed by a gang of guys who throw themselves onto the girls trying to get a score. And it’s safe to say that somebody in this group is working with the killer. Is it the jealous friend? The boy who is aggravated that she won’t lay him down? Or maybe it could be the overly suspicious neighbor who threatens to call the police.

Throughout this dreary lake house party, bodies start dropping in typical horror movie fashion but creative disturbing ways that make you want to cover your eyes. When things start to get underwhelming, the unexpected happens. In the end, we learn that the traitor in the group was Mandy herself. No, she wasn’t the killer. She was working with the killer which ended up being the bullied kid at school who was “coincidently” bullied by the guy who died at the pool party. And then Mandy offs him in a horrifying fight to the finish in a dirty cow infested pit then rides off with the injured neighbor making it look like she saved the day.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is nothing but a traditional horror movie with a usual twist that movie prior movies have used. While this movie is nothing really new, even with its plot twist, it is entertaining. The killer was expected, but Mandy setting everybody up to die wasn’t. It was a cold, sweet, bitter turning movie that has you guessing who the killer is. And then when you find out who it is too early on in the movie, you have a gut feeling that something else is up. And you’re right.


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