By Hailie Wadley (United States)


You are on trial for murder, you are innocent but the whole world believes you are guilty. What would you do? How would you react? Amanda Knox is a documentary on the life of Amanda who is an exchange student from America in Perugia, Italy. She is looking to find her way into adulthood and ends up having to be more adult than she had ever wanted to be. Amanda lives with another exchange student, Meredith Kercher, who is from Europe. After only knowing Meredith for a couple of weeks, Amanda comes home to find her murdered in her room. The police immediately accused Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of her murder. This lead to years of fighting to prove their innocence. This documentary does not take a side on whether they think Amanda is guilty or not but only states the facts that ties into the investigation, leaving you to make your own opinion about the situation. I believe that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher because there isn’t any strong evidence that ties them to the crime scene.

The media played a big role in the accusation of the couple, especially Amanda Knox. The documentary does a good job of showing you the process of news stories from when they first found out about the murder until the day she was released. They caught full control of everything that was going on in Amanda’s life, including her diary that she had wrote in prison. For example, while in prison Amanda was told that she was HIV positive and in her diary she states all her lovers trying to figure out where she had gotten it from. When the media gets ahold of that they then describe her as a “slut,” leading to what I believe made the investigators conclude that Meredith’s murder was all a part of a crazy sex act but there wasn’t any real evidence that pointed to that. In fact, Amanda wasn’t even actually HIV positive, it was only a mind game that was played on her. The media was only trying to make a big headline and would do anything possible to get it.

The investigators were also extremely harsh on the couple. They lied to each of them saying that the other was lying trying to make them to confess to something that nether one of them had committed and they wouldn’t take any other answer than one that got them closer to putting someone in prison for the murder of Meredith. I believe that they also wanted to please the public and the public wanted Amanda in prison. That’s exactly what they tried to give them. The investigators found anything that could match her to the murder when in reality the only thing that tied her to the murder was a knife found at Raffaele’s house that had Meredith’s DNA on the blade and Amanda’s DNA on the handle.

This was pretty good evidence against them until it was ruled out because the investigators did not use proper cleanliness procedures when going over the crime scene. For example, most did not change the bags on their shoes or the gloves on their hand when moving from room to room when looking for evidence at the household where Meredith was murdered. That means that any DNA found of Amanda’s could have been put there by one of the investigators on accident. Leaving nothing but the words used against Amanda as the evidence that she was the murder and that was not enough.

I believe that neither Amanda Knox nor Raffaele Sollecito killed Meredith Kercher. As shown in the documentary by the number of videos and interviews of the couple, they were accused because of the media. The police say that the media forced them to find the killer fast and Amanda was an easy target. A target that got the media exactly what they wanted, the big headline. This documentary shows you different aspects of the Amanda Knox case that most people don’t know because it’s not what was originally covered by the media. It is the truth to the story. It shows that although she reacted weird to the murder of her new friend that does not put her at the crime scene. The documentary shows the harsh reality of what an investigator can do to get the answer they want whether it be the truth or not. All these things came into play for Amanda’s trial. If you were a part of the jury that day would you have said she was guilty?

Rating: 5/5


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