American Hustle Quotes: Witty, Sexy and Stylish

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Directed by: David O. Russell
Written by:
David O. Russell
Eric Singer
Christian Bale – Irving Rosenfeld
Bradley Cooper – Richie DiMaso
Amy Adams – Sydney Prosser
Jeremy Renner – Mayor Carmine Polito
Jennifer Lawrence – Rosalyn Rosenfeld
Louis C.K. – Stoddard Thorsen
Jack Huston – Pete Musane
Michael Peña – Paco Hernandez / Sheik Abdullah
Shea Whigham – Carl Elway
Alessandro Nivola – Anthony Amado
Elisabeth Röhm – Dolly Polito
Paul Herman – Alfonse Simone
Robert De Niro – Victor Tellegio


Inspired by real-life story of an undercover sting operation that took place in the late 70s and early 80s called “Abscam” American Hustle quotes are edgy, humorous and stimulating providing more of a fascinating character study in this slightly messy but entertaining film.

The story follows con artist Irving Rosenfeld who along with his partner and lover Sydney Prosser is forced to work for out of control FBI agent Richie DiMaso to take down politics for illegal cash, at the same time Rosenfield has to also try to keep his unpredictable wife Rosalyn under control so that she doesn’t blow their cover.

The script doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of the con artist sub-genre, but where it does succeed is in giving us a group of interesting characters that each have their own story to tell by exploring their motives, insecurities and egos and it’s this that helps move the story along. However, the film feels more of a showcase rather than a really great movie and it only works when it lines the characters with their deeper premises.

The ensemble cast are all on top form bringing their characters to life and not making them feel like caricatures with Cooper and Lawrence providing most of the comic relief.

Verdict: The film explores the twisted methods of obtaining the American dream through this ambitious and brilliantly acted character driven story with tons of hilarious dialogue in a cluttered but engaging film.

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Following statement appears before the film begins “Some of this actually happened”


[first lines; April 28, 1978, Plaza Hotel, New York – in his room Irving fixes his hair in a comb over to hide his balding spot, he then leaves his room and walks into another room where a surveillance team is recording the video and audio of another room, Sydney enters and they exchange an angry look which is then interrupted by the entrance of Richie]
Richie DiMaso: What are you doing? Going behind my back, telling people I’m screwing up this operation? I got you a suite at the fucking Plaza Hotel.
Irving Rosenfeld: The shittiest suite at the Plaza Hotel…
Richie DiMaso: What?
Irving Rosenfeld: The shittiest fucking suite.
Richie DiMaso: Based on what?
Irving Rosenfeld: And the food is wrong…
Sydney Prosser: The food is wrong?
[pointing to Richie’s suit]
Irving Rosenfeld: And, what is this?
Richie DiMaso: What is what?
Irving Rosenfeld: What is this, you got like one out of my closet or something?
Sydney Prosser: No.
Irving Rosenfeld: Are you dressing him like you dress me?
Sydney Prosser: No, what are you thinking? This is not about you. You know that, right?
Richie DiMaso: What, are you trying to dress me so that I look like him?
Sydney Prosser: No, you’re not dressed like him.
Richie DiMaso: But I do look….I look like him.
Sydney Prosser: No, he’s in like velvet. Come on.


Irving Rosenfeld: You asked me to show you how this was done. You wanna fuck it up, be my guest.
Sydney Prosser: What the fuck is your problem?
Richie DiMaso: Look, I never laid a hand on her, alright? Is that what this is about?
Sydney Prosser: Well, technically, that’s not true.
Richie DiMaso: Look, we never had sex, okay? I just like, what did I do? I went like…what did I do? I put my hand like this, and then…
[he puts his hand on Irving’s face to demonstrate and Irving shoves his hand off in anger]
Richie DiMaso: Woh.
Irving Rosenfeld: Don’t you fucking touch me. That bothers me.
Richie DiMaso: Oh, it does?
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, yeah.
Richie DiMaso: That bothers you?american-hustle-2
Irving Rosenfeld: Yes.
Richie DiMaso: Well, you know, a lot of shit bothers me too. But I was just trying to help you. If I wanted to bother you, if I really wanted to fucking bother you…this is what I’d do.
[suddenly he messes up Irving’s comb over]
Richie DiMaso: If I was trying to bother, that’s what I would do.
Irving Rosenfeld: You shouldn’t have done that.
Richie DiMaso: How’s that, you bothered now?
[Irving just stands there staring at him in silent anger]


Richie DiMaso: Alright, don’t make a thing of it.
Sydney Prosser: You shouldn’t have touched him, he doesn’t like that.
Richie DiMaso: Oh, my God.
Sydney Prosser: You shouldn’t have done it.
Richie DiMaso: Fix his hair.
Sydney Prosser: No…
Richie DiMaso: Jesus Christ! Don’t make a thing of it. Big fucking deal.
Sydney Prosser: It just…it takes some time, okay? It’s not like just…
[she goes over to Irving and starts fixing his hair]
Richie DiMaso: We gotta get in the other room. Come on. The Mayor is in there.
Sydney Prosser: Yes, I know that.
Richie DiMaso: Should we go to the beauty parlor? Is that what we should do?
[as Sydney finishes putting his comb over in place]
Irving Rosenfeld: How does it look?
Sydney Prosser: You look fine.
[Richie opens up a briefcase full of money, he checks it then closes the case]
Richie DiMaso: Let’s go.


[the three walk into a hotel room and put on friendly faces as they meet Mayor Carmine Polito and Carl Elway, they take a seat on the couch and Richie place the briefcase with the money at his feet]
Mayor Carmine Polito: Look, uh…I think this is face to face, person to person. That’s just who I am, call me old-fashioned, but…
[we see them being filmed on a surveillance video, as Carmine is talking to Carl, Richie shoves the briefcase towards Carmine]
Carl Elway: Hey, hey, what? Excuse me, excuse me. I’ll handle that for the Mayor.
Richie DiMaso: Well, th…it’s for the Mayor. It’d be a sign of disrespect to the Sheikh if the Mayor didn’t take it. It’s for you, Mayor.
Mayor Carmine Polito: What are doing? Carl, what the fuck? What is this?
Carl Elway: I’m gonna take care of it. Everything’s good. I got everything under control.
Mayor Carmine Polito: Woh! Woh! What is this?
[Carmine rises]
Carl Elway: I’m gonna handle this.
Mayor Carmine Polito: What is this?
Carl Elway: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Mayor Carmine Polito: I mean, who are…? I don’t know who…I don’t know you.
[Sydney whispers to Richie]
Sydney Prosser: Just stop this, okay?
[to Richie]
Mayor Carmine Polito: I don’t know what the fuck that is, but it’s weird. You understand?
Richie DiMaso: Misunderstanding. Misunderstanding.
Mayor Carmine Polito: Look, I came here to meet a Sheikh. That’s all I know. I’m very interested in that. But he’s not here apparently.
[he starts to walk towards the door]
Mayor Carmine Polito: You called. You know what I mean? This is not right. Look, I’m very interested in meeting the Sheikh. You let me know when that can happen. Thank you, have a good day!
[Carmine leaves the room]


[after Carmine leaves the room]
Carl Elway: Richie, you better come get him. Go out there and get him, right now. Help me get him back! Get the…!
[Carl leaves the room to go after Carmine; to Irving]
Richie DiMaso: Go get him.
Irving Rosenfeld: I didn’t wanna do this in the first place.
Richie DiMaso: He needs to take this fucking briefcase, Irving.
Irving Rosenfeld: This is your show, you go get him.
Richie DiMaso: No, you have no choice. You have to go get him. Now, go get him so he takes the briefcase by himself. That’s the whole plan, Irving!
[Irving rises from the couch]
Irving Rosenfeld: What were you doing pushing the fucking briefcase, dummy? Huh?
Richie DiMaso: The whole fucking thing was falling apart. Do you know how much this fucking cost? With this Goddamn hotel, that you fucking asked for.
Irving Rosenfeld: Now I gotta go mop up your mess. I’m gonna go fucking mop up your mess!
[Irving opens the door and leaves the room to go after Carmine; to Sydney as they watch Irving walk off]
Richie DiMaso: You understand what I’m saying, right? You understand that he had…it wasn’t working. He was getting upset about the Sheikh and…


[as Irving walks towards the elevator]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] Did you ever had to find a way to survive and you knew your choices were bad? I learned how to survive when I was a kid.
[in a flashback we see Irving breaking a shop window]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] My father had a glass business. I would rather be on the taking side than the getting taken side, any day of the week. Specially after I saw how my father got taken.
[we see in the flashback Irving’s father being taken advantage of by his customers]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I mean, seeing that scarred me for life. I took it upon myself to drum up business.
[we see young Irving breaking shop windows to drum up business for his father]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I became a different kind of guy than my father, I became a con artist for real. From the feet up. I was gonna survive, no matter what. I still had the glass business and a few dry cleaning stores also. And I did some art dealing on the side. Stolen or forged art.


[flashback to Irving going to a pool party]
Pool Party Host: I’m your host. Enjoy! Enjoy!
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] So I go to this pool party, in winter.
[we see the people enjoying themselves at the party]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] My friends.
[at the party Irving sees Sydney for the first time, she smiles at him then later as she goes to grab some food he grabs her wrist which has a huge bracelet on it]
Irving Rosenfeld: Is that Duke Ellington on your bracelet?
Sydney Prosser: Yeah, as a matter of fact it is. He died this year, you know?american-hustle-3
Irving Rosenfeld: I know. I doubt anyone else here knows or cares about it.
Sydney Prosser: Well I care about it. He saved my life many times.
Irving Rosenfeld: Mine too. Which one?
Sydney Prosser: Jeep’s Blues.
Irving Rosenfeld: Jeep’s Blues?
Sydney Prosser: Mm-hmm. Jeep’s Blues.
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, yeah.
Sydney Prosser: Yeah.
Irving Rosenfeld: You uh…you wanna hear it?
Sydney Prosser: Right now?
Irving Rosenfeld: Yeah.
Sydney Prosser: Sure.


[Irving and Sydney are sat in a room listening to one of Ellington’s records]
Irving Rosenfeld: Who starts a song like that?!
Sydney Prosser: It’s magic.
Irving Rosenfeld: It’s magic.
[as she watches Irving]
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] He wasn’t necessarily in good shape and he had this comb over that was rather elaborate. He had this air about him. And he had this confidence that drew me to him. He was who he was. He didn’t care.
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I mean, she was a very particular person. Like me, she’d come from a place where her options were limited.
[we see flashback of Sydney dancing in a strip club]
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] It actually can feel kind of sexy sometimes. There was a boldness in it. But where would that boldness take me? I didn’t know, but I was gonna find out.


Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] Like me, she learned to survive and reinvent herself. She knew she had to reinvent her life and her identity. And like me, she envisioned a better, elegant future for herself. Like me, she knew you had to have a vision. She came to New York. She envisioned it, and just like that she applied for a job at Cosmopolitan Magazine.
[flashback to Sydney having an interview at Cosmopolitan Magazine]
Cosmo Interview Girl: Well you’re obviously here for a reason, let’s get to it.
Sydney Prosser: Alright.
Cosmo Interview Girl: Our cover story right now is on cunnilingus. What do you think about that?
Sydney Prosser: I like it.
Cosmo Interview Girl: Do you have any clerical skills? Can you type?
[we see Sydney working at Cosmo after getting the job]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] She loved the world, but she was stuck in this clerical job that she was too smart for. I mean, she was a smart girl. I never met any girl like it. She knew her stuff.
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] I was broke, fearless, with nothing to lose. And my dream, more than anything, was to become anyone else other than who I was.


[in another flashback we see Irving showing Sydney one of his dry cleaning stores]
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] He had a chain of dry cleaning stores.
Irving Rosenfeld: I got two in the Bronx, and uh…three in Manhattan.
[to one of his clerks]
Irving Rosenfeld: Hey, Byron. How are you doing? This is Sydney.
[to Sydney]
Irving Rosenfeld: Right, here. Come through here.
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] He asked me if I wanted to come in and upgrade my wardrobe. He said he had a lot of nice things that got left behind by people then forgotten over the years.
Irving Rosenfeld: Hey, you wouldn’t believe the shit that people leave behind here. They’re unbelievable. Come back here.
Sydney Prosser: People leave stuff here?
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, yeah. They got out for the night, you know? They drink, come here in the morning, put their clothes in and then they forget. They got no idea where they left it.
[as Sydney touches a glamorous dress]
Irving Rosenfeld: Look at that sequence there?
Sydney Prosser: It’s beautiful
Irving Rosenfeld: I know. Is that nice or not?
[takes Sydney to the storage room]
Irving Rosenfeld: I mean, some of this…some of this has been here for years. They’re not picking it up. Someone’s picking it up.
[Sydney goes through some of the clothes on the rack]
Irving Rosenfeld: Do you like it?
Sydney Prosser: I love it.
Irving Rosenfeld: Sydney, it’s yours. You want it, it’s yours.


[Sydney steps out wearing one of the dresses left behind in his dry cleaning storage]
Irving Rosenfeld: Wooh, I like it. You look fantastic!
[she steps out in another dress]
Irving Rosenfeld: You’re a knock out.
Sydney Prosser: Oh, my God! I could only dream about it. These dresses are beautiful.
[showing Irving a jacket]
Sydney Prosser: This. No, it’s beautiful. Put it on, come on.
[reluctantly Irving takes off his jacket]
Sydney Prosser: Come on. Look at that. Please?
[she puts the jacket on him]
Irving Rosenfeld: Really?
Sydney Prosser: Mm, I love it.
[then Irving puts a fur coat on Sydney]
Irving Rosenfeld: It’s for you.
[he holds onto her]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I felt like we had a secret, just the two of us. You know, like that thing when you just wanna be with the one person the whole time and you feel like the two of you understands something that nobody else gets. I could just tell her everything about myself. And I’d never had anybody like that in my life before. It felt like finally I could truly be myself, without being ashamed, without being embarrassed.
[Irving and Sydney stand between the dry cleaning conveyors, Sydney takes off his glasses and they kiss]


[Irving shows Sydney his office where he has lots of paintings on display]
Sydney Prosser: What is this place? Do you sell art here?
Irving Rosenfeld: Yeah, sometimes. No, it’s my office.
Sydney Prosser: Well I know it’s your office, but you have all these other places. So, what’s this for? Why did you bring me here?
Irving Rosenfeld: This is getting to be my uh…my main business. My growing business. I uh…I help get loans for guys who can’t get loans. You know, I’m their last resort.
Sydney Prosser: You’re their last resort. His interest rates are north of twelve percent and heading to eighteen percent.
Irving Rosenfeld: That’s right, smarty pants.
Sydney Prosser: Fucking Jimmy Carter.
Irving Rosenfeld: Fucking Jimmy Carter.
Sydney Prosser: Well, Fucking Nixon really. The war and the deficit and all that shit, but…
Irving Rosenfeld: Fucking love it, you’re so smart. You are.
Sydney Prosser: Thanks, kid. But how do you get them the money?
[Irving hesitates a moment before replying]
Irving Rosenfeld: Well…
Sydney Prosser: You don’t, do you?
[Irving doesn’t reply]


Sydney Prosser: You don’t.
Irving Rosenfeld: These guys are lousy risks, you know? I can’t get ’em the loan, but I get my fee, five thousand.
Sydney Prosser: Five thousand? You take five thousand, you don’t give them anything?
Irving Rosenfeld: These are bad guys, you know? They get bad divorces, gambling habits, embezzling and all that shit. You know what I mean?
Sydney Prosser: Everybody at the bottom crosses path eventually, in a pool of desperation, and…you’re waiting for them.
Irving Rosenfeld: How about we?
Sydney Prosser: We?
Irving Rosenfeld: Mm-hmm. How about it?
[Sydney starts walking off towards the door]
Irving Rosenfeld: Sydney. Sydney, I’m sorry. That was too much, I went too far. I didn’t wanna upset you. Sydney, please, I’m sorry! I know it ain’t for everybody.
[Sydney leaves and closes the door; Irving shouts]
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, God! I love getting to know you!


[after Sydney leave Irving walks back to his desk talking to himself]
Irving Rosenfeld: Christ, why did you tell her the truth? Why are you telling the truth?
[looking upset he sits and takes off his glasses]
Irving Rosenfeld: Why did I do that for? Why did I do that for? I fucked it up. I should never tell a woman the truth. But she’s so smart, she’s different. She’s different. God.
[we hear the office door open and then Sydney walks in, she takes off her coat and goes over to Irving]
Sydney Prosser: You said it was nice knowing me. You said it was nice to meet me.
Irving Rosenfeld: Yeah.
[she puts on a fake British accent]
Sydney Prosser: Would you like to meet…Lady Edith Greensley.
[she extends her hand towards him and he takes it]
Sydney Prosser: I have royal banking connections in London. I’d love to help you with your loan, but of course I have to be very selective.
Irving Rosenfeld: That was fucking fantastic.
Sydney Prosser: Thank you. Did you like it?
Irving Rosenfeld: I liked it. I didn’t think you were coming back. Thank God you came back.
Sydney Prosser: I wasn’t going anywhere.
Irving Rosenfeld: I fucking love you.
Sydney Prosser: You have me.


Sydney Prosser: [voice over] And so Irving and I began our partnership, in love and commerce.
[we see Sydney is walking in the street with her friend when a man steps out of his house and calls out to her]
Suburban Businessman: Rebecca, hold on. You’re Edith right?
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] He told me to tell my friends I had London banking connections.
Suburban Businessman: She told me you can get me a line of credit. I heard you have banking connections in London, England.
[Sydney pretends to be angry with her friend for telling him and walks off]
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] And after that say ‘no’ a lot. Until the guy is hooked.
[Sydney walks off with her friend and the guy shouts after them]
Suburban Businessman: Rebecca, can you tell her…
Sydney Prosser: No!
Suburban Businessman: Listen, tell her.
Sydney Prosser: No!
Suburban Businessman: I’ve never missed a check.
Sydney Prosser: No.
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] It was almost scary how easy it is to take money from desperate people.


[at a meeting set up by Irving in his office, Sydney shakes hands with a business man and talks in her fake British accent]
Sydney Prosser: Lady Edith Greensley. It’s so good to see you again.
Car Salesman: Lady…your Ladyship. Thank you, again.
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] These are the roles that we were meant to play.
[to the businessman]
Sydney Prosser: We’re very selective.
Irving Rosenfeld: With that strong application, we can talk about it.
[in another meeting with another businessman]
Irving Rosenfeld: I don’t take a deal that I can’t close.
Sydney Prosser: You’re not being aggressive enough in putting up your assets.
Queens Businessman: If you’ve ever been to Queens, If you’ve ever been to Great Nick, everybody knows my dealership.
[in another meeting the businessman holds out a check]
Desperate Businessman: Five thousand gets me fifty, right?
[in another meeting, holding out his check]
Car Salesman: Five will get me thirty-five, is that right?
[another meeting and another check]
Queens Businessman: Five grand gets me fifty?
[another meeting and another check]
Businessman: Five thousand gets me fifty, right?
[Irving and Sydney celebrate in his office with Sydney on Irving desk and him smacking her ass]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I was doing so much more business with her, it doubled then it tripled. And I never met anyone, man or woman in business, who was so careful and precise about everything. Every stylistic detail.


Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] We kept selling art together too.
[explaining the painting they’ve sold to a client]
Sydney Prosser: Its ‘A Boy and His Dog’. It’s a non-religious painting. Um…
Irving Rosenfeld: Sixteen…
Sydney Prosser: Fifty-five. Golden Age, Dutch painting.
[in another meeting Irving reveals a painting to a client]
Businessman: Before we go any further, is this legit?
Irving Rosenfeld: Well, let’s just say, you know, it’s missing from Spain. Let’s leave at that.
Sydney Prosser: Mm. Don’t show it to any Spanish friends.
[as the client writes them a check for the painting Irving and Sydney kiss]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I mean, it just took off. We got a better office, we called it, London Associates, for her accent.
[they celebrate with champagne and enter their new office to have sex]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] When I was around her I felt joy. Fucking Joy! And alive. That’s what I felt.


[they go out dancing and later that night have sex, then Irving leaves her and drives home]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] As…as far as I could see people were always conning each other to get what they wanted. We even con ourselves. We talk ourselves into things, you know, we sell ourselves things. When we don’t even need or want, you know, we’re dressing ’em up. We leave out the risk, we leave out the ugly truth.
[Irving arrives home and starts cleaning up in the kitchen]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] Pay attention to that. Cause we’re all conning ourselves, in one way or another, just to get through life.
[Irving walks upstairs and enters his son’s room]
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] He was married and he had a son.
Danny Rosenfeld: Daddy!
Sydney Prosser: [voice over] He had adopted her son. He was a really good dad. I respected him for that. It was a tough situation for everyone.


[Irving sits with his son on his bed]
Irving Rosenfeld: What did you do today?
Danny Rosenfeld: That kid Donovan is being mean to me.
Irving Rosenfeld: That big kid?
[Danny nods]
Irving Rosenfeld: But I thought Mommy was picking you up so he couldn’t bother you.
[Danny takes off Irving’s glasses and wears them]
Danny Rosenfeld: She was late. And then after we put out the fire and Mommy said to stay in my room with my baseball cards.
Irving Rosenfeld: What…what fire?
Danny Rosenfeld: Did you know they made a lamp that has the sun in it? Mommy got the lamp, she made her special drink and the lamp made a fire.


[Irving confronts Rosalyn about the fire incident, the left side of her face is sun burnt]
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: I put out the fire. The fire is out!
[there’s a pause as they look at each other]
Irving Rosenfeld: First time in my life I do the right thing.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Oh, shut up!
Irving Rosenfeld: No, no, no.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Shut up!
Irving Rosenfeld: I save a young single mother and her kid. I marry you, I adopt him.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: You fell in love! Don’t you dare forget that part! We fell madly in love!
Irving Rosenfeld: Yes, I fell in love. My God, I fell in…yes. But you know what I thought? You were mysterious, like my mother, until it turned out the mysterious just meant depressed. Alright? Hard to reach. I mean, I’m dying here! And you need somebody who’s gonna be quite, who’s gonna by shy. You’re young, you’re beautiful, you gotta find somebody else. You gotta go out and get some friends, alright? You sit inside…


Rosalyn Rosenfeld: I don’t like going out, you know that I get anxiety when I have to meet people. You know how hard that is.
Irving Rosenfeld: You cannot just stay in the house with a fucking sunlamp. Alright? And I can’t…I mean look, I can’t trust you with Danny when you’re…the fire and everything. I can’t trust to leave you alone.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: I put the fire out, Irving. There’s no fire. Maybe if you were here more then there wouldn’t have been a fire in the first place.
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, what? There wouldn’t have been a fire if I was here?
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Just stop with the whole fire thing! God, it was a mistake! I’m sure a million people do that. All the time. Those sunlamps are dangerous. You shouldn’t even have them in the house really. I bet that happens all the time. This was nothing.


Irving Rosenfeld: We’re not happy, alright?
[she looks at him for a moment]
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: You know that I could take Danny. You know that most of your work is illegal. And you know that if you try to divorce me, you know that…I’m not saying that I would, but I’m saying that I could. And I’m saying that is why I don’t like divorce, Irving. Women do that in divorces. Women get the children and then the fathers never see them. My mother never got divorced, my grandmother never got divorced. There are no divorces in my family. I am not getting a divorce.
Irving Rosenfeld: Come on, what are we doing here?
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: We fight and we fuck, and that’s what we do. That’s our thing.american-hustle-5
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] She’s the Picasso of passive-aggressive karate. She was better than any con artist I ever met, including myself, and she had me like nobody had me.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Irving, come to Mama. Come on.
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] You might say she was my Karma for how I took advantage of people.
[Rosalyn takes off her dressing gown as she tries to seduce him]
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Irving.
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, my God.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Come here. Come on, get in the bed.
Irving Rosenfeld: Alright.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld: Baby, there’s such good stuff here.
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] I did not wanna leave the kid behind. He’s was my son! She had me. I was her mark.


[Irving and Sydney are doing their usual scam to who they think is a businessman]
Irving Rosenfeld: Now I can’t assure you that your loan will be approved, but I can tell you that any deal I take I close. However, my fee is non refundable. Just like my time.
[we see that the businessman is in fact Richie]
Richie DiMaso: I wanna thank you very much, Irving, for seeing me. I’m sorry, I’m so nervous.
[looking at Sydney and touching his top shirt button]
Richie DiMaso: Is that…am I not buttoned?
[Sydney smiles at him]
Richie DiMaso: I just gotta say, Mr.Rosenfeld, that Lady uh…Edith was um…very adamant that you were top-notch and…
Irving Rosenfeld: That’s correct.
Richie DiMaso: I really need your help, I’m desperate. I mean, I got the house and uh…the two boats, and I-I forgot to mention that I have a little piece of real estate in Long Island.
Sydney Prosser: No, you didn’t mention that. Two lunches and you never mentioned that.
Richie DiMaso: Oh, I was gonna mention it and then the guy with the hat walked in.
Sydney Prosser: The hat?
Richie DiMaso: You remember that?
Sydney Prosser: I do.
Richie DiMaso: I forgot. I totally…
[he laughs]
Richie DiMaso: It was the second time we had lunch.
Sydney Prosser: Yes.


[we see Irving getting visibly jealous as Richie and Sydney laugh and flirt]
Sydney Prosser: We couldn’t see his eyes. It was like he had no eyes.
Richie DiMaso: Did they sell hats like that?
Sydney Prosser: I don’t know.
Richie DiMaso: I mean, where do they come from? Actually, I went to the store and I thought the hat store down the street…I thought maybe he bought it there and I was gonna get you one.
Sydney Prosser: You wanted to get me one?
Richie DiMaso: I was, like a memento…
[Irving looks annoyed]
Irving Rosenfeld: Two lunches?
Sydney Prosser: Yes.
Irving Rosenfeld: Really?
Sydney Prosser: It was two lunches. What’s the big deal?
Irving Rosenfeld: That’s unusual.
Sydney Prosser: Just trying to get him to be more aggressive. On his loan, that is.
Richie DiMaso: You showed me a whole new side of the city I’d never seen before.
Sydney Prosser: Oh.
Richie DiMaso: Yeah, it was…
Sydney Prosser: You’re welcome.
Richie DiMaso: No, thank you.
Irving Rosenfeld: Yeah. Right.
[to Sydney]
Irving Rosenfeld: Should I take you there?
Sydney Prosser: Yeah, it’s nice.
Irving Rosenfeld: You liked it?
Sydney Prosser: Mm-hmm.
Irving Rosenfeld: Right. Should I take you there twice?
Sydney Prosser: Stop.


[Irving motions to Sydney so he can talk to her quietly as Richie sits there watching them]
Irving Rosenfeld: Come here.
Sydney Prosser: What?
Irving Rosenfeld: You like this guy?
Sydney Prosser: Yes, I like this guy.
Irving Rosenfeld: Is it messing with your judgment?
Sydney Prosser: No, it’s not messing with my judgment. Don’t be stupid.american-hustle-4
Irving Rosenfeld: Hey, hey, hey. Play your part.
Sydney Prosser: Fine. You play your part.
[Richie interrupts them]
Richie DiMaso: Take it to your people in London. Please, take it to them. I got the cashier’s check right here.
[he takes out the check from his jacket pocket and holds it out]
Richie DiMaso: I give you five and you give me fifty back, right? Please. Please, don’t reject me. Give a guy a chance.
[Irving and Sydney look at each other and then Sydney takes the check; Richie picks up one of their business cars from the desk]
Richie DiMaso: Zurich, you got an office in Zurich? Paris? I can call Paris?
Irving Rosenfeld: Will you excuse me for a second?
Yeah, take your time.
Sydney Prosser: Excuse me.
[to Sydney]
Irving Rosenfeld: Let’s go outside.
Richie DiMaso: Do whatever you need to do. Go ahead, take your time.


[as Irving and Sydney go to leave the office the FBI are waiting for them]
FBI Agent #1: Stick around for a little bit. See my friends over there?
Sydney Prosser: I’m not going anywhere, just take it easy.
Irving Rosenfeld: You got the wrong office. You’re gonna be embarrassed.
[as one of the officers goes to handcuff Sydney]
Irving Rosenfeld: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Go easy on her.
Richie DiMaso: I may not have you, Irving, but I have her on fraud. Impersonating another individual.
Irving Rosenfeld: On fraud? On fraud?
Richie DiMaso: Yes. She may not be…she may not be
Irving Rosenfeld: What is that? Identity fraud?
[to Sydney]
Richie DiMaso: You may be from England, but you’re not royal and you have no banking connections. Now that’s a felony.
Sydney Prosser: You don’t have to cuff me up!
Richie DiMaso: How long is it? That’s three to five years.
Irving Rosenfeld: Oh, really? That’s interesting. I-I don’t even know your name.
[Richie holds out his badge]
Richie DiMaso: Richie DiMaso, F.B.I. Nice to meet you.
[to Sydney]
Richie DiMaso: You gotta get away from this guy.


[Sydney is taking to an interrogation room and locked up]
Irving Rosenfeld: [voice over] He wouldn’t let me see her for three days. Even managed to delay a lawyer. She couldn’t handle it.
[as Sydney is sat on the floor looking despondent, Richie enters with a hot drink]
Richie DiMaso: Chuck, how come the fluorescence is on? Can we kill that please? Jesus Christ.
[the light is turned off]
Richie DiMaso: I put this lamp here for you cause I thought it’ll be better for you. There’s a wires here, they’re scared because people hang themselves, but I know you’re too smart for that.
[he paces around]
Richie DiMaso: Where is the uh…table and chair? There’s no bed here? It’s like a fucking asylum. Joe, is everybody off today? Jesus Christ! It’s scary.
[to Sydney]
Richie DiMaso: Maybe I wanted to scare you, I don’t know. Maybe it was my idea. Maybe I’m a little off the beaten path, you know? I don’t know, maybe. You look dehydrated. Do you wanna drink some tea?
[he holds the cup out to her]
Richie DiMaso: Oh, yeah. It looks real.
[she takes the cup from him]
Richie DiMaso: It’s herbal. It’s my favorite.
[she takes a sip of the tea]


[to Sydney]
Richie DiMaso: I know you think, and look at me. Hey, Edith. I know you think Irv loves you. I know you think you know him. You think he sees the world as this cold dark place, and he cares about nobody but a very few people on a short list. His son, his father and then you, you think you’re on the top of that list. What if you’re not? What if you’re not on that list? What if you’re not on that list at all? He’d be in here right now if he took the check. But, no, you did. God. It’s so clear to me. It’s so crazy clear to me, nut it’s not clear to you. He uses you, Edith, to protect himself, to protect his son, and his wife in Long Island. No? Yes! He put a ring on her finger, he adopted her son. They have huge house, they have two cars. What does she do all day? I’ll tell you what she does. She plays with her nails, she watches TV and she spends your money. The money that you make.
[Sydney just stares at him]
Richie DiMaso: I don’t like that you’re in jail while he’s going free. I don’t like any of that. I wanna help you. All the razzle-dazzle that he does, it’s not good. It’s not real, it’s fake. It’s not real. Who you are is who you are between you and God. You and your soul. That’s what matters, that’s what counts, that’s what I’m about. And that’s what I see in you. Tell me you didn’t feel it the first time we saw each other. Am I crazy? I don’t think so. I am not supposed to be talking like this, but I don’t care. I break the rules. Okay, Edith. Edith, I wanna help you. I like you.
[he puts his hand against his mouth and whispers]
Richie DiMaso: I like you.
[she just stares at him]
Richie DiMaso: I like you.


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