By Patrick Templer (Australia, Adelaide)


A comedy with the romance needed to finish a film, American Pie has to be one of the greatest movies created for teenage eyes. This movie starts off as a group of seniors about to finish school and go to college but all as virgins. We see the desperation throughout this film as this is the main focus of these four teenagers pleading to get “laid”. Throughout this movie we see the guys make an oath to lose their virginity by prom. The desperation we see from each of these four guys has to lose their virginity by doing things and persuading others to what they would not usually do.

As most of you would think while watching this, “sexed up movie, all about four guys trying to get “laid”, nothing more”. You really need to see the bigger picture. Looking closer into this movie we see four different scenarios,

One (Paul Finch) – Paul Finch, an uptight guy who believes all the girls are right for him and he just can’t choose. Throughout this movie we see Paul stay relaxed while all the other guys are trying to figure out how they are going to lose their virginity. While all the other guys question Paul, he asks for only one thing, and that is to go along with whatever anyone is saying about him. We soon find out that Paul has paid Jessica to spread rumors about him, as this works and Paul has girls talking about him left, right and center he goes too far and pretends he beat Stifler up. Stifler then gets payback by putting laxatives in his coffee which forces him to go to the toilet (not forgetting Paul has never been to the toilet at school). As Paul finishes up, Stifler has got the whole school to see him where everyone laughs and puts Paul in a place where no one wants to go to the prom with him. Paul loses confidence and soon forgets about the oath to lose his virginity where he meets Stifler’s mum at his party and does it with her, getting payback on Stifler for embarrassing him in front of the school.

Two (Jim Levenstein) – Jim Levenstein, probably the most useless of all people. We see Jim as a very nervous guy when it comes to girl, overthinking everything at parties and getting a little too enthusiastic when thinking about sex. Jim has a lot of problems during this film but the main is his luck. Jim is known for his bad luck during his schooling career, being caught by his parents watching porn, been caught masturbating and playing with condoms. Jim as well as the other 3 guys thinks he can get lucky with the exchange student, Nadia. Nadia has taken an interest in Jim but as Jim is too nervous to talk to her nothing plays out until she wants to go study at his house. This is where it really kicks off for Jim as he chooses to film and send the address to his friends where Nadia is changing in his room, by mistake Jim sends the address to the whole school directory. Where things start to get worse Jim’s nervousness shows when he walks in to Nadia enjoying herself to nude magazines. Nadia then insist he takes all his clothes off and soon makes Jim touch her which causes Jim to “blow his load” twice in a moments notice. Seeing as this incident has now spread across the whole school and Nadia sent back home, Jim decides to “screw” the idea of losing his virginity at prom and asks a “band geek” to prom to have a good time but never suspected to lose his virginity to her at prom.

Three (Chris Ostreicher) – Chris Ostricher, otherwise known as “Nova” to his friends and the girls because… Chris is a pretty big guy, being the best lacrosse player in school and still being a virgin is not a good look for him. At Stiflers first party we see him bring a college girl to the “lookout” being where all the cool kids have sex in their car. After failing this we see him take a completely different way of trying to get a girl. He does this by joining the choir club where he soon takes a lot of shit for being there but insists to his friends that this is an “untouched” resource and he can play the different angle of a nice/delicate guy to get these girls into bed. As he plays the alternate angle of the nice guy he sees himself falling for the choir girl and soon rejects the idea of losing his virginity by the end of prom.

Four (Kevin Meyers) – Kevin Meyers has a different story to the rest of his friends. Being the only one with a girlfriend (Vikky) which is a problem as Vikky does not want to have sex unless it is perfect whereas Kevin just wants to get it over and done with as they have been going out for a while. Kevin starts this off by creating the oath with his friends that they have to lose their virginity by prom. As prom comes up Kevin decides to please Vikky by giving her pleasure she hasn’t had before. As prom day comes Kevin realises that this “oath” was a joke, and by pushing his friends to lose their virginity at prom pushed them off the edge and changed them in ways they had not expected. Kevin is disappointed as what he started ended up being a waste of time and that he had only done this for himself. Still, losing his virginity at Stiflers party to his girlfriend, in the morning they both realise that their relationship was not going to last as they were going in different directions for college.

This film really sums up the life of the end of school and moving to college as we see with all four of these guys. We see with each guy a different story has come from the start to the end, where some end up falling in love with someone they had never thought, relationships ending where they come to the realisation that it was not going to last. As the movie comes to an end we see Kevin state “to the next step” showing that after this whole experience trying to lose their virginity they have all come a long way and that they will all be going to a different direction they had not thought they would ever go.

Rating: 4/5


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