By Reno Rangan


Life on a Thin Line Between Pleasure and Despair

Do you think anyone says “I should have known him” after watching This Is It. The answer is definitely yes. In the non-English speaking countries, many people don’t know who Michael Jackson is or was. To me, this documentary is a similar case, I had no clue about who Amy Winehouse was and I’ve never listened her music before. So thanks to the director of this film and I also congratulate him for the Oscars nomination.

The movie was not complete. As with any documentary this one is too based on recorded audio and video clips and a series of interviews of whom she had worked with and close ones. It was like a puzzle, but was arranged neatly in chronological order. You know, you won’t get all the truth from them, many things remain a mystery. So this is only a person’s quality and character from many (people’s) angles, but the accuracy, the honesty is with Amy that’s never going to be revealed. Because only she knows about all she went through in her life like we do in our life.

Arguably without a doubt I agree films and documentaries are too short to squeeze everything in about 2 hours to depict a person’s entire life and people who are watching and judging that person, it’s not justified. In this, the end was so sudden, like they had no more footage about what really happened. The trivia says Amy’s father was not happy about the movie for the portrayal of his daughter, especially the last few years of her life. Only a very few know how true this film is, but anyway something was very clear that he had not been the father she has wished for.

Every child deserves good parenting. I feel Amy’s struggle began from her childhood itself. But after her teenage years, while becoming more independent, she lost her path as the fame poured in. She definitely had a gifted voice; she did not know how to manage it and someone should have been there to guide her. According to this film, I think the marriage was the beginning of the dark side of Amy.

“When you looked at her lyrical and melodic capability,
she was a very old soul in a very young body.”

I have not seen all the Academy Award nominees except this and Cartel Land, but I certainly think this film has the edge to win the best documentary film. Definitely Amy’s life story deserves to be made as a feature film and I’m up for it. Because somewhere I read the reply to a question “why Bill Gates is not celebrated as Steve Jobs is? After all both of them achieved a lot in the same field and contributed to modernize computer technology.”

The reply was like this: “Bill Gates was from a financially well settled family who was good at studies and his life was very smooth, support was poured from all the corners. While Steve Jobs was a child of an immigrant parents and had to struggle for his achievements. So he went through many ups and downs in his life and people have soft corner for that.”

This film had all qualities to inspire from Amy’s achievement as well as lessons to learn from her personal life. Everybody has their personal issues and so did Amy. Becoming a prey to drugs and alcohol is very common these days among the celebrities. For example Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many other stars are the victims for drug addiction. That does not mean their achievements are nothing. Simply, we see one of the many faces of them. After all, we’re humans go after what we desire for, but everything has limits, after that what comes is self-destruction. It is a very nice movie. If you know her and still want to know better, and if you don’t know her and want to know about her, for both it is a must see.

Rating: 8/10



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