Starring: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Piper Perabo, Nick Nolte, Danny Huston, Michael Landes, Tim Blake Nelson, Lance Reddick


Action thriller sequel directed by Ric Roman Waugh. The story follows Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), who finds himself framed for an assassination attempt on the President (Morgan Freeman). Pursued by his own agency and the FBI, Banning races to clear his name and uncover the real terrorist threat which has set its sights on Air Force One.


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Leah Banning: I made some breakfast, do you want some?
Mike Banning: No, babe. I got to go. I’ll stay safe. I promise.


Mike Banning: You must really like fishing, Mr. President. It’s cold out here.
President Allan Trumbull: Sorry. Anything to get out of DC for a while.


President Allan Trumbull: Mike, I’m selecting you for Secret Service Director. Congratulations.
Mike Banning: I’ll give it my best shot, sir.


[as Banning is returning from fishing with the President]
Security: What is that? Are they bats?
Mike Banning: They’re drones! They’re drones!


Mike Banning: Don’t move! Don’t move! I’m coming to you! They’re coming after your boat! Get him in the water!
[the special agent pushes the President out of the boat and into the water before it explodes]


[after the President’s boat explodes Banning finds the President in the water]
Mike Banning: Sir, I got you. Going under. Dive deeper.


[Banning wakes in the hospital with his hand cuffed to the bed]
Mike Banning: Why am I in cuffs?
FBI Agent Thompson: Your whole team is dead, except you. You have this perfectly planned.


FBI Agent Thompson: Mike Banning, you’re being charged for the attempted murder of the President of the United States.


FBI Agent Thompson: Banning is Secret Service. He knows all our tricks. He’s gone.


News Reporter: The President’s top guardian angel has fallen.


News Reporter: A statewide manhunt is underway.


Mike Banning: Don’t you see that I’m being set up?


[Banning calls Leah]
Leah Banning: Mike?
Mike Banning: You okay?
Leah Banning: What’s going on? We’ve been getting death threats
Mike Banning: There’s somebody else behind this. It wasn’t me
Leah Banning: I just want you to come home safe.
Mike Banning: I love you.


Mike Banning: [to Leah] The President’s not safe. They’re going to try and finish the job. I am not going to stop until I prove who did this. I love you.


Doctor: How long after this concussion did the migraines start?
Mike Banning: Pretty much right away.


Doctor: You need to be a lot more careful. You said it was from a car accident?
Mike Banning: Yeah.
Doctor: What line of work are you in?
Mike Banning: Computer sales.


Clay Banning: How did you find me?
Mike Banning: I’m on the security for the President. How do you think, dad? I need your help.


Mike Banning: You got to get out of here.
Clay Banning: I ain’t going nowhere.


Mike Banning: You almost blew me up!
Clay Banning: You’re welcome.


Wade Jennings: [on the phone] You can’t hide from us, Banning.
Mike Banning: Don’t worry about finding me. I’ll find you.


[to the President]
Mike Banning: Listen to me, we’re going to make a move. Now people are going to fall, but not you.


President Allan Trumbull: I hear there’s something you want to tell me.
Mike Banning: Yes, sir. I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to it. Before the attack I should have been more honest about some of the things that I was dealing with, the repercussions, th guilt. I let you down, sir.
President Allan Trumbull: You’re damn right. Why did you think you couldn’t come to me with this, after all we’ve been through?
Mike Banning: I don’t know, sir. You know how I feel about the job, and I didn’t want anyone to take that away from me. But that is no excuse. You know, someone said to me once, “It’s better sometimes knowing when to quit instead of lying to yourself, or anyone you care about the most.” I’m not going to let that happen again. I’m here to offer my resignation, sir.
[he places his badge on the desk]


President Allan Trumbull: It’s our moments of struggle that define us. How we handle them is what matters. Like I said in the hospital, I’m still alive because you didn’t. If you choose to do so now, then that’s up to you. But I still want you for Director, if you want it.
[he offers Banning his badge back]
President Allan Trumbull: No more secrets.
[Banning stands and takes back his badge]
Mike Banning: No more secrets, sir.
President Allan Trumbull: Good. Very good.
[they shake hands, and then Trumbull embraces Banning]
Mike Banning: Thank you, sir.


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