By Achintya (Belgium)


There are few horror movies in the world which succeed without stuffing jumps scares and pop-ups in a 90 minute odd run time. Annabelle is one of them.

Annabelle serves as the prequel to the most popular horror movie of the last decade, The Conjuring. Directed by John R. Leonetti and produced by James Wan, Annabelle explores the origins of the Annabelle doll which appears in The Conjuring. John Form, a doctor, buys a doll for his pregnant wife Mia, as a gift. Mia is happy at first but the events which unfold after the arrival of the doll are truly inexplicable.

Director John Leonetti does have some experience in horror movies and by seeing Annabelle I can tell he is one of the better horror-movie directors. The casting call was brilliant for Annabelle and the fact that the name of the lead actor was ‘Annabelle Wallis’, is just one of the other things which made Annabelle even more exciting.

Now to the movie Annabelle provided a good mix of old-fashioned clich├ęs like: the elevator coming back to the same floor, tons of scary faces and obviously – a creepy doll. However, it also had some new contestants like: doll levitating in the air (seriously, I have never seen it before) , having the exact same opening scene as the last movie in the series and the brand new scare – books falling on top of a newborn baby’s head (it was actually pretty scary).

Compared to recent horror entries like Deliver us from Evil and Dracula Untold, Annabelle is one light-year ahead. Not only because it is the prequel to The Conjuring but also because it did really good marketing. The trailer was terrifying, especially the part where the little girl turns into a demon (sorry for the spoiler).

Apart from all of this, I did actually think that it was way too short. I am not suggesting that it should be 3 hours long but 1 and a half hours is way too short. Due to the run time, the ending was very quick and if you walked out of the hall when the ending began and came back 7 minutes later with a coke and popcorn in your hand, you would be surprised that the move is a quarter of a way through the credits.

Annabelle was a very impressive horror movie flick and it is a must see for Halloween even though the ending wasn’t very clear. I recommend this movie to everyone over 18 but if you find the movie Chucky scary, then you probably wouldn’t want to get a heart attack watching this one.

Rating: 4.2/5


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