By Logan S (USA)


Most films based upon on novels will never truly capture the full message that the author delivers in words. Those movies will always leave out small details, change character roles, and, ultimately, ruin the work the author created. Annihilation is not that movie. Annihilation not only includes the major components of the novel, but the film surpasses the book.

Before I get into the film itself, I will deliver a review of the theater and its services. I watched the film inside one of the theaters of Harkins Theatres Shea 14. Because the film was rated R, I could not purchase a ticket at the theater itself, rather I had to purchase it online. Personally, I admire this feature of purchasing tickets ahead of time, like a reservation to a restaurant. This theater has a wide variety of food and snacks to purchase for watching movies. The only item I purchased was an Icee. I ordered a mixed Icee, which is a blend of both the flavors served by this location, blue raspberry and cherry. I believe the price of an Icee is significantly high (over six dollars), but it is worth spending the money for this delicious treat. It was not difficult to find seats in the theater because most people went to see the recently released movie Black Panther. The theater was a clean environment; there was little-to-none popcorn of the floors.

I will limit myself from spoiling any major part of the film. Here is a basic plot summary. The main protagonist, Lena, a cellular biologist and former U.S. soldier, is being debriefed over the events that occur in the Shimmer. Lena takes a team of four other women into the Shimmer, an expanding zone that mutates any life within it. Lena and her crew are the twelve team to enter, but she is the only one to return. One feature about the film that I admire is that it is based on flashbacks. In the present, Lena has already been into the Shimmer, but she is explaining everything that has happened.

***Warning: the following paragraph contains major spoilers***

What makes this movie great is there are so many events that are symbolic. We discover that the Shimmer mutates any living creatures DNA. As each of the team members die, Lena receives a part of them. After Anya’s death, a tattoo is present on Lena’s arm. A part of Anya is forever with Lena. The end of the film offered a great twist. We know from earlier in the film that Lena’s husband was on one of the crews to enter the Shimmer, and he is the only to survive from his crew. This ultimately drives Lena to go into the Shimmer, but we do not know why he went in. We learn that he went in because of an affair Lena had with one of her co-workers. The ending is so beautiful… yes… beautiful. I do not want to ruin this part. If you want to see the beauty in this film, I highly recommend seeing this movie.

Rating: 5/5


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