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[back at CIA headquarters]
Robert Pender: The Times and AP found out six escaped. They know who they are, they know they’re hiding out with the Canadians. Somebody who saw on of the families talked.
Jack O’Donnell: Mother of God.


[as Tony lands in Iran at the airport he steals 6 entrance forms for the house guests and hands his own paper in, as he leaves, a man is dragged away from his family by the Iranian guards leaving his family crying, getting a ride in the taxi he notices the street are full of men with guns and also sees a man’s body left hanging, Tony then visits the Iranian Consulate and presents his plan to scout for locations]
Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance: This film crew is just yourself?
Tony Mendez: No, we have six more from Canada meeting us today.
Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance: You’d like to film at the bazaar?
Tony Mendez: The bazaar, maybe the palace. Landmark sites.argo-6
Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance: I see. The exotic orients, snake charmers, flying carpets. You came to us at a complicated time. Before the revolution forty percent of the movie theaters in Tehran were showing pornograph.
Tony Mendez: I understand.
Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance: The function of this office is purification, as well as promotion for the arts. I’ll review this.
Tony Mendez: Thank you.
[Tony gets up and says goodbye in Farsi]


[back in their studio makeshift office, Lester waits for Tony to call]
Producer: Lester, you’re working late.
Lester Siegel: Until the dawns early light.
Producer: You got stamina, Lester. I wanna be you.
Lester Siegel: Well, I’m a hundred and fifty years old, so you wouldn’t be me for long.


[Tony waits for the Canadian Ambassador outside the Canadian Embassy]
Tony Mendez: Ambassador.
Ken Taylor: Ken Taylor.
[they shake hands]
Tony Mendez: Thank you for what you’re doing.
Ken Taylor: I was expecting more of a G-Man look.
Tony Mendez: I think you’re thinking of the FBI, sir.
Ken Taylor: Ah. This way.
[they get into Taylor’s car and he hands Tony the 6 house guests passports]
Ken Taylor: These are blank, you know, stamps…
Tony Mendez: Yeah, I’ll take care of this.
Ken Taylor: How long?
Tony Mendez: A day to prep their covers, two if they need it.
Ken Taylor: And you’ll fly out with them?
Tony Mendez: Yeah.
Ken Taylor: There’s something you should know. We think our housekeepers figured out who they are. We don’t know if we can trust her. So, sooner is better.


[arriving at Taylor’s home, Tony sees the six house guests are all sitting and waiting for him]
Tony Mendez: Hi. My name’s Kevin Harkins and I’m gonna get you home.
[Tony passes them copies of the film script]
Tony Mendez: These are the screenplays for your cover identities.
[Bob looks at the script and laughs]
Bob Anders: It’s…it’s theater of the absurd.
Mark Lijek: What are our chances?
Tony Mendez: Chances are good.argo-7
Mark Lijek: Good? Well, what’s the uh…what’s the number value of good? A thirty percent chance of being publicly executed?
[everyone starts speaking at the same time]
Bob Anders: Can you tell me what the objection was to normal cover identities?
Tony Mendez: There are no Canadians in the country for no reason.
Kathy Stafford: They’ll sniff us out regardless.
Mark Lijek: The Swedish Consulate, they accused him of being an American at the airport, they held him for an hour.
Bob Anders: We can’t hold out, we don’t know what the hell movie people do.
Tony Mendez: That’s why I’m here. I’m gonna help you, I’m gonna be with you the whole way. This is what I do.


Cora Lijek: Have you gotten people out this way before?
Tony Mendez: This would be a first.
Joe Stafford: Do you know that everyday they catch another friend of the Shah at the airport…
Kathy Stafford: Joe.
Joe Stafford: Kangaroo trials, and…and then firing squads, just for having American names in their phone books. You’ve been here and hour, and you’re asking us to trust you with our lives, Mr…
Tony Mendez: Harkins.
Joe Stafford: That’s your real name?
Tony Mendez: No. I know there are risks involved, serious risks, but it is time to go.


[to Tony]
Ken Taylor: We’ve got orders to close the embassy and go back. There’s nowhere for them to stay.


[back inside the house, the six house guests discuss their options]
Joe Stafford: We will never make it through immigration at the airport, I’m serious. I mean…this is what? The part we say this is so crazy it might actually work? Come on!
Bob Anders: I saw in Burma, they get people out.
Joe Stafford: Snitches and Banana Republic, they get them over the border after the coup, pay the guards at the crossing a hundred bucks to look the other way.
Bob Anders: They get people out.
Mark Lijek: You know, his opinion got us out in the first place.
Joe Stafford: If we go out there with fake passports, we are spies, period. That’s execution.
Lee Schatz: You got a problem lying, Joe?
Mark Lijek: The point is, we can’t stay here!


Tony Mendez: If we get caught, you and Pat could go on trial for harboring the enemy, you know that.
Ken Taylor: Pat and I have discussed this, it’s the risk we took.


[referring to Tony]
Joe Stafford: That man out there has got bad cards and he is going to lose. And if he loses, it’s our lives.
Kathy Stafford: And his life too.
Bob Anders: Look, we don’t have any alternatives.
Mark Lijek: We gotta go.


[Tony hands each one of the six house guests a file containing their cover story]
Tony Mendez: These cover identities were created specifically for each one of you. What you need to do is memorize everything that’s inside. Who you are, what you are, where you’ve been, complete bio. And then add to that; where do you vacation, what are you allergies, who’d you have an affair with. The only way this works is if you believe that you’re these people so much that you’re dream like them. Get started tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow, we’ll get going. Good luck.
[as Tony leaves they starts looking at their cover identities]
Bob Anders: Wow, my guy kind of sucks.
Kathy Stafford: What’s your name?
Lee Schatz: Mike McEwan A.
[Lee laughs]
Mark Lijek: Sounds convincing.
Cora Lijek: Kathy, what’s your name?


[to Chambers as they watch the news on TV which is covering the crisis in the Middle East]
Lester Siegel: Bad new, bad news. Even when it’s good news, it’s bad news. John Wayne’s in the ground six months, this is what’s left of America.


[at his hotel room, as Tony is preparing the fake passports, he gets a letter slide under his door, he makes a call to Jack and reads the letter]
Tony Mendez: The Minister of Culture and Guidance has approved your location scout. He will send his representative to meet you and your crew at the Grand Bazaar tomorrow at 3 P.M.
Jack O’Donnell: They called your bluff.
Tony Mendez: Maybe they’re cooperating.
Jack O’Donnell: Absolutely not. Seven Americans walking the bazaar is asking for a riot, it’s the hive.
Tony Mendez: Seven Canadians, Jack.
Jack O’Donnell: Never give them opening shots at a cover. Are they even ready?
Tony Mendez: They’re getting there.
Jack O’Donnell: There’s no prize for most improof.
Tony Mendez: I don’t have a choice. We say no, they show up at their residence and drag everyone out at gun point. How well do you think their covers are gonna hold up when they’re getting their fingernails pulled out?


[Tony is back at the ambassador’s house to prepare the six house guests on their cover stories]
Cora Lijek: You want us to go the Grand Bazaar at three o’clock in the afternoon? You said a day learning our cover then straight to the airport.
Bob Anders: Do they suspect something?
Tony Mendez: What I know is we need to pretend to be a movie crew. We go to the bazaar today, we fly from the airport tomorrow.
Joe Stafford: We won’t do it.
Mark Lijek: He told them that there are six of us, so then they’re expecting six. It would be suspicious not to show up at this point.
Bob Anders: Goddammit, guys! What else do we have to do?! Alright? What…what’s the alternative?!
Joe Stafford: We don’t have to show them the only cards we’re holding, which is that they don’t know we’re here!
Bob Anders: I get it! That’s the ball game! Look, we don’t have any other…other choice! What are we gonna do?!
Kathy Stafford: Who says that we’ll know our covers well enough? We’re not in the CIA!
Joe Stafford: It’s suicide.
Tony Mendez: I’m asking you to trust me.
Joe Stafford: I don’t trust you.
Bob Anders: This is the game, Joe. What world are you living in?
Joe Stafford: What world am I…? The one where they’re hanging people from construction cranes, Bob! It’s too dangerous, I don’t want to bring my wife into this.
Kathy Stafford: Joe, can we just talk?
[Joe stand and starts leaving the room with Kathy]
Tony Mendez: Joe.
[to Tony]
Mark Lijek: So, we’ll see you at two.


[as they are getting prepared in the bathroom]
Cora Lijek: So, don’t be recognizable, but look exactly like your passport photo.
Mark Lijek: I haven’t been this nervous since our wedding.
Cora Lijek: Only this isn’t a huge mistake, hopefully.
[Mark chuckles, back in the living room there’s a phone call and Ambassador’s wife picks up the phone but no one answers, she puts the phone down looking worried]
Bob Anders: Who was that?
[Pat cannot answer, then we’re back with Cora and Mark as they get ready in their disguises]
Cora Lijek: Mark?
Mark Lijek: Yeah?
Cora Lijek: I’m scared.
[Mark hugs her]
Mark Lijek: It’s okay.


[Tony comes to take the house guests for their meeting at the Grand Bazaar; referring to Joe and Kathy]
Tony Mendez: Where are they?
Bob Anders: In the kitchen.
[Tony walks into the kitchen, where Kathy and Joe are sat talking, Tony joins them]
Tony Mendez: This is what I do, I get people out and I’ve never left anyone behind.
Joe Stafford: I wish I could believe you, Mr. Harkins.
Tony Mendez: My name is Tony Mendez. I’m from New York, my worked construction, my mother teaches elementary school, I have a wife and a ten-year old son. You play along with me today, I promise you I will get you out tomorrow.
Joe Stafford: Fuck.
[we then see the others waiting in the truck when Joe and Kathy finally join them and Tony drives them off for their meeting, as Tony drives them to their destination they come across a large crowd gathering in the street who are chanting death to America and holding up signs and photo’s of Ayatollah Khomeini, Tony has no choice but to drive through the crowd, as he does so the crowd’s chanting gets louder and they start hitting the car, but Tony manages to drive them through the crowd safely]


[after getting away from the crowd in the streets and driving to the bazaar]
Tony Mendez: Okay, tell me who you are?
Lee Schatz: Mike McEwan, cameraman.
Bob Anders: Robert Baker, director.
Mark Lijek: Timothy Harris, location manager.
Cora Lijek: Mary Anne Boyd, screenwriter.
Kathy Stafford: Rachel Dewart, production designer.
Joe Stafford: Sean Bissett, associate producer.
Tony Mendez: Alright, let’s go make a movie.


[Tony arrives at the bazaar and their Iranian culture contact]
Reza Borhani: Welcome, my name is Reza Borhani.
Tony Mendez: Kevin Harkins, I’m the producer.
[they shake hands]
Reza Borhani: Nice to meet you.
Tony Mendez: This is Mike McEwan, our cameraman. This is Tim, this is Mary, our screenwriter, and this is our director, Bob Baker.
[Borhani shakes hands with everyone then turns to face Bob]
Reza Borhani: You are the director?
Tony Mendez: Yes.
Reza Borhani: Is this film a foreign brides film?
Tony Mendez: I’m sorry?
Reza Borhani: A film where a foreign bride comes to Iran, but uh…she doesn’t understand the language or the customs, and there is misunderstandings and laughs?
Tony Mendez: Oh, no.
[Borhani looks disappointed, and tells his man that they will walk around the bazaar]


[in the bazaar, everything seems to be going smoothly until Kathy takes a photo of a man’s shop and he comes running after, wanting to know why she took a photo of his shop]
Reza Borhani: He wants to know the photograph you took…
Tony Mendez: It’s okay, it’s her job to take photographs. Production design.
Reza Borhani: He says, he did not give you permission to take photograph of his store.
Kathy Stafford: That’s okay, you can tell him he can have it.
[Kathy gives the photo to the shopkeeper, but the he only screams louder, that he does not want these Americans taking photos, suddenly a crowd gathers as the shopkeeper keeps shouting and insisting they are Americans, their Iranian culture contact manages to usher them away from the gathering crowd, while the house guests insist that they are Canadians]


[back at the Ambassador’s some Iranian government officials arrive, they approach Sahar telling her that if anyone helps the enemy of Islam they will be punished then asks her how long the Ambassadors guests have been staying at the house, Sahar replies the visitors arrived two days ago and that everyone in the house are ‘friends of Iran’, the official thank her and leave, then Tony and the others return looking frightened after their incident at the bazaar]
Ken Taylor: How did it go?
[Tony shakes his head, implying not well]
Ken Taylor: What about tomorrow?
Tony Mendez: Tomorrow they’ll be ready.


[at the offices of Chief of Staff to President Carter]
Landon Butler: The six with the Canadians are coming out.
[Jordan takes the folder containing the information on Tony’s exfiltration report and the script for Argo]
Hamilton Jordan: Who signed off on this?


[back at the Ambassador’s house, Tony begins drilling the six on their cover stories]
Tony Mendez: You, where was your passport issued?
Bob Anders: Vancouver.
Tony Mendez: Where were you born?
Bob Anders: Toronto.
Tony Mendez: Torono, the Canadians don’t pronounce the T.
Lee Schatz: Some Komiteh guard is actually gonna know that?
Tony Mendez: If you’re detained for questioning they will bring out someone who knows that, yes.
[turning to Cora]
Tony Mendez: Mary, who were the last three Prime Ministers to Canada?argo-8
Cora Lijek: Uh…Trudeau, Pearson and Diefenbaker.
Tony Mendez: What’s your father’s name?
Cora Lijek: Howard.
Tony Mendez: What’s his occupation?
Cora Lijek: Fisherman.
Tony Mendez: Where were you born?
Cora Lijek: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Tony Mendez: What’s your date of birth?
Cora Lijek: February 21st, 1952.
Tony Mendez: Good.


[drilling Joe on his cover story]
Tony Mendez: What’s your job on the movie.
Joe Stafford: Producer.
Tony Mendez: Associate producer. What was the last movie you produced?
Joe Stafford: High and Dry.
Tony Mendez: Who paid for that?
Joe Stafford: CFDC.
Tony Mendez: What’s your middle name?
[Joe hesitates]
Tony Mendez: What’s your middle name? What’s your middle name?
Joe Stafford: Leon?!
Tony Mendez: Shoot him! He’s an American spy. Look, they’re gonna try and break you. Okay? By trying to get you agitated. You have to know your resume back to front.
Joe Stafford: Do you really believe your little story’s gonna make a difference when there’s a gun to our heads?
Tony Mendez: I think my story is the only thing between you and a gun to your head.


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