Starring: Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef, Abra, Bella Thorne, Bill Skarsgård, Cody Christian, Joel McHale, Maude Apatow, Colman Domingo, Anika Noni Rose


Crime drama directed and written by Sam Levinson. The story follows high school senior, Lily (Odessa Young), and her pals, who spend their time in a haze of social media and partying. When an anonymous hacker starts posting details from the private lives of everyone in their small town, the result is absolute madness. The small town turns on each other and descends into violent chaos as they hunt for the culprit. Lily and her friends must band together if they want to survive the night.



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Lily: [voice over] You may think I’m exaggerating, but this is the story of how my town, Salem, lost its mind. I will warn you though, it gets pretty graphic. I promise you, this is a hundred percent a true story.


Lily: [voice over] My name is Lily Coleson and I’m eighteen years-old. These are my three best friends. Em, Bex, and Sarah. And this is the hundred percent true story of how my town, Salem, lost its motherfucking mind. But let’s start at the beginning. Actually not here, because what I did that afternoon was really gross.


Bex: Oh, my God. I love this song.
Lily: What song?
Bex: This song.


Em: Lily, has Mark gone down on you yet? On some real shit, guys who don’t go down on you in this day and age are straight up sociopathic.
Bex: Wait, can I tweet the thing about sociopathic?
Em: Spread the good word, girl.
Bex: Consent. Thank you. Confirmed.


Bex: Can you imagine of any of this got out?


Bex: Are you guys seeing this right now?


Reagan: Woh, the principal’s shit got hacked.


Johnny: I give him like five days before he commits suicide.


Reagan: I’m sorry. I just don’t have any sympathy for people that get their shit hacked.
Lily: For real?
Reagan: There’s two types of people in this world. People that have come to turns with privacy is just dead, and then there’s the old people that are still trying to fight it.


Sarah: What do you have to hide anyway, Lil?
Lily: A million nudes, super gross porn history, and like life altering shit-talk about everyone at this school.
Sarah: Me too.
Em: Me three.


Bex: I think it was some like socially conscious vigilante hacker guy.


[referring to the hacker]
Em: Probably jacks off to Fight Club in his mom’s basement like every night.


Em: I live for this type of scandal to be honest.


Woman: It looks like half of Salem just got hacked.


Chief Patterson: There’s nothing anybody can do to get those videos down.?
Man: Unfortunately, sir, it’s, uh, it’s very difficult to stop the internet.


Chief Patterson: I hate the fucking internet.


Marty: Half of Salem just got hacked.
Officer Richter: Do you think this is a game? Who was it?


[watching a video confession; referring to the hacking]
Marty: Lily Colson.
Lily: Why would he say that? That’s not true.


Lily: How many people are going to believe this? How many people are going to think that I did this?


Lily: I’m so scared.


Sarah: Who knows, maybe I’ll get pissed off and fight back.


Lily: [voice over] When seventeen thousand people’s text and emails get leaked shit gets really fucking weird. Who sees a naked photo of a girl and their first thought is, “Yoh, I got to kill this bitch?” Way more people than you think.


Lily: [voice over] Fuck you. This is your world. You built this. Don’t take your hate out on me, I just got here. You may kill me, but you can’t kill us all.


[referring to Lily’s gun]
Officer Richter: Are you sure you even know how to hold that thing, little girl?
[as the Ritcher starts to laugh Lily shoots]


Rebecca Colson: I guess your generation is a little desensitized.


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