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[Jake and the other young hunters, being led by Tsu’tey, reach where all the Banshees are] avatar-9
Tsu’tey: Jakesully will go first.
[Jake goes onto the cliff ledge to get closer to the Banshees and Neytiri follows behind him]
Neytiri: Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel inside. If he also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have one chance, Jake.
Jake Sully: How will I know if he chooses me?
Neytiri: He will try to kill you.
Jake Sully: Outstanding.


[as he’s bonded with his ikran for the first time]
Jake Sully: That’s right! You’re mine.
Neytiri: First flight seals the bond. You cannot wait.
[Jake sits astride his Banshee and Neytiri guides him to the edge of the cliff]
Neytiri: Think fly!
[Jake and his ikran suddenly plummets off the cliff]


[to his ikran on their first flight]
Jake Sully: Shut up and fly straight!
[the creature does as Jake commands]


[as he’s learning to fly his ikran]
Jake Sully: [voice over] I may not be much of a horse guy. But I was born to do this.


[Grace is showing them images of the tree of souls on her work station]
Dr. Grace Augustine: The tree of souls; Vitraya Ramunong. It’s their most sacred place. See the flux vortex and these false color images?
Trudy Chacon: Yeah, that’s what messes up my instruments.
Dr. Grace Augustine: There’s something really interesting going on in there, biologically. I would die to get samples. Outsiders are strictly forbidden.
[to Jake]
Dr. Grace Augustine: You lucky swine.


[as Jake and Neytiri are flying together]
Jake Sully: [voice over] I was a stone cold aerial hunter, death from above. Only problem is, you’re not the only one.
[a Leonopteryx, a large banshee like creature is flying above the, the creature suddenly plummets after them]


[Jake touches the skull of a Leonopteryx]
Jake Sully: Our guys call it The Great Leonopteryx.
Neytiri: It is Toruk, Last Shadow.
Jake Sully: Yeah, right. It’s the last one you’ll ever see.
Neytiri: My grandfather’s grandfather was Toruk Macto, Rider of Last Shadow.
Jake Sully: He rode this?
Neytiri: Toruk chose him, it has only happened five times since the time of the First Songs.
Jake Sully: That’s a long time.
Neytiri: Yes. Toruk Macto was mighty, he brought the clans together in a time of great sorrow. All Na’vi people know this story.


[inside the link, Jake’s eyes open and it’s dark like a coffin]
Jake Sully: [voice over] Everything is backwards now. Like out there is the true world, and in here is the dream.


Jake Sully: [voice over] It’s hard to believe it’s only been three months.
[Jake is talking into video log camera, late at night]
Jake Sully:I can barely remember my old life. I don’t know who I am anymore.


[back at the main compound, Jake is waiting for Quaritch]
Col. Quaritch: Haven’t got lost in the woods, have you? Your last report was more than two weeks ago. I’m startin’ to doubt your resolve! The way I see it, it’s time to terminate the mission.
Jake Sully: No. I can do this.avatar-10
Col. Quaritch: You already have. You gave me good, usable intel on this Tree of Souls place. Yeah, I got them by the balls with that when this turns into a shit fight. Which it will. Now it’s time to come in. By the way, you gonna get your legs back. Yeah, I got you corporate approval. It’s a done deal. Gonna have you on a shuttle tonight. I’m a man of my word.
Jake Sully: I gotta finish this. There’s one more thing. A ceremony. It’s uh…it’s the final stage of becoming a man. If I do it, I’m one of them. They’ll trust me. And I can negotiate the terms of their relocation.
[Quaritch gets up to leave]
Col. Quaritch: Well, then you better get it done, Corporal.


[Jake sitting Neytiri as she paint his face and body in preparation for the ceremony]
Jake Sully: [voice over] The Na’vi say that every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people, forever.


[to Jake during the ceremony]
Eytukan: [subtitled] You are now a son of the Omaticaya. You are part of the People.
[Eytukan places his hands on Jake’s shoulders, all members of the clan put their hands on Jake’s shoulders, back, chest, hands upon hands, until he is connected to everyone]


[at the willow glade]
Neytiri: This is a place for prayers to be heard. And sometimes answered.
[Neytiri connects the end of her queue to the shiny tendrils of the tree]
Neytiri: We call these trees utraya mokri; the Tree of Voices. The voices of our ancestors.
[Jake connects the end of his queue to the shiny tendrils of the tree]
Jake Sully: I can hear them.
Neytiri: They live, Jake. Within Eywa. You are Omaticaya now. You may make your bow from the wood of Hometree.
[she turns away from him]
Neytiri: And you may choose a woman. We have many fine women. Ninat is the best singer.avatar-13
Jake Sully:Well, I don’t want Ninat.
Neytiri: Beyral is a good hunter.
Jake Sully: Yeah, she is a good hunter.
[Neytiri now worried turns to look at him]
Jake Sully: I’ve already chosen. But this woman must also choose me.
[Neytiri smiles]
Neytiri: She already has.
[he kisses her and they make love]
Neytiri: [voice over] I am with you now, Jake. We are mated for life.


[Jake’s eyes open, he’s in his link unit thinking about what he has just done with Neytiri]
Jake Sully: [voice over] What the hell are you doing, Jake.


[after Grace has forced Jake to eat before getting back into his link unit]
Jake Sully:Here, I’m done. Let’s go.
[Jake, anxious to get back linking with his avatar lies down in his unit ready to link]
Dr. Grace Augustine: And when was the last time you took a shower?
[Grace pulls at his dirty t-shirt]
Jake Sully:I don’t need a shower.
Dr. Grace Augustine: Jesus, Marine!


[Jake stands in front of the bulldozer to stop it from crushing the trees at willow glade]
Jake Sully: Heeeey! Stop! Stop!
[at the main camp operation center, the tractor operator is watching Jake on his monitor]
Tractor Operator: Hey, boss?
Parker Selfridge: What?
Tractor Operator: I got a native doin’ a funky chicken here. He’s blockin’ my blade.
Parker Selfridge: Well, keep going. He’ll move. These people have to learn that we don’t stop.
[he pushes the tractor throttle forward with one finger]
Parker Selfridge: Come on. Go! Go! Go!
[the bulldozer moves forward nearly running Jake over]
Jake Sully: Nooo! Stop!
[to Neytiri]
Jake Sully: Go! Go!
[Jake and Neytiri run to get away from the bulldozer, Selfridge sees this on the monitor]
Parker Selfridge: There, see he moved.


[watching the camera feed that was on the bulldozer Jake destroyed the camera on]
Col. Quaritch: Freeze it, right…there. Scale up. Enhance.
[the image on the monitor expands to show Jake’s face]
Parker Selfridge: Son of a bitch! Unbelievable!
[furious Quaritch turns and strides away and in cold fury says to one of his men]
Col. Quaritch: Get me a pilot!


[Jake and Neytiri walk into the Hometree where a war party is being prepared]
Jake Sully: Tsu’tey, don’t do this!
Tsu’tey: You!
[Tsu’tey angrily walks towards Jake]
Jake Sully: Listen, brother…
[Tsu’tey pushes Jake hard making him fall, Neytiri screams to stop him from hitting Jake]
Tsu’tey: You mated with this woman?!
Dr. Grace Augustine: Oh, shit!
[Mo’at walks up to Neytiri]
Mo’at: Is this true?
Neytiri: We are mated before Eywa. It is done.


Jake Sully: Brother, please. Do not attach the sky people. Many Omaticaya will die…
Tsu’tey: You are not my brother!
[Tsu’tey draws his knife and attacks Jake but Jake pushes him away and draws his own knife]
Jake Sully: I am not your enemy!
[he throws his knife down]
Jake Sully: The enemy is out there. And they are very powerful.


Jake Sully: I can talk to them.
Tsu’tey: No more talking!
[Tsu’tey attacks Jake again but Jake hits him hard making him fall]
Jake Sully: I am Omaticaya. I am one of you, and I have the right to speak.
[Jake addresses the clan in Na’vi]
Jake Sully: [subtitled] I have something to say…to all of you.
[he speaks in English again]
Jake Sully: The words are like stones in my heart.


[Quaritch stomps into mobile link site 26 looking for the link units]
Norm Spellman: Sir, I’m sorry!
[Quaritch pushes Norm aside and finds Jake and Grace’s link units]
Norm Spellman: No! No! No! Hold on! You can’t interrupt a linkage progress!
[Quaritch turns off the power to Grace’s link unit]
Norm Spellman: It’s very dangerous!
[back at the Hometree we see avatar Grace’s eyes roll back and she keels over]
Neytiri: Grace!
Jake Sully: Oh, no!


[Jake realizing he has very little time tries to tell the clan the truth]
Jake Sully: Okay. Look, I was sent here to…
[just then Quaritch turns off Jake’s link unit and avatar Jake’s eyes roll back and falls]
Tsu’tey: [subtitled] You see? It’s a demon in a false body.
[Tsu’tey goes to slit Jake’s throat but Neytiri attacks him and protects Jake’s avatar body]


[after Quaritch has stopped Jake’s linkage, Jake slams open the link, furious]
Jake Sully: Are you out of your goddamn mind?!
Col. Quaritch: You crossed a line.
[Quaritch punches Jake in the face, knocking him out, he looks over at one of his men]
Col. Quaritch: Wheel this meat outta here.


Col. Quaritch: You let me down, son. So, what you…you find yourself some local tail, and you just completely forget what team you’re playin’ for?
[Jake meets his gaze with a defiant glare]
Dr. Grace Augustine: Parker, there is time to salvage this situation. Parker diplomatic…
Col. Quaritch: Shut your pie hole!
Dr. Grace Augustine: Or what, Ranger Rick? You gonna shoot me?
Col. Quaritch: I could do that.
[to Selfridge]
Dr. Grace Augustine: You need to muzzle your dog.
Parker Selfridge: Yeah. Can we just take this down a couple of notches, please.


[to Quaritch]
Jake Sully: You say you want to keep your people alive. You start by listening to her.
[Jake nods to Grace]
Dr. Grace Augustine: Those trees were sacred to the Omaticaya in a way you can’t imagine.
Parker Selfridge: Oh, you know what? You throw a stick in the air around here it’s gonna land on some sacred fern, for Christ Sake!
Dr. Grace Augustine: I’m not talking about some kind of pagan voodoo here, I’m talking about something real, something measurable in the biology of the forest.
Parker Selfridge: Which is what exactly?
Dr. Grace Augustine: What we think we know, is that there’s some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees. Like the synapses between neurons. And each tree has ten to the fourth connections to the trees around it, and there are ten to the twelfth trees on Pandora.
Parker Selfridge: Whi…which is a lot, I’m guessing.
Dr. Grace Augustine: It’s more connections than the human brain. Get it? It’s a network, it’s a global network. And the Na’vi can access it, they can upload and download data, memories; at sites like the one you just destroyed. Yes!
Parker Selfridge: What the hell have you people been smoking out there?
[he begins to laugh]
Parker Selfridge: They’re just goddamn trees.
Dr. Grace Augustine: You need to wake up, Parker.
Parker Selfridge: No, you need to wake up.
Dr. Grace Augustine: The wealth of this world isn’t in the ground, it’s all around us. The Na’vi know that, and they’re fighting to defend it. If you wanna share this world with them, you need to understand them.


Col. Quaritch: I’d say we understand them just fine. Thanks to Jake here.
[Quaritch turns on the monitor in front of him]
Col. Quaritch: Hey, doc. Come take a look.
[the monitor shows one of Jake’s video logs]
Jake Sully: [on video log] They’re not gonna give up their home. They’re not gonna make a deal. For-for a light beer and blue jeans? There’s nothing that we have that they want. Everything they sent me out here to do is a waste of time. They’re never gonna leave Hometree.
[Quaritch freezes the recording]
Col. Quaritch: So since a deal can’t be made, I guess things get real simple. Jake, thanks. I’m gettin’ all emotional. Might just give you a big wet kiss.


Col. Quaritch: I’ll do it with minimal casualties to the indigenous. I’ll drive ’em out with gas first. It’ll be humane. More or less.
Parker Selfridge: Alright, let’s pull the trigger.


Jake Sully: This is how it’s done! When people are sittin’ on shit that you want, you make ’em your enemy. Then you’re justified in taking it.
[Trudy rubs into the lab, breathless]
Trudy Chacon: Quaritch is rolling the gunships. He’s gonna hit the Hometree!
Dr. Grace Augustine: My God.


Dr. Grace Augustine: Parker, wait. Stop! These are people you’re about to…
Parker Selfridge: No!
[to the security soldier that’s trying to remove Grace from the main operation center]
Dr. Grace Augustine: I said back off!
Parker Selfridge: No! No! No! No! They’re fly-bitten savages that live in a tree! All right. Look around, I don’t know about you but I see a lot of trees. They can move!
[to the security soldiers that are gathering around Grace and Jake]
Parker Selfridge: Can you guys just, please?
[the soldiers walk away]
Dr. Grace Augustine: They have families in there. Their children! Babies! Are you gonna kill children?
Jake Sully: You don’t want that kind of blood on your hands. Believe me. Just let me try to talk them out. They trust me.


[to Jake as he’s about to close his link unit]
Parker Selfridge: Listen to me, you’ve got one hour. Unless you want your girlfriend in there when the axe comes down, you get them to evacuate. One hour.
[Jake closes his link unit]


[Neytiri brings Jake to the clan gathering, he speaks in Na’vi]
Jake Sully: [subtitled] Eytukan, I have something to say.
[Grace is also there in her avatar form]
Dr. Grace Augustine: [subtitled] Listen!
Eytukan: [subtitled] Speak, Jakesully.
Jake Sully: [subtitled] A great evil is upon us. The Sky People are coming to destroy Hometree.
[a murmur of fear and anger goes through the crowd, Jake turns to Neytiri]
Jake Sully: Tell them they’re gonna be here soon.
[Neytiri translates what Jake just said in Na’vi]
Jake Sully: You have to leave, or you’re gonna die.
Mo’at: Are you certain of this?
Jake Sully: Look, they sent me here to learn your ways. So one day I could bring this message, and that you would believe it.
Neytiri: What are you saying, Jake? You knew this would happen?
Jake Sully: Yes. Look, at first, it was just orders, and then, everything changed. Okay? I fell in love. I fell in love with the…with the forest, with the Omaticaya people…with you…with you…
Neytiri: I trusted you.
Jake Sully: With you…
Neytiri: [shouts] I trust you!avatar-11
Jake Sully: Trust me, now. Please.
[Neytiri shouts something in Na’vi]
Neytiri: You will never be one of The People!
Jake Sully: I should have…
Dr. Grace Augustine: We tried to stop them.
[angry Neytiri continues to speak in Na’vi]
Jake Sully: Neytiri, please! Please!
[to Tsu’tey]
Eytukan: [subtitled] Bind them.
[they grab Jake, who doesn’t resist, others seize Grace]
Dr. Grace Augustine: [subtitled] Leave now!
[they are driven to their knees, and their arms bound]
Dr. Grace Augustine: You have to go! They’re coming!


[when Quaritch’s gunship arrives over the Hometree]
Col. Quaritch: That is one big damn tree!


[on the monitor of the gunship Quaritch sees Jake and Grace tied to posts]
Col. Quaritch: Well, well, well. I’d say diplomacy has failed.
[he turns and gives the order to his gunner]
Col. Quaritch: All right people, let’s get this done. I want every gas round you got, right in the front door.


[as he watches the Omaticaya people shooting their arrows at the gunships]
Col. Quaritch: These dumb bastards ain’t getting the message. All right, let’s turn up the heat.


[after the gunships have opened fire on the Hometree, Quaritch watches the Omaticaya run to get away from the fire]
Col. Quaritch: And that’s how you scatter the roaches.


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