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[introducing his wife to the team]
Clint Barton: Gentleman, this is Laura.
Laura Barton: I know all your names.avengers-age-of-ultron-10
[the all look at her awkwardly]
Clint Barton: Ooh, incoming.
[Barton’s son and daughter run in]
Barton’s Daughter: Dad!
[Barton picks up his daughter]
Clint Barton: I see her!
[kissing the top his son’s head]
Clint Barton: Hey, buddy! How you guys doing? Ooh…
[to the others as they watch with surprise]
Thor: These are…smaller agents.
Clint Barton: Look at your face! Oh, my goodness!


Barton’s Daughter: Did you bring Auntie Nat?
Natasha Romanoff: Why don’t you hug her and find out?
[Barton’s daughter rushes towards Natasha who picks her up in her arms]
Steve Rogers: Sorry for barging in on you.
Tony Stark: Yeah, we would have called ahead, but we were busy having no idea that you existed.
Clint Barton: Yeah, well Fury helped me set this up when I joined. He kept it off SHIELD’s files, I’d like to keep it that way. I figure it’s a good place to lay low.
Laura Barton: Honey. Ah, I missed you.
[touching Laura’s stomach]
Natasha Romanoff: How’s little Natasha, huh?
Laura Barton: She’s…Nathaniel.
[Natasha bends towards Laura’s pregnant stomach]
Natasha Romanoff: Traitor.


[the hallucinations brought on by Wanda continue to creep up in Thor’s mind and he walks out of the house]
Steve Rogers: Thor.
Thor: I saw something in that dream. I need answers, I won’t find them here.
[Thor uses his hammer to fly out of there; Steve turns to enter the house when he hears Peggy’s voice from Wanda’s vision]
Peggy Carter: We can go home.


[Laura checks Barton’s wound that Pietro had given him]
Clint Barton: See you worried for nothing. Can’t even feel the difference, can you?
Laura Barton: If they’re sleeping here, some of them are gonna have to double up.
[Barton laughs]
Clint Barton: Yeah, that’s not gonna sell.
Laura Barton: What about Nat and Dr. Banner? How long has that been going on?
Clint Barton: Has what?
[Laura laughs]
Laura Barton: You are so cute.
Clint Barton: Nat and…and Banner?
Laura Barton: I’ll explain when you’re older. Hawkeye.
Clint Barton: Oh. Okay.


Laura Barton: It’s bad, right? Nat seems really shaken.
Clint Barton: Ultron has these allies, these, uh, kids, they’re punks really. They carry a big damn stick and Nat took a serious hit. Someone’s gonna have to teach ’em some manners.
Laura Barton: And that someone be you. You know I totally support your Avenging, I couldn’t be prouder. But I see those guys, those “Gods”…
Clint Barton: You don’t think they need me.
Laura Barton: I think they do. Which is a lot scarier. They’re a mess.
Clint Barton: Yeah. I guess they’re my mess.
Laura Barton: You need to be sure that this team is really a team and that they have your back. Things are changing for us. In a few months time, you and me are gonna be outnumbered. I need…just be sure.
Clint Barton: Yes, ma’am.
[he kisses her, then as Laura places her arm around his waist she touches his wounded side]
Laura Barton: I can feel the difference.


[U-Gin Genetic Research Lab, Seoul, Korea – as Cho enters her lab she sees Ultron]
Ultron: Scream, and your entire staff dies. I could’ve killed you, Helen, the night we met. I didn’t.
Dr. Helen Cho: Do you expect a thank you note?
Ultron: I expect you to know why.
Dr. Helen Cho: The cradle.
[she hears her own recorded voice]
Dr. Helen Cho: “This is the next thing, Tony.”
Ultron: This…is the next me.
Dr. Helen Cho: The regeneration cradle prints tissue, it can’t build a living body.
Ultron: It can, you can. You lacked the materials. You’re a brilliant woman, Helen. But we all have room to improve.
[Ultron uses the scepter to manipulate Cho]


[at Barton’s house, Natasha and Banner are still experiencing the after effects of Wanda’s hallucinations; Banner walks out of the bathroom and sees Natasha waiting outside]
Bruce Banner: I didn’t realize you were waiting.
Natasha Romanoff: I would’ve joined you, but uh, it didn’t seem like the right time.
Bruce Banner: They used up all the hot water.
Natasha Romanoff: I should’ve joined you.
Bruce Banner: Missed our window.
Natasha Romanoff: Did we?
Bruce Banner: The world just saw the Hulk. The real Hulk, for the first time. You know I have to leave.
Natasha Romanoff: But you assume that I have to stay?


Natasha Romanoff: I had this, um, dream. The kind that seems normal at the time, but when you wake…
Bruce Banner: What did you dream?
Natasha Romanoff: That I was an Avenger. That I was anything more than the assassin they made me.
Bruce Banner: I think you’re being hard on yourself.
Natasha Romanoff: Here I was hoping that was your job.
[she leans close into him]
Bruce Banner: What are you doing?
Natasha Romanoff: I’m running with it, with you. If running’s the plan, as far as you want.
Bruce Banner: Are you out of your mind?
[Banner turns away from her]


Natasha Romanoff: I want you to understand that I’m…
Bruce Banner: Natasha, where can I go? Where in the world am I not a threat?
Natasha Romanoff: You’re not a threat to me.
Bruce Banner: You sure? Even if I didn’t just…there’s no future with me. I can’t ever…I can’t have this, kids, do the math, I physically can’t.
Natasha Romanoff: Neither can I. In the Red Room, where I was trained, where I was raised, um, they have a graduation ceremony. They sterilize you. It’s efficient. One less thing to worry about. The one thing that might matter more than a mission. It makes everything easier. Even killing.
[she hesitates a moment]
Natasha Romanoff: You still think you’re the only monster on the team?
Bruce Banner: What, so we disappear?


[Steve and Stark are chopping wood outside Barton’s house]
Tony Stark: Thor didn’t say where he was going for answers?
Steve Rogers: Sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things. I was kind of hoping Thor would be the exception.
Tony Stark: Yeah, give him time. We don’t know what the Maximoff kid showed him.
Steve Rogers: “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” Pulled us apart like cotton candy.
Tony Stark: Seems like you walked away all right.
Steve Rogers: Is that a problem?
Tony Stark: I don’t trust a guy without a dark side. Call me old fashioned.
Steve Rogers: Well let’s just say you haven’t seen it yet.


Tony Stark: You know Ultron is trying to tear us apart, right?
Steve Rogers: Well I guess you’d know. Whether you tell us is a bit of a question.
Tony Stark: Banner and I were doing research.
Steve Rogers: That would affect the team.
Tony Stark: That would end the team. Isn’t that the mission? Isn’t that the “why” we fight, so we can end the fight, so we get to go home?
Steve Rogers: Every time someone tries to win a war before it starts, innocent people die. Every time.
[Laura interrupts them]
Laura Barton: I’m sorry. Mr. Stark, uh, Clint said you wouldn’t mind, but, our tractor, it doesn’t seem to want to start at all. I thought maybe you might…
Tony Stark: Yeah, I’ll give her a kick.
[to Steve as he turns to leave; referring to his pile of chopped wood]
Tony Stark: Don’t take from my pile.


[Stark enters the barn and walks over to the tractor]
Tony Stark: Hello, dear. Tell me everything. What ails you?
[suddenly Fury shows up from the other end of the barn]
Nick Fury: Do me a favor. Try not to bring it to life.
Tony Stark: Ah, Mrs. Barton, you little minx. I get it, Maria Hill called you, right? Was she ever not working for you?
Nick Fury: Artificial intelligence. You never even hesitated.
Tony Stark: Look, it’s been a really long day, like, Eugene O’Neill long, so how’s about we skip to the part where you’re useful?
Nick Fury: Look me in the eye and tell me you’re going to shut him down.
Tony Stark: You’re not the director of me.
Nick Fury: I’m not the director of anybody. I’m just an old man, who cares very much about you.


Tony Stark: And I’m the man who killed the Avengers. I saw it. I didn’t tell the team, how could I? I saw them all dead, Nick. I felt it. The whole world, too. It’s because of me. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t do all I could.
Nick Fury: The Maximoff girl, she’s working you, Stark. Playing on your fear.
Tony Stark: I wasn’t tricked, I was shown. It wasn’t a nightmare, it was my legacy. The end of the path I started us on.
Nick Fury: You’ve come up with some pretty impressive inventions, Tony. War isn’t one of them.
Tony Stark: I watched my friends die. You’d think that’d be as bad as it gets, right? Nope. Wasn’t the worst part.
Nick Fury: The worst part is that you didn’t.


[Royal Holloway, University of London – Thor, dressed in casual clothes, waits for Selvig as he leaves the building]
Erik Selvig: I like the look. If you’re going for inconspicuous, though, near miss.
Thor: I need your help.
Erik Selvig: It’s nice to be needed.
Thor: It’s dangerous.
Erik Selvig: I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t.


[back at Barton’s house Fury meets with the rest of the team]
Nick Fury: Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time. My contacts all say he’s building something. The amount of Vibranium he made off with, I don’t think it’s just one thing.
Steve Rogers: What about Ultron himself?
Nick Fury: Ah. He’s easy to track, he’s everywhere. Guy’s multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit. Still doesn’t help us get an angle on any of his plans though.
Tony Stark: He still going after launch codes?
Nick Fury: Yes, he is, but he’s not making any headway.
Tony Stark: I cracked the Pentagon’s firewall in high school on a dare.
Nick Fury: Yeah, well, I contacted our friends at the NEXUS about that.
Steve Rogers: NEXUS?
Bruce Banner: It’s the world internet hub in Oslo, every byte of data flows through there, fastest access on earth.
Clint Barton: So what’d they say?
Nick Fury: He’s fixated on the missiles, but the codes are constantly being changed.
Tony Stark: By whom?
Nick Fury: Parties unknown.


Natasha Romanoff: Do we have an ally?
Nick Fury: Ultron’s got an enemy, that’s not the same thing. Still, I’d pay folding money to know who it is.
Tony Stark: I might need to visit Oslo, find our “unknown.”
Natasha Romanoff: Well, this is good times, boss, but I was kind of hoping when I saw you, you’d have more than that.
Nick Fury: I do, I have you. Back in the day, I had eyes everywhere, ears everywhere else. Here we all are, back on earth, with nothing but our wit, and our will to save the world. So stand. Outwit the platinum bastard.
Natasha Romanoff: Steve doesn’t like that kind of talk.
Steve Rogers: You know what, Romanoff?
[Natasha smiles mischievously at him]


Nick Fury: So what does he want?
Steve Rogers: To become better. Better than us. He keeps building bodies.
Tony Stark: Person bodies. The human form is inefficient, biologically speaking, we’re outmoded. But he keeps coming back to it.
Natasha Romanoff: When you two programmed him to protect the human race, you amazingly failed.
Bruce Banner: They don’t need to be protected, they need to evolve. Ultron’s going to evolve.
Nick Fury: How?
Bruce Banner: Has anyone been in contact with Helen Cho?


[in Korea, Cho is creating a new body for Ultron]
Dr. Helen Cho: It’s beautiful. The Vibranium atoms aren’t just compatible with the tissue cells, they’re binding them. And SHIELD never even thought…
Ultron: The most versatile substance on the planet and they used it to make a Frisbee. Typical of humans, they scratch the surface and never think to look within.
[Ultron breaks open the power source of the scepter and places it in the head of the body]


[back at the Barton’s farm]
Steve Rogers: I’ll take Natasha and Clint.
Tony Stark: Alright, strictly recon. I’ll hit the NEXUS, I’ll join you as soon as I can.
Steve Rogers: If Ultron is really building a body…
Tony Stark: He’ll be more powerful than any of us. Maybe all of us. An android designed by a robot.
Steve Rogers: You know I really miss the days when the weirdest thing science ever created was me.
Nick Fury: I’ll drop Banner off at the tower. Do you mind if I borrow Ms. Hill?
Tony Stark: She’s all yours, apparently. What are you gonna do?
Nick Fury: I don’t know. Something dramatic, I hope.


Clint Barton: I’m gonna finish re-flooring that sunroom as soon as I get back.
Laura Barton: Yeah, and then you’ll find another part of the house to tear apart.
Clint Barton: No. It’s the last project. I promise.
[he kisses her; later Laura watches them fly off in the Quinjet]


[Thor and Selvig enter into a cave]
Erik Selvig: This is it. The Water of Sight.
Thor: In every realm, there’s a reflection. If the water spirits accept me, I can return to my dream, and find what I missed.
Erik Selvig: The men who enter that water, the legends don’t end well.


[NEXUS Internet Hub, Oslo, Norway]
Tony Stark: A hacker who’s faster than Ultron? He could be anywhere. And as this is the center of everything, I’m just a guy looking for a needle in the world’s biggest haystack.
World Hub Tech: How do you find it?
Tony Stark: Pretty simple. You bring a magnet.
[he starts playfully singing as he conducts his search]
Tony Stark: Oh, I’m decrypting nuclear codes and you don’t want me to. Come and get me.


[back at the cave with Thor and Selvig, Thor is now in the water and goes back in his vision with Heimdall]
Heimdall: Wake up!
[Thor starts getting electric charges going through his body]
Erik Selvig: Thor!
[he sees visions of Ultron]
Ultron: Extinction.
[then he sees the creation of the Infinity Stones]


[in Korea with Cho and Ultron]
Dr. Helen Cho: Cellular cohesion will take a few hours, but we can initiate the consciousness stream. We’re uploading your cerebral matrix…now.
Wanda Maximoff: I can read him. He is dreaming.
Dr. Helen Cho: I wouldn’t call it dreams. It’s Ultron’s base consciousness, informational noise. Soon…
Ultron: How soon? I’m not being pushy.
Dr. Helen Cho: We’re imprinting a physical brain. There are no shortcuts. Even if your magic gem is…
[Wanda, reading Ultron’s mind, sees a vision of global annihilation, which horrifies her]


Wanda Maximoff: How could you?
Ultron: How could I what?
Wanda Maximoff: You said we would destroy the Avengers, make a better world.
Ultron: It will be better.
Wanda Maximoff: When everyone is dead.
Ultron: That is not…! The human race will have every opportunity to improve.
Pietro Maximoff: And if they don’t?
Ultron: Ask Noah.
Wanda Maximoff: You’re a madman.
Ultron: There were more than a dozen extinction level events before even the dinosaurs got theirs. When the Earth starts to settle, God throws a stone at it, and believe me, he’s winding up. We have to evolve. There’s no room for the weak.
Pietro Maximoff: And who decides who’s weak?
[as Ultron is distracted Wanda breaks the scepter’s hold off of Cho]
Ultron: Life. Life always decides.


Ultron: There’s incoming. The Quinjet. We have to move.
[Cho cancels the upload to Ultron’s consciousness]
Dr. Helen Cho: That’s not a problem.
[Ultron blasts Cho, Wanda and Pietro run off]
Ultron: Ah, wait, guys!.
[he blasts Cho’s technicians]
Ultron: They’ll understand. When they see, they’ll understand. I just need a little more…time.
[Ultron takes his new body with the Iron Legions]


[Steve is on U-Gin Genetic Research Lab roof; to the others]
Steve Rogers: Two minutes. Stay close.
[inside the lab Steve finds Cho wounded]
Steve Rogers: Dr. Cho!
Dr. Helen Cho: He’s uploading himself into the body.
Steve Rogers: Where?
Dr. Helen Cho: The real power is inside the cradle. The gem, its power is uncontainable. You can’t just blow it up. You have to get the cradle to Stark.
Steve Rogers: First I have to find it.
Dr. Helen Cho: Go.


[on the Quinjet, listening to Steve on the radio comms]
Steve Rogers: Did you guys copy that?
Clint Barton: We did.
Natasha Romanoff: I got a private jet taking off, across town, no manifest. That could be him.
[noticing a truck leaving the lab]
Clint Barton: There. It’s the truck from the lab. Right above you, Cap. On the loop by the bridge. It’s them. I got three with the cradle, one in the cab. I could take out the driver.
Steve Rogers: Negative! If that truck crashes, the gem could level the city. We need to draw out Ultron.


[Steve jumps onto the roof of the truck]
Ultron: No, no, no, no, no. Leave me alone!
[Ultron blasts the truck door as Steve tries to enter]
Steve Rogers: Well, he’s definitely unhappy! I’m gonna try and keep him that way.
Clint Barton: You’re not a match for him, Cap.
Steve Rogers: Thanks, Barton.
[Ultron blasts Steve as he tries to enter the truck, but Steve manages to get back onto the truck’s roof]
Ultron: You know what’s in that cradle? The power to make real change, and that terrifies you.
Steve Rogers: I wouldn’t call it a comfort.
[Steve tries to fight with Ultron]
Ultron: Stop it!
[he throws Steve shield aside and blasts him]


[to Natasha]
Clint Barton: We got a window. Four, three…give ’em hell.
[Natasha drops out of the Quinjet on a bike and rides towards the truck and picks up Steve’s shield]
Natasha Romanoff: I’m always picking up after you boys.
Clint Barton: They’re heading under the overpass, I’ve got no shot.
Natasha Romanoff: Which way?
Clint Barton: Hard right… Now.
[Natasha heads over the truck, she throws Steve back his shield and he uses it to knock off Ultron from him]


[to the pedestrians on the pavement as she chases after the truck on her bike]
Natasha Romanoff: Out of the way! Coming through! Sorry, coming through!
[Steve continues his battle with Ultron inside a speeding train]
Steve Rogers: Come on!
Natasha Romanoff: Clint, can you draw out the guards?
Clint Barton: Let’s find out.
[to the pedestrians in her way]
Natasha Romanoff: Beep-beep!
[Barton manages to draw out the Iron Legions from the truck]


[to Natasha; referring to the Iron Legions]
Clint Barton: They’re heading back towards you. So whatever you’re gonna do, do it now.
Natasha Romanoff: I’m going in. Cap, can you keep him occupied?
[as he continues his battle with Ultron]
Steve Rogers: What do you think I’ve been doing?
[as Natasha enters the truck the Iron Legions head back, pick up the truck and lift off]
Clint Barton: The package is airborne. I have a clean shot.
Natasha Romanoff: Negative. I am still in the truck.
Clint Barton: What the hell are you…?
Natasha Romanoff: Just be ready, I’m sending the package to you.
Clint Barton: How do you want me to take it?
Natasha Romanoff: Uhh, you might wish you hadn’t asked that.


[Pietro and Wanda turn up on the train to help Steve fight with Ultron]
Ultron: Please. Don’t do this.
Wanda Maximoff: What choice do we have?
[Ultron flies off]
Steve Rogers: I lost him! He’s headed your way!
Clint Barton: Nat, we gotta go.
[Nat drops the cradle into the Quinjet but gets thrown back when the truck explodes behind her]
Clint Barton: Nat!


Clint Barton: Cap, you see Nat?
Steve Rogers: If you have the package, get it to Stark! Go!
Clint Barton: Do you have eyes on Nat?
Steve Rogers: Go!
[reluctantly Barton takes off in the Quinjet; back on the train to the twins]
Steve Rogers: Civilians in our path.
[Pietro speeds off; to Wanda]
Steve Rogers: Can you stop this thing?
[as Pietro picks up civilians out of the way of the train Wanda uses her powers and stops the train]


[after stopping the train Wanda goes over to an out of breath Pietro]
Pietro Maximoff: I’m fine. I just need to take a minute.
Steve Rogers: I’m very tempted not to give you one.
Wanda Maximoff: The cradle, did you get it?
Steve Rogers: Stark will take care of it.
Wanda Maximoff: No, he won’t.
Steve Rogers: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Stark’s not crazy.
Wanda Maximoff: He will do anything to make things right.
Steve Rogers: Stark, come in. Stark. Anyone on comms?
Wanda Maximoff: Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that?


[after Barton has taken the cradle to Stark and Banner]
Bruce Banner: Anything on Nat?
Tony Stark: Haven’t heard. But she’s alive, or Ultron’d be rubbing our faces in it.
Clint Barton: This is sealed tight.
Bruce Banner: We’re going to need to access the program, break it down from within.
Tony Stark: Hm. Any chance Natasha might leave you a message, outside the internet, old school spy stuff?
Clint Barton: There’s some nets I can cast. Yeah, alright. I’ll find her.
[Barton goes off]
Bruce Banner: I can work on tissue degeneration, if you can fry whatever operational system Cho implanted.
Tony Stark: Yeah, about that.
[Banner looks at Stark]
Bruce Banner: No.
Tony Stark: You have to trust me.
Bruce Banner: Kinda don’t.


Tony Stark: Our ally? The guy protecting the military’s nuclear codes? I found him.
[he brings up Jarvis’s consciousness]
Jarvis: Hello, Dr. Banner.
Tony Stark: Ultron didn’t go after Jarvis cause he was angry. He attacked him because he was scared of what he can do. So Jarvis went underground. Okay? Scattered, dumped his memory. But not his protocols. He didn’t even know he was in there, until I pieced him together.
Bruce Banner: So, you want me to help you put Jarvis into this thing?
Tony Stark: No, of course not! I want to help you put Jarvis in this thing.
[Banner shakes his head]


Tony Stark: We’re out of my field here. You know bio-organics better than anyone.
Bruce Banner: And you just assume that Jarvis’s operational matrix can beat Ultron’s?
Jarvis has been beating him from inside without knowing it. This is the opportunity, we can create Ultron’s perfect self, without the homicidal glitches he thinks are his winning personality. We have to.
Tony Stark: I believe it’s worth a go.
Bruce Banner: No, I’m in a loop. I’m caught in a time loop, this is exactly where it all went wrong.
Tony Stark: I know, I know. I know what everyone’s going to say, but they’re already saying it. We’re mad scientists. We’re monsters, buddy. You gotta own it. Make a stand.
[Banner shakes his head]
Tony Stark: It’s not a loop. It’s the end of the line.


[as Natasha becomes conscious]
Ultron: I was unsure you’d wake up. I hoped you would, I wanted to show you. I don’t have anyone else. I think a lot about meteors, the purity of them. Boom! The end, start again. The world made clean for the new man to rebuild. I was meant to be new. I was meant to be beautiful. The world would’ve looked to the sky and seen hope, seen mercy. Instead they’ll look up in horror because of you. You’ve wounded me. I give you full marks for that. But, like the man said, “What doesn’t kill me…
[Natasha throws something at him which he just blasts]
Ultron: …just makes me stronger.”
[he locks Natasha in a cell]


[Barton gets a Morse code message from Natasha which he’s able to detect her location, at the same time Stark and Banner are experimenting on the synthetic body]
Tony Stark: This framework is not compatible.
Bruce Banner: The genetic coding tower’s at ninety-seven percent. You have got to upload that schematic in the next three minutes.
[Steve and the twins turn up at the lab]
Steve Rogers: I’m gonna say this once.
Tony Stark: How about “nonce”?
Steve Rogers: Shut it down.
Tony Stark: Nope, not gonna happen.
Steve Rogers: You don’t know what you’re doing.
Bruce Banner: And you do? She’s not in your head?
Wanda Maximoff: I know you’re angry.
Bruce Banner: Oh, we’re way past that. I could choke the life out of you and never change a shade.


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