By Siddhant Raizada (India)


Avengers: Endgame is culmination of 22 movies which is something not many movie franchises can brag about but this also means that Endgame had a huge responsibility to carry on its shoulder. It had to bring closure to multiple character arcs, ignite the fire for new ones to come and also deliver a coherent and meaningful story at the same time. There were a few snags but Russo brothers were mostly able to deliver on each of those expectations and gave us a cinematic extravaganza that will go down history as one of the most significant Hollywood event to take place in recent times.

This movie is a love letter to past 10 years of MCU from including multitude of past movie references to including its many type of signature humor, action scenes and shooting styles.

This movie had almost all the main cast from its previous 22 movies and each one of them gave their best in terms of acting especially the main avengers, this was one the best performance we have seen from Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Junior, Chris Evans, Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner. I liked some of the direction choices made by Russo brothers and disliked the others, In a movie populated with so many characters they were able to do the balancing act just right, the emotional scene had impact and the humor scene made me laugh and most (not all) main character got the screen time they needed. Iron-Man and Ant-Man are really the highlights they bring in a lot a humanising elements to the movie.

By the end the director were able to tell a story with a satisfying end to many of the superheroes arc who have inspired young and adults alike for the past 10 years and gave way to new superheroes to inspire next generation of kids.

There are consequences of having such large scale movie and it showed like there were lot of character development that happened behind the camera – Hulk and Bruce Banner were never comfortable in each other skin and this is a theme going on since Avengers 1 but now we jumped directly to the conclusion which I think will leave Hulk fans a little disappointed, A lot of panic and menace which may happen after half the population disappears was never shown through a civilian perspective which would have given a more emotional gravitas to the situation.

Captain Marvel’s character felt like it was shoehorned in the movie. Her main reason was to save Stark but how she found him remains a mystery and while Thanos was a very sophisticated villain in Infinity War here he was just another big bad arrogant villain.

Compared to Infinity War this movie lacked a sense of forward motion, after killing Thanos and retrieving all the stones the rest of the people and avengers were avenged, their job was done and plot complete. The final battle felt like it was there because movie was lacking a big action set piece.
The final battle was great because of the characters present in them, seeing all of them in action was a sight to behold but there was no sense of scale (just compare it to Wakanda battle from Infinity War).

The cinematography was also good in parts like the Ant-Man scene where he was searching if his daughter was alive was well shot and the frantic camera movement showed his angst as well but then the Captain America vs Captain America fight scene was very poorly shot with so many cuts that it was hard to follow their fight, Otherwise the CGI and most of the scene looked very beautiful.

The soundtrack is probably the best one yet.

This movie had to deliver on a lot of promises and initially I felt that few cons could have been neglected when scale of the movie is this big but seeing how Infinity War released just a year ago did delivered on a lot of similar promises in a shorter run time, I think this is a good movie which definitely could have done better but ultimately what matters is that it was able to give satisfying end to an era of superhero which are an inspiration to younger generation.

Rating: 4/5



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