By Mohammed Ashraful Alam (London)


Ten years and eighteen films to reach the pivotal moment of the MCU and Infinity War certainly delivers.

Spoilers, you have been warned.

The film starts of at the end of Thor: Ragnarok where The Mad Titian Himself, Thanos comes and destroys the Asgardian members. Thanos already obtaining the power stone and now hunting the space stone which Loki has in his possession, Thanos makes quick work of hulk by beating him down and killing Loki right in front of his brother and taking the time stone all in the space of five minutes. Now this was really awesome to see as it truly delivers the power and threat of Thanos. He is shown to be an unpresented and unstoppable force which is something Marvel movies lack in villains apart from a few exceptions.

The film delivers the anticipated hype and one way we see this is the comedic and emotional chemistry of the characters. The dream team up of Star-Lord, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Iron Man is so hilariously put together its almost hard to take this film seriously but the team actually bought different traits of each character to the movie, the class and comedies of Star-Lord, the seriousness of Doctor Strange, the childish behaviour of Spider-Man and Iron Man’s cool sophisticated persona whilst fighting Thanos brings a action-packed and hilarious fight scene which was amazingly orchestrated to make a blockbuster showdown. We also see this when the other half of the Avengers are fending off Thanos’s Black Order, as Captain America and his team of Avengers unite with the forces of Black Panther’s Kingdom, and later Thor and the Guardians really gives you a masterpiece of action following a diverse range of characters to relate to.

Moving onto the story of the film, which in my opinion was fantastic, emotional and shocking. We mostly actually see the story through the villain of Thanos as his journey to collect all 6 infinity stones whilst battling the Avengers puts an emotional emphasis on him especially when it comes to him killing his daughter Gamora. One would think a villain of that notion would be hated but instead we follow his journey of bringing balance to the universe. Then we have the shocks and twists of the film. Halfway through the film it is revealed that the soul stone is with none other than the Red Skull. I know, right!

This was truly unexpected seeing as everyone thought he died long before the Avengers were ever assembled, truly shocking to see how this happened but brilliant none the less. The reason why this film was so good was due to the reason that it was so unpredictable, giving how pre-release of the film there was speculation of the founding members such as Cap, Thor, Hulk or Iron Man would die, this was totally not the case instead we saw the deaths of Gamora, Vision and Loki along with the new and popular members such as Spider-Man, Panther, Quill, Drax, Mantis, Strange, Falcon and Bucky all biting the dust when Thanos clicks his fingers as half of all life vanish. It was especially emotional when Spider-Man dies in the arms of Tony Stark as he is crying for his life. This was sad and heart-breaking to see such a beloved character to die in pain creates an emotional value of the film while showcasing the relentlessness of Thanos.

Alright, the one thing we love to see in a Marvel movie is the action-packed fight/battle scenes which we were treated to exceptionally. Let’s talk about the scene where Thanos comes to take the Time Stone of Strange while the other heroes tactically plan, and the attack was really epic to see. We were treated to what each character brings to the fight with different powers and ability whilst still working in a team was something truly iconic and it was long awaited to be shown. Furthermore, my personal favourite scene must be when Thor arrives with his new hammer in Wakanda. This was heart stopping and breath-taking as all seemed lost when the Avengers were being beaten by Thanos and his black order until and bolt of lightning takes them all out and Thor takes down everyone in his path of redemption. This showed how powerful Thor truly is and it changed the whole landscape and tone of the film by becoming more patriotic and powerful which turned the tables on the villains.

This must rank as an all-time great when it comes to superhero movies. It has all the elements of a high packed action film with amazing action sequences, comedic character team ups to heart breaking deaths. I highly recommend this film and the best part is we are treated to the second part of this epic climax next year.

Rating: 5/5



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