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Avengers movies are like a dream come true to every Marvel fan. All of our favourite superheroes fighting together (and sometimes against each other) for the greater good of our world? Yes, please. Each time we walk into a new Avengers movie screening we walk in with higher hopes than the last one, and every time we leave with them being fulfilled, and usually exceeded.

However, the latest edition of Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War, may have left some of us (I raise my hand) leaving feeling quite the opposite to the usual satisfaction. Some of you may have experienced strong feelings of anxiety, depression, and indignation. No spoiler alert needed as you are probably reading this with regret to the fact that EVERYBODY DIES. Sorry for the capitals but yes, they disappear, poof, gone, vanished. There is no confirmation that those who are lost are actually dead, but they may as well be for the next 5 or so months – until the rest if the story is unveiled to us.

Avengers: Infinity War flows through various different story lines of the different Avengers, until eventually they all gather the same motifs to stop the extremely powerful Thanos from gathering all of the famous Infinity stones. Various Avengers unite together to tackle Thanos in different ways. We learn more about relationships between the different Avengers and our inner Marvel fan is tickled when Avengers who have not yet met cross each other’s paths (e.g. The Guardians of the Galaxy meet Dr. Strange, Iron Man and Spide-Man). Though, the end of the film sees the almost-victory come crashing down in pieces as the evil Thanos completes his master plan of wiping out half of existence. 50% of the Avengers dissolve before our eyes including Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Dr. strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana). UHRM?!!

We walk out of the movie feeling completely shook to the core. “They can’t all just die like that?!” “They’re going to come back right?” “WILL I EVEN BE ABLE TO LIVE IF HALF OF THE AVENGERS ARE DEAD?” Phew, sorry.

Obviously, this was the intended reaction for the end of the film. It certainly took me by surprise.
We may feel that we have been cheated and that it is cruel to leave us so unsettled. But ultimately that was the aim wasn’t it. I mean I am certainly going to pay to go and see the next addition to Avengers, aren’t you?

This film had the appropriate mix of humour, drama, action, and even romance that it needed. The ending I feel was a cliffhanger at its best, and Marvel must have something pretty big in store for their next film. People have certainly been talking about this film. I mean I’ve just written about 500 words on it. So really, it was fantastic.

In regards to the next film, there have been many theories of hints that were left for us in infinity war. However I found that delving into the depths of them will spoil my surprise when it actually comes out. I feel that I have expressed my feelings for this film adequately and will most definitely be reporting back in 2019 with the latest release!

Rating: 5/5



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