By Spencer Stechman (Phoenix, Arizona)


Strap in for a Wild Ride

The magic that goes along with the crime action film Baby Driver is unlike any that I’ve come across in recent memory. With its unique story, powerhouse cast and great use of music, this one is sure to stick with you for a long time coming. Directed by Edgar Wright whose work includes Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, it’s safe to say that were in for a roller coaster. This film in the use of camera work and color choice is already appealing in itself. A mix of fast and slow cuts during the drive scenes is just one mention to use. When you have a cast that consists of such names like Kevin Spacey, Jamie Fox, Jon Hamm, Lily James and Ansel Elgort it’s easy to say you’re in for one hell of a ride (pun intended).

The film works around Baby (Ansel Elgort) a talented getaway driver who is forced to do dirty work for the crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) to make ends meet for his lifestyle and talent. However, he ends up meeting the women of his dreams who is played by Lily James and Baby knows he has to get out his dirty lifestyle quick before his life and love is taken away from him. What makes Baby so special though is that he relies on music to make him one of the greatest heist drivers out there. He mostly does this however to down out his tinnitus in his ears because of a car accident he was in when he was a child. With just his headphones and multiple sets of iPods depending on his drive, Baby is always listening to music no matter what he does. It’s at the point where it could be considered obsessive but Ansel makes it look so cool and natural we don’t really care.

As Baby attempts to leave his crime life, he just can’t seem to drive away fast enough as it always seems to catch up on him. He’s past all the killing and running from the cops but his colleagues are all for it and focused on the money instead of finding sanity in life. He’s fallen far down the crime rabbit hole and has to find a way out quick before the people he knows get hurt because of him. I do have to say that Ansel Elgort absolutely destroys this role, he’s quirky enough to love him and bad ass enough to lead the film forward. The movie is based around the music that Ansel’s character listens to and the way that he is able to vibe to it makes you want to join him and dance.

He lip syncs nearly all the songs that he plays and to me that’s what makes his character so relatable. He genuinely has fun with his music yet is laser focused when it comes to driving. So when you put those two together it’s a perfect combination of the two, and you could definitely read it off Baby’s face that he’s enjoying himself. The soundtrack in this movie is easily one of the best I’ve heard ever. Which would make sense since the whole movie is around a character that listens to music one hundred percent of the time.

With artists such as Young MC, Golden Earring, Barry White and The Beach Boys this one has it all. Focused on the fast paced snare and a silky bass grove, this soundtrack is the epitome of “Drive Music”. It’s not common that a film like Baby Driver comes along and leaves such a bad ass impact on the audience like this one. Everyone in this movie steps up and delivers absolute gems and Ansel takes the cake. Baby Driver puts the pedal to the metal and delivers a great one. If you can, see this art piece.

Rating: 5/5



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