By Steve King (Florida)


As a dedicated Batman aficionado, I would have went to see this movie regardless of hype or projection. I was earnestly disappointed when Ben Affleck was revealed to be the next to wear the cowl on the big screen (especially given the uber disappointment of his role in Dare Devil…). I would give Affleck a solid B+ in his performance. In the lot of cinematic Batman: Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer, and Bale (West not included…), I still content that Bale had the best overall performance of both Wayne/Batman.

Affleck didn’t touch Bale’s performance. Affleck comes off a little too wooden as Wayne – and certainly needs to obtain some batshears before donning the suit.

Cavill reprises his role as the Man of Steel, except he comes off a little soft in this movie… almost anticipatory of the movie’s outcome.

Not sure who decided Jeremy Irons would make a good Alfred, he comes off as a contemporary of Bruce Wayne, instead of an older, more knowing sage to safeguard and protect the young master Wayne.

Eisenberg is a horrible Lex Luthor.

Gal Gadot was interesting as Wonder Woman, a completely different take than the Linda Carter most of us grew up and appreciated on TV. It seemed that in starting the DC cinematic universe, Wonder Woman needed an extremely sexy posture with no real backstory.

Teaser snippets give us Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.

If you like either Batman or Superman, you will give this movie creative license and will laugh and shrug through the silly parts.



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