By Jeffery Baldwin (Las Vegas, NV, USA)


After watching Batman v Superman, I was left confused, simply put. What just happened? What can I expect in the next film Justice League Part 1? I have so many questions now; don’t you hate it when a movie you’re excited about leaves you feeling this way? Well, I’ve done my research and I’ve read some of the comics so let me explain what you just watched!

The movie has multiple endings. The most disappointing of them is the quick death of Doomsday. Now in the comics, it doesn’t go down this way. This ABSOLUTELY DID NOT do Doomsday any justice. In the comics, Doomsday kills the entire Justice League roster after first rendering Superman and the rest of the team useless. They all attempt to take him on, the entire team! Did I say that already? Yes, the entire team gets knocked out by Doomsday. And Superman is the only survivor. Superman recuperates for a little while; meanwhile, Doomsday wreaks havoc on the planet one city at a time. Eventually, Superman takes Doomsday on in a final intense/epic showdown. Superman eventually defeats Doomsday once and for all, seemingly at the cost of his life. But of course, he doesn’t really die, he is Superman after all!

Then there’s another ending, Batman and Wonder Woman attend Superman’s funeral as he is currently dead. They don’t know they simply need to put him in the sun to heal him. So they do the exact opposite and put him in a box blocking out the sunlight and burying him 6 feet under. Literally the exact opposite of what they need to do to bring him back to life. But I understand, right now it’s best he appear dead. Right now he is best serving as the martyr of the Justice League. Ok cool, Batman briefly talks with Wonder Woman about assembling a team of super heroes, thus, we have some idea of the next movie, a very small, undetailed, fully to the imagination idea of what’s to come next. At least, Marvel gave us a solo flick of each individual character prior to releasing an Avengers movie, allowing us to get to know our heroes and giving us an idea of who and what we’re dealing with. But DC contains my favorite hero of them all, Superman; the all American alien who bears the burden of making the right decision no matter the situation.

Then there is the third ending, yes, a 3rd ending. Dear lord, we snap to a shot of Clark Kent’s unburied casket with a handful of dirt bestowed upon it by Lois Lane, his lover. And in a split second, the dirt rises up off the casket in the smallest way; letting us know Superman isn’t, in fact, all dead. After all of the mind games with Lex, Batman poisoning him with kryptonite and making him bleed, ultimately kicking Superman’s ass. Then Doomsday coming to life and giving him the shortest fight to the death they, Zack could imagine while still attempting to stay true to the comic. Superman prevails, he isn’t dead.

What a roller coaster ride of an ending right? I mean, that was intense, 3 endings packed into one movie. I think DC is in a hurry to create the Justice League, and while I’m ecstatic about the upcoming Justice League Part 1&2, I think for the sake of story-telling, this movie is a little out of sequence. This masterpiece/rollercoaster of a movie that I already love should probably have come after we got a Wonder Woman, Cyborg, maybe a new Affleck’s Batman, and a new Green Lantern for sure. They could have done Doomsday so much more justice in the dawn of it this route. I’m no filmmaker I have no idea why Zack Snyder went this rout e in the first place; however, it is obvious that things are rushing along. Regardless, I’m a huge fan of Zach Snyder, Huge fan of DC, Superman fan who recognizes he could dominate Goku in a fight with one arm, all day, and can’t wait for what’s coming next for us humanoids to bear witness to!



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