By Shoshri Sharma (Kathmandu, Nepal)


First thing first, I liked how they made Wonder Women possibly the most powerful character, seen till now in the D.C. movie verse – she was literally AWESOME although the name suggests otherwise she is definitely the front-runner where needed. I hope that we get to see more strong female roles in superhero genera as well as other movies.

Now, as for the movie itself “What in hell was that all about!!” This movie has managed to successfully desecrate awesome story telling tradition of the comics belonging to the respective characters (together or otherwise). The connection point between plot events are so confusing and the story (if there is one) so poorly build that it feels as if the writers and the director ate the stories of the comics than pooped it out and stitched a “new” story from whatever they can salvage from their shit. In my opinion the movie is only doing well because of the history of the characters involved; showing the impact of comic culture all over the world and the love we have for these larger than life characters. Sadly there is nothing larger than life about this movie.

It is fair to expect something amazing from such epic characters and a crew of well-known director and writers (personally I think the actors did a good job and were the only thing good about this movie), but the movie does nothing but disappoint. The actions scenes were an attempt at something but they too drown in the disappointing story line. The thing is that D.C. comics has awesome plots that drive their comics, animated shows as well as animated movies that give life to the art and presentation, so naturally we expect a lot from movies like this. Convincing plot, presentation and all, not just some buffed dudes and hot bad-ass chicks involved in action sequences that’s every other action movie and all action movies do not have to stand up to the history behind their decades or even almost a century long lore.

I hope that D.C. gets its shit straight and properly utilizes the talent it has in store in the form of comic writers other than just relying on big names. Oh! And another thing **potential spoilers ahead** a special someone dies at the end but it almost guaranteed that they will be miraculously restructured – to hell with this cliché. And if they really want to take the movies in a different direction I think the coffin should remain closed so as to add a different tune to the movie verse. The only reasons to watch this movie might be the lore the characters carry and perhaps for the theatrics and the theater experience otherwise the movie as a whole is a letdown. Even if this movie was about some lesser known comic characters I bet it would not be so successful, it is only doing good in the box office because of the names involved, not the director or even the actors but Batman, Superman, Wonder-Woman and other D.C. characters.



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