By Craig Singleton (Wigan, Lancashire, England)


After my disappointment of Man of Steel, Warner Bros had a lot to do in order to engage me into the start of their extended universe. Batman v Superman to me is both a success and a failure.

The main issue with this film is the amount of content the film has in context with the running time. There are enough minutes within for this story to be perfectly told. The start of film connects Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck brilliantly to the events that occurred in Metropolis between Superman and General Zod. Wayne Enterprises was demolished in the attacks and that immediately creates a reason for why the title exists. Bruce saw a God-like man with immense power who needs to be stopped.

Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill knows of the mistakes he’s made and questions his existence throughout the film. Also the world’s population question whether or not they should accept Superman as their saviour or their foe. Batman and Superman have different morals and different codes which could cause them to spark up their rivalry and one man acts as a catalyst to their issues.

Lex Luther played by Jessie Eisenberg is the highly animated, socially awkward young man who has a cunning plan in order to wipe out Superman from existence and we see this escalate throughout the film.

I had a lot of fun with this film to start off with. The action sequences created by Zach Snyder and a team of choreographers and stunt coordinators were superb shot and violent. I had no problem with this version of Batman who very much got his hands full of blood as it suited the tone to this early universe. Both heroes are killers, but Batman’s kills aren’t completely unjustified.

My favourite aspect of the film was the teaming of Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. Their scores for the story were very well done and had a mix of drama, tension, horror and emotion. They accompanied the action sequences as well as the heartfelt moments also.

I thought the characterisation and motives within this story were handled at a decent rate and showed that they could be wrong. Lex Luther is a delusional sociopath who should be thrown in the mental institute and he had a clear message. Jessie Eisenberg’s performance was over the top at times but he grew on me as the film went on. Lois Lane played by Amy Adams served the story well, however she became a damsel in distress one too many times for my liking and Henry Cavill was unable to show his emotions like he could have.

The stand out star in this film is Ben Affleck. He played the ruthless ageing Batman brilliantly and his flawed character suited him. The way he held himself as Bruce and Batman were both very good.

The film to should have focused more on Batman v Superman and less on ‘Dawn of Justice’ as teasing the Justice League felt rushed and thrown in like a deleted scene that got kept in unnecessarily. Too much was on its shoulders and it buckled by having too many things put into the story.

It became disappointing, the film didn’t need as much as we saw and it was definitely putting too many eggs into a basket. Certain characters should have been saved for future films and instead focus more on the development of Batman and Superman.

Also I feel that Zach Snyder is a great visual director but an unfocused storyteller at times. Certain moments, especially in the third act, felt like a scene, then a scene, then a scene instead of a progression of the story. It became jumpy so the editing in this area wasn’t very well done. Hopefully he’ll learn from his mistakes and tighten up his craft.

My score for the film is 65%. Highest point for pacing, lowest for writing. Considering what this film had to do in continuing from Man of Steel, introducing pivotal characters and setting up the Justice League I feel it didn’t do such a bad job. However, by taking these risks it may have set them back a tad.



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