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Batman v Superman, though an extreme movie that pushed comic books to the boundaries of what superheroes are and how important they become overtime, was a cleverly wielded masterpiece that really showed the creativity of Zack Snyder. Though it had its plot issues, as the movie progressed the issues appeared to look intended, not only starting off bumpy to set the scene for each major character in the movie, but the importance of reminding fans that this isn’t a Batman movie, or a Flash movie, or a Wonder Woman movie, or even a Superman movie.

This creative design was intended to show fans our beloved Batman after his past ventures by avoiding the constant retelling of the Batman origin, and showed fans that although Superman has his cinematic and comic book issues, this take on the Man of Steel pushed the bar for Superman to an all new level, leaving him as the strongest and most effective character in the entire movie, ‘surprisingly’; and although the caped crusaders performance was incredible as well in the means of highlighting the main features of Frank Millers cruel, violent, broken, and damaged Dark Knight; Ben Affleck’s version of Batman was certainly not as effective nor creative as the Superman depicted in this story.

This cinematic depiction of Batman and Superman in the same universe moved quite fast for a two and a half hour movie, but due to its incredible fight scenes and outstanding CGI, can we really be surprised. Speaking honestly as a DC comics fan this movie certainly moved much differently from The Avengers by choosing to highlight and introduce the DC characters to the big screen before explaining their origin and introducing them to a movie, instead of explaining their origin individually and then bringing them all together for one big beginning; and although this method proved effective for Marvel, DC’s very own take on the beginning of the Justice League and all the others, in my opinion proved very effective in depicting their greatest heroes and the introduction to the Justice League.

If no one else is willing to admit it then I will; this was certainly in the top 5 comic book movies of history, as we are blinded by the idea of Marvel creating their cinematic universe first and forgetting to acknowledge DC for what they are. DC was the first comic book label to exist as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were the first superheroes to exist, and certainly a fight between Ironman and Captain America will not blind both Marvel and DC fans of the fact that this fight between Batman and Superman, and Doomsday with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman cannot be replicated, copied or improved upon.

This was straight out brilliant cinematography, and an engaged gladiator battle that turned the tables in favour of DC as a cinematic success, which I believe scared our Marvel viewers and forced them to act harshly. As much as everyone loves to milk the cow on how bad Green Lantern and Man of Steel were, Marvels success with many of their movies was completely over exaggerated, with Ant-Man, both Thor movies, Ironman 2, the first three X-Men movies, The Avengers 2, and the Hulk movies. Granted I certainly enjoyed most of my listed comparisons, but when it came to comparisons of story, villains, setting, and future, Man of Steel certainly took the lead on the majority; what Green Lantern was however I have no idea, if Marvel wants to destroy DC’s reputation, than the continued mockery of Green Lantern is the way to go.

Marvel has come out strong in the approach to a cinematic universe, but can fans really mock DC for sitting back and watching to see what to do and what not to do with their movies, and as I mentioned above I’m sure that was quite an eye opener with Green Lantern, but as far as Supermans cliché adaption of the most powerful person in the world goes; Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel certainly took what fans believed was unredeemable and turned it into something the fans could enjoy and expand interest in.

I don’t believe this slander for Batman v Superman is necessary, as its production and ability to grow certainly out grew Marvels own vision of what their cinematic universe could become. With Captain Americ: Civil War on the way I believe that all DC comics and DC movie fans will have to listen to the incredible adaption Marvel has done with Civil War and the Captain America, Ironman feud compared to Batman and Superman’s own feud. Putting aside Marvel’s success on the big screen, I believe that viewers of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League, should go in with a fresh perspective, and with a complete disregard for Marvels previous successes and just focus on the movie in front of them, and then maybe the viewers and critics will get the importance of the plot and character set ups in Batman v Superman, and hopefully comprehend how important and unique this movie was compared to any other comic book movie success, including The Dark Knight series.

I hope Zack Snyder remains a part of the DC universe, as his cinematic depictions of comic books, are unparalleled, and certainly have depicted an exact retelling of the story, while also using his comic book knowledge to effectively enhance our movie experience with such films as Watchmen, 300, Man of Steel, and I do not believe for a second that he has done any different with Batman v Superman. Although it is not an official comic book, it’s relation to The Dark Knight Returns certainly stayed true, and at the same time setup different story lines to connect with this thriller.

All up Batman v Superman was a hard movie success to accomplish, but Zack Snyder in my opinion has again pulled it off, with action, setting, CGI, plot, characters, heroes, and villains that certainly have out done Marvel’s own adaption, that has taken years to pull off, and this has only been accomplished in one movie for DC. I really think people need to open up and realise that superheroes are the glue that holds our world or their world together, and I don’t believe superheroes and villains that tell jokes every 2nd line is going to do it. The Batman v Superman movie had the appropriate amount of laughter, with only a few jokes worth grinning for in the movie, which is how our heroes should be.

Although many fans enjoy this comedic depiction of superhero lifestyles and personality, let’s not forget that although Marvel was the first to create an entire cinematic comic book universe, DC were the first to create a comic book universe, which means that Batman and Superman set the tone for hero depictions not the other way around.

A well-directed and constructed movie which I gave a nine out of ten, in truth deserved in my opinion no less than eight out of ten. The Marvel Universe is one to be admired and examined for years to come, but DC’s sudden beginning of cinematic story telling is certainly the one that provides the comic book fans with something to quench their thirst, and after Batman v Superman, and what’s yet to come in the DC Universe, I believe the fans are still drinking.

Rating: 9/10



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