By Kane (Phnom Penh)


Batman V Superman – far from the stinker the professional reviewers are making it out to be.

I watched Batman v Superman yesterday. Before heading into the theatre I managed to escape most of the hype, but at least one review snuck under my radar. It wasn’t all that glowing so my expectations were low. Always a good way to go into a movie.

I love the movies, and a good comic hero movie is about as good as the theatre gets. While everything I’ve read today pretty much pans it, I think Batman v Superman is a sensational experience.

Affleck as the Dark Knight works. He’s got the brooding Bruce Wayne persona down pat and handles the action scenes as the Batman magnificently. To some, it seems his reason for hating Superman is a bit hard to take. For me, the movies are a chance to escape to make-believe worlds and leave your daily worries at the swinging, sound-proof door. The idea that two good guys could go toe-to-toe for two hours is a seriously good hook, and no matter how much you pull it apart intellectually, the raw instincts it elicits make this alone enough to give the movie a big tick.


Along the way, there’s probably a few too many dream sequences and Wonder Woman’s cameo is a bit odd – although Gal Gadot is sumptuous in the role. We’ve seen the monster before, and the last half hour probably goes too far; however, in my view, that’s where the value for money lies. Two and a half hours of high-octane, high production value entertainment is just about as good as it gets. And the super hero genre works for a reason. More than once I found myself, as usual, admiring the physique, looks and…dexterity of the men in lycra!


So, if you want to go see a movie for the reason we should all want to go see a movie – pure and simple escapism – go and see this year’s best block buster yet. Good ‘ol Cap’tn America’s latest adventures will have to be good to top it.





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