By J. Stewart (Little Rock, Arkansas)


Disclaimer: I am a card carrying member of a lifelong dedicated group of nerds who love Superman. With that out of the way, I will give you the nuts and bolts of this first installment of the DC Universe.

Overall I will give this movie a solid 7 out of 10. Now there are some flaws but the one that will get under your skin has nothing to do with the characters, visuals, villains, or the ending. The editing was hands down the WORST. Whoever stared at the storyboard and thought, “Hey, let’s not only go back and forth in time, but let’s have random dream sequences and then with break-necking speed we can jump between so many character stories that you wish you had a rewind button in the movie theater!”

I won’t spoil anything I promise, so I will leave the above mentioned statement alone. The good: the movie is gorgeous, dark and gritty. Ben Affleck is my new favorite Batman. Wonder Woman is pretty darn bad ass! The future prospects for this series are so promising with almost endless storyline arcs.

I did have an issue with how they depicted Superman as a darker character. This movie is a black hole of happiness. It is NOT a feel good movie and I think that adds to the sense of something being off or wrong with the movie as a whole.

Final assessment: Go see it on the big screen! Don’t expect your mind to be blown, but have hope my LARPing comrades, the future looks bright for the series.



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