By Jonathan Ramirez (Los Angeles, California)


I will not spoil anything in case anybody who hasn’t seen the flick sees this post. I saw it first on an early fan screening through IMAX so my final reservations about the film should not count. Watching this movie in IMAX is one hell of an experience that you all should check out. Zach Snyder is one hell of a visual storyteller and I’ll give you that. Literally every pivotal scene was straight out of the pages of a comic book. Enough of the IMAX experience, now let’s talk about the 2nd time watching it. Still blown away by the sheer epicness of the film! Honestly, I’m writing this as a means to defend the film from the excessively negative reviews it has been getting but I will get to that. Just like what Lex Luthor said in the trailer about thoughts too big for little minds, this movie is too big for little minds. This film has a spectacular team of actors and writers alike with the brilliant screenplay by Chris Terrio who has won an Academy Award for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for the critically acclaimed film Argo. It also notable to mention that Ben Affleck directed and co- starred in Argo and also won a Golden Globe for Best Picture and Best Director.

There are several things I would like to address. First off, Ben Affleck is the arguably the best live-action version of Batman I have ever seen. Sure, some of you are rolling your eyes right now because you have the horrible taste in your mouth that Daredevil left years ago, or the incessant worship of Christian Bale’s “real” Batman, but lo and behold, Affleck DID NOT DISAPPOINT, in fact he far exceeded my expectations. Keep in mind; this film’s version of Batman is aged and “battle-worn”, analogous to Ben Affleck’s long career in Hollywood. He’s definitely an actor who got better as he aged. This Batman is the Batman that Frank Miller (when you think of famous Batman writers, you think of this guy) famously paved the way for years to come. Before the late 1980’s, Batman was a very campy character who you could not really take seriously then Frank Miller and Alan Moore came into the picture around the late 80’s and made Batman into the bad-fucking-ass Batman we all know and love. He is the Batman who’s been through it all, endless emotional and physical torture, that I wanted to see in the movie. Hat’s off to Warner Bros and Snyder’s team.

Second, many reviews are saying how serious this movie was; well of course it’s serious! This is not a Marvel movie, I repeat for god’s sake; it is NOT a Marvel movie. Disney/Marvel has generously given us incredible superhero movies that definitely paved the way for a cinematic universe but Batman v Superman is not a light-hearted movie. It shouldn’t be! You cannot compare this movie to a Marvel movie; they are two different worlds despite sharing the same medium. DC has always been the more adult-themed, darker company especially in their storylines. This movie brings absolute justice (pun intended) to the tone of many DC comics and again as a long time comic book enthusiast, dark and gritty is what I want from a DC movie.

Now, this wouldn’t be a fair “review” of some sorts if I didn’t have anything remotely negative to say about it right? The only thing I could really knock a point off the movie is its pacing issue. In many of the negative reviews you see on the Internet about this movie is the fact that the movie was crammed with so many things. This is true, but there is a reason. Mildly apologizing for this upcoming condescending statement, but for once you may actually have to pay attention and actually think about the movie you are watching. Sure, it’s a superhero movie and it’s just your “run of the mill” summer popcorn flick. Undeniably true to average movie-goers but not to viewers who have some sort of personal attachment to these comic book properties, whether being a comic book fan, a fan of the character, a fan of the video games, a fan of the nerd culture, etc. Some parts may seem a little glossed over, but that’s probably because doing so shouldn’t be a problem. The story was definitely mind-blowing.

The Director’s Cut has already been announced and said to be around 3 hours (Snyder has a thing with long movies), I’d guarantee in those issues that were presented in the movie would be fleshed out even more. But alas, you are in the theater and you just want to watch Batman and Superman in the big screen, enough talk with this director’s cut blah, blah, yes, I get you. But please, pay attention to the movie. DC is trying to build their cinematic universe for us to enjoy over the years and they truly did the best they could. For the amount of material they put in this movie, they did a terrific job on making it all coherent in the end. I’d like to see these “critical reviewers” try their hand in creating a cinematic universe. Oh? “Batman v Superman is problematic and crammed up with too many storylines?” Avengers: Age of Ultron suffered the same fate, if not worse. Yet, no excessive hostility towards that problematic movie was seen because it’s a Marvel film.

Last but not least, this movie is currently standing at a 31% on Rotten Tomatoes…meanwhile Sharknado stands at an 82%… Do I need to say anything else? If you have to base your movie experience through a critic’s eye, you will never truly enjoy (or dislike) that movie you are watching. If you’re a fan of the DC characters, do not pay attention to the negative reviews. If you’re a casual moviegoer, do not pay attention to the negative reviews. If you’re a Marvel fan, do not pay atten… you get the point. Keep an open mind and do not get caught up in preconceived notions of what a superhero movie should be. You can’t judge something you don’t know about.

It really makes me sad to see how unappreciative and toxic moviegoers can be these days. If the movie isn’t an action packed comedy with bright colors and spells everything about the plot out for you, then people seemingly go out of their way to trash the movie. This is not an attack against Marvel, just to let you all know. I am equally a Marvel fan as I am a DC fan. In the multiple times I’ve seen the movie, literally everyone was cheering and having a great time. I don’t see where the negativity suddenly sprouted. This movie is not the perfect movie, but in my honest opinion, it is arguably the best superhero film I have ever seen thus far and I am forever grateful to have seen this on the big screen.



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