By Brodie (Australia)


I was extremely hyped for this movie, I had watched the trailers over countless times, watched countless analytical videos on YouTube and I had read many Batman & Superman comics to help feed my need for DC content. I just thought everything was going to go right for this movie, the castings, the plot, the basis that it was some of the movie was based off of one of my favourite graphic novels: The Dark Knight Returns and that it all was going to be directed by Zach Snyder, one of the film industries, in my opinion, greatest directors.

Firstly, Zach Snyder should be applauded for the job he did on this movie, he bleeds wondrous cinematography in almost every scene. He is a comic book fan so I’m sure he really wanted to nail this movie, especially as it is the “set-up” to most of the future DC movies. At times the plot felt crammed into the 153 minute run time, as I, at times felt that the political aspect took up a lot of this movie, but although it was needed to repeal the backlash that Man Of Steel (2013) got for having too much destruction, which all in all I agree with. Snyder tried to add in so much so that in the upcoming Justice League (allegedly 2017) he didn’t have to waste time explaining and introducing these characters, which when it comes out, I feel the people will understand why he did it, and the movie is already split into two parts! So I can understand Snyder’s motives for introducing the Justice League now! So he doesn’t have to do it later.

Secondly, the acting, a mixed bag really. Ben Affleck, absolutely nails the portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne, he acts like a Batman that has become more unstable since the death of his former sidekick, Robin. And he has an all-out approach onto criminals and is at times, relentless. There is one thing I didn’t like about Batman, but to say it would be to spoil the movie. Henry Cavill, I felt stepped up his portrayal of Superman from Man of Steel (2013) his performance didn’t feel as stale and stiff as it was, this movie made Superman have a human side to him and it was a welcome addition but I didn’t like his “Clark Kent” alias, I felt he was putting on a mask when he became Clark and took it off as Superman.

Gal Gadot, no problems from her, as the Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman she is the exact portrayal of Wonder Woman that I expected, even in and out of the costume, she delivers a great performance, and I did like their cameo back to the WW1 Wonder Woman, which will be the basis for the film next year, she is a great character for showing the power of women and is a complete badass for it. But with all the good acting around, you get one that falls short, Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, I really didn’t like his portrayal, I felt that he tried to be a sociopath instead of the Billionaire genius that we all know him as, at times his performance was great, but mostly it felt over acted.

Thirdly, the plot. The movie’s plot was a little skewed, one part being a political thriller dealing with the destruction of metropolis in Man of Steel, another part being the incredibly well shot fight scenes and the other part being setups for the other films in the DC cinematic universe. Average viewers may have a hard time following in parts as I have heard, but comic book readers or avid movie watchers should understand it. Even knowing the political aspect of the movie is not as entertaining as the fights or the third act of the movie, it still never failed to keep me engaged. The fight scenes are incredible, all of which are well constructed, well thought out, and are the sole reason why I saw the movie in the first place, finally a movie with Batman and Superman battling it out and the trinity for the first time on screen together! The movie also does a good job at setting up the future for the DC films as a whole which when you see it, you’re going to have a nerd freak out like I did.

All in all, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of justice is the “dawn” of the DC cinematic universe we have all been waiting for, Zach Snyder and the whole editing crew have crafted something really beautiful here and for that I applaud them. Hanz Zimmer and Junkie XL have done an absolutely amazing score, it has such and emotional value to it and really adds to the viewing experience. The acting was great, especially from Affleck and even knowing the plot was at times, confusing but in the end it all finished up really well. I am really excited for upcoming DC films and this really is a good first step into the Universe.

Rating: 8/10



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