The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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[after leaving Thranduil’s tent]
Gandalf: Rest up tonight. You must leave on the morrow.
Bilbo Baggins: What?
Gandalf: Get as far away from here as possible.
Bilbo Baggins: I-I’m not leaving.
Gandalf: Oh?
Bilbo Baggins: You picked me as the fourteenth man. I’m not about to leave the company now.
Gandalf: There is no company, not any more. And I don’t like to think what Thorin would do when he finds out what you’ve done.
Bilbo Baggins: I’m not afraid of Thorin.
Gandalf: Well, you should be. Don’t underestimate the evil of gold. Gold over which a serpent had long brooded. Dragon-sickness seeps into the hearts of all who came to this Mountain. Almost all.


[he calls over to Alfrid]
Gandalf: You there! Find this Hobbit a bed and fill his belly with hot food. He’s earned it.
[as Alfrid goes to take Bilbo Gandalf stops him]
Gandalf: Hey. Keep an eye on him. If he should try to leave, you tell me.
[Alfrid walks over to Bilbo]
Alfrid: Move it. Stupid Hobbit.


[the next morning, the Elf and Lake-town armies stand before Erebor to face the dwarves; back in Dale Alfrid goes to wake Bilbo]
Alfrid: Wakey, wakey, Hobbit. Up you…get?
[he sees Bilbo is gone; back at Erebor Thranduil and Bard ride slowly towards the stone gate when Thorin shoots his arrow to land in front of Thranduil]
Thorin: I will put the next one between your eyes.
[the dwarves cheer for Thorin when Thranduil indicates to his Elf army to aim their arrows at them, the dwarves hide behind the stone wall, Thranduil then indicates for his army to stand down]


Thranduil: We’ve come to tell you payment of your debt has been offered and accepted.
Thorin: What payment? I gave you nothing. You have nothing.
[Bard takes out the Arkenstone and holds it up]
Bard: We have this.
Kili: They have the Arkenstone. Thieves! How came you by the heirloom of our house? That stone belongs to the king.
Bard: The King may have it, with our good will.
[Bard puts the Arkenstone back in his pocket]
Bard: But first he must honor his word.


Thorin: They’re taking us for fools. This is a ruse, and a filthy lie. The Arkenstone is in this Mountain, it is a trick!
Bilbo Baggins: I-it’s no trick. The stone is real. I gave it to them.
[Thorin faces Bilbo]
Thorin: You?
Bilbo Baggins: I took it as my fourteenth share.
Thorin: You would steel from me?
Bilbo Baggins: Steel from you? No, no. I may be a burglar, but I like to think I’m an honest one. I’m willing to let it stand against my claim.
Thorin: Against your claim?
[Thorin chuckles]
Thorin: Your claim? You have no claim over me, you miserable rat!
Bilbo Baggins: I was going to give it to you. Many times I wanted to, but…
Thorin: But what, thief?
Bilbo Baggins: You are changed, Thorin. The Dwarf I met in Bag End would never have gone back on his word, would never have doubted the loyalty of his kin.
Thorin: Do not speak to me of loyalty.


[to the dwarves]
Thorin: Throw him from the rampart!
[the dwarves do not move, refusing to carry out his order]
Thorin: Did you not hear me?! I will do it myself.
[he grabs hold of Bilbo]
Thorin: I curse you!
[the other dwarves try to stop him from throwing Bilbo over the edge]
Fili: No!
Thorin: Cursed be the wizard that forced you on this company!


[suddenly Gandalf appears below among the Elf army and walks up to the front]
Gandalf: If you don’t like my burglar, then please don’t damage him. Return him to me.
You’re not making a very splendid figure as King under the Mountain, are you, Thorin, son of Thrain?
[Thorin lets Bilbo go]
Thorin: Never again will I have dealings with wizards!
[to Bilbo]
Bofur: Go.
Thorin: Or Shire rats!
[Bilbo goes over the wall and starts going down the rope to join Gandalf and the others]


Bard: Are we resolved? The return of the Arkenstone for what was promised.
[Thorin looks over to the horizon]
Bard: Give us your answer. Will you have peace or war?
[just as Thorin’s about to decide a black crow lands in front of him]
Thorin: I will have war.
[an army of Dwarves led by Thorin’s cousin Dain Ironfoot arrives]
Gandalf: Ironfoot.
[the dwarves cheer]
Dwarves: Dain! Dain! Dain!
[Thranduil commands his army of Elves to march towards the Dwarf army; referring to Dain]
Bilbo Baggins: Who is that? He doesn’t look very happy.
Gandalf: It is Dain, Lord of the Iron Hills. Thorin’s cousin.
Bilbo Baggins: Are they alike?
Gandalf: I’ve always found Thorin the more reasonable of the two.


[Dain rides over the Elf and Lake-town army]
Dain: Good morning! How are we all? I have a wee proposition, if you wouldn’t mind giving me a few moments of your time. Would you consider…
[suddenly shouts]
Dain: Just sodding off?!
[the Lake-town army starts pulling back in fear]
Dain: All of you! Right now!
[to the Lake-town army]
Bard: Stand fast!
Gandalf: Come now, Lord Dain.
Dain: Gandalf the Grey. Tell this rabble to leave, or I’ll water the ground with their blood.
Gandalf: There is no need for war between Dwarves, Men and Elves. A legion of Orcs march on the Mountain. Stand your army down.
Dain: I will not stand down before any Elf. Not least this faithless woodland sprite. He wishes nothing but ill upon my people. If he chooses to stand between me and my kin, I’ll split his pretty head open! See if he’s still smirking then.
Dwarves: Dain!


Thranduil: He’s clearly mad, like his cousin.
Dain: You hear that, lads? We’re on! Let’s give these bastards a good hammering!
[he orders his army to get ready when suddenly they hear a noise]
Gandalf: Were-worms!
[a massive worm-like creature bursts through one of the mountains before being joined by other were-worms]
Dain: Oh, come on!
[Azog and his Orc army show up]
Azog: [subtitled] Come forth my Armies!
Dain: The Hordes of Hell are upon us! To battle! To battle, sons of Durin!


[as the Orc army starts marching towards the Dwarf army]
Kili: I’m going over the wall, who’s coming with me?
Dwarves: Aye! Yes!
Fili: Come on, let’s go.
Thorin: Stand down.
Fili: What? Are we to do nothing?
Thorin: I said stand down!


[seeing the Elf army not moving as the Orc army is about to attack]
Bilbo Baggins: The Elves, will they not fight?
Gandalf: Thranduil! This is madness!
[as the Orc army are heading towards the Dwarf army suddenly the Elf army joins in the fight and starts attacking the Orc army with Dwarf army joining them]
Bilbo Baggins: Uh, Gandalf, is this a good place to stand?


[to his men]
Azog: [subtitled] Send in the War Beasts!
[Thranduil orders his army as they continue to fight with the Orcs]
Azog: [subtitled] They cannot fight on two fronts. Now we make our move. Attack the city!
[the Orc army starts heading towards Dale]battle-of-the-five-armies-14
Gandalf: Azog. He’s trying to cut us off.
[to the Lake-town army]
Bard: All of you, fall back to Dale! Now!
Gandalf: To the city! People, this way!
[the war beasts along with the rest of the Orc army start attacking Dale and the people remaining in the city]
Bain: Sigrid! Tilda!
[Bard rides into Dale looking for his children]
Bard: My children! Where are my children?
Lake-town Woman: I saw them, they were down in the Old Market!
Bard: The Market? Where are they now? Tilda! Sigrid!


[some of the men in the Lake-town army rush over to Bard]
Percy: Bard, Orcs are storming over the Causeway.
Bard: Get the bowmen to the eastern parapet. Hold them of for as long as you can.
Percy: Archers, this way!
Lake-towner Male: The Orcs have taken Stone Street, the Market’s overrun!
Bard: The rest of you, follow me!
[Bard leads the Lake-town army, they start attacking the Orcs along with Gandalf and Bilbo]
Alfrid: Charge! Onward! To the death!
[as the Lake-towners army head off to fight the Orcs Alfrid slips by and goes and hides]


[Bain finds Sigrid and Tilda after killing an Orc, then together they notice Bard fighting]
Sigrid: Da!
Tilda: Da!
Sigrid: Over here!
Tilda: Da we’re here!
[Bard sees them when suddenly a war beast comes upon them, Bard gets onto a cart and heaves himself down towards the war beast]
Bard: Tilda! Bain! Sigrid! Get down!
[Bard lands onto the beast]


[to his children after rescuing them from the war beast]
Bard: Listen, I need you to gather the women and children, take them to the Great Hall and barricade the door. You understand? You must not come out for any reason.
[Bard takes Bain’s sword from him]
Tilda: We want to stay with you.
[Alfrid who’s been listening to them from his hiding place appears]
Alfrid: Show your father some respect. You leave it to me, Sire.
[to Sigrid and Tilda]
Alfrid: You heard him, we make to the Great Hall.
[he pushes them along]
Bard: Alfrid, women and children only. I need every man fighting. See that you return.
[he gives Alfrid Bain’s sword]
Alfrid: I’ll get them to safety, Sire. Then my sword is yours to command.
[to the children sitting near them]
Alfrid: Get up!
[to Bain]
Bard: Look after them.
Bain: I will.
[Bard rejoins the fighting]


[as he gathers the women and children to safety]
Alfrid: Shift it, granny.
[he gives the sword Bard had given him to Bain; to the women and children]
Bain: Make for the Great Hall.
[suddenly Alfrid pushes his way through the crowd]
Alfrid: Out of my way! Abandon the cripples!
[he rushes towards the Great Hall; the elves along with Thranduil join the fighting of the Orcs in Dale]


[back with Azog watching from his position on a mountain top nearby]
Azog: [subtitled] They cannot hold the city! The Dwarves are almost spent.
[the Dwarf army continue to fight the Orcs in Erebor, one of them kills Dain’s pig]
Dain: Yer buggers!
[Dain continues to fight the Orcs]
Dain: Thorin! Where’s Thorin? We need him. Where is he?
[to his Orcs]
Azog: [subtitled] Let these lands run with blood! Slaughter them all.
[to his men as the Orcs continue to attack and overrun Dale]
Bard: Fall back!
[we see the many dead bodies of the Lake-towners and elves as the Orcs continue to attack them]


[back inside the Lonely Mountain Thorin sits on his throne when Dwalin comes over to him]
Dwalin: Since when do we forsake our own people? Thorin, they are dying out there.
Thorin: There are holes beneath holes within this Mountain, places we can fortify. Shore up, make safe? Yes. Yes, that is it. We must move the gold further underground to safety.
[Thorin gets up to leave]
Dwalin: Did you not hear me? Dain is surrounded. They’re being slaughtered, Thorin.
Thorin: Many die in war, life is cheap. But a treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost. It is worth all the blood we can spend.
Dwalin: You sit here in these vast halls with a crown upon your head, and yet you are lesser now than you have ever been.
Thorin: Do not speak to me as if I were some lowly Dwarf Lord. As is if I were still Thorin… Oakenshield. I am your King!
Dwalin: You were always my King. You used to know that once. You were always my King. You used to know that once. You cannot see what you have become.
Thorin: Go. Get out, before I kill you.
[with tears in his eyes Dwalin turns and leaves]


[Thorin goes down to the Gallery of Kings and recalls his conversations]
Dwalin: [voice over] You sit here with a crown upon your head. You are lesser now than you have ever been.
Thorin: [voice over] A treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost.
Balin: [voice over] A sickness lies upon that treasure…
Bard: [voice over] The blind ambition of a Mountain King.
Thorin: [voice over] Am I not the King?
[he walks over the hardened gold in the gallery as he continues to recall]
Thorin: [voice over] This gold is ours, and ours alone. Treasure hoard… I will not part with a single coin.
Bard: [voice over] He could not see beyond his own desire!
Thorin: [voice over] …as if I were some lowly Dwarf Lord. Thorin Oakenshield.
Balin: [voice over] A sickness which drove your grandfather mad.
Thorin: [voice over] Oakenshield.
Dwalin: [voice over] This is Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror!


[Thorin continues to recall his conversations as he became changed]
Thorin: [voice over] I am not my grandfather.
Gandalf: [voice over] You are the heir to the Throne of Durin.
Dwalin: [voice over] They are dying out there.
Gandalf: [voice over] Take back Erebor.
Dwalin: [voice over] Dain is surrounded…is surrounded.
Gandalf: [voice over] Take back your homeland.
Bilbo Baggins: [voice over] You are changed, Thorin.
Thorin: [voice over] I’m not my grandfather.
Bilbo Baggins: [voice over] Is this treasure truly worth more than your honor?
Thorin: [voice over] I’m not my grandfather.
[he starts hallucinating seeing the Smaug swimming beneath him, as well as himself sinking into the gold]
Gandalf: [voice over] This treasure will be your death.
[as he sees himself sinking into the gold he suddenly snaps out of it, he then throws his crown aside]


[to his men back in the battlefield]
Dain: Fall back! Fall back! Back to the Mountain! Fall back!battle-of-the-five-armies-15
[as he watches from his mountain top]
Azog: [subtitled] Now comes their end. Prepare for the final assault.
[inside the mountain as the rest of the company waits restlessly Kili sees Thorin walking towards them with his sword in hand]
Kili: I will not hide behind a wall of stone, while others fight our battles for us! It is not in my blood, Thorin.
Thorin: No, it is not. We are sons of Durin, and Durin’s folk do not flee from a fight.
[they smile at each other, Thorin touches their foreheads together and then walks over to the rest of the company]
Thorin: I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me, one last time?


[as the Dwarf army have fallen towards the mountain]
Azog: [subtitled] Not yet! Wait…wait. Attack…now!
[as the Orc army moves forward to attack suddenly Bombur sounds the horn]
Bilbo Baggins: Thorin.
[suddenly they smash through the wall of the mountain with the golden bell and join in the fight]
Dain: To the King! To the King!
[Thorin and his company start attacking the Orcs and the Dwarf army joins in; watching from Dale]
Bilbo Baggins: The Dwarves, they’re rallying.
Gandalf: They’re rallying to their King.


[to the Lake-town men]
Bard: Any man who wants to give their last, follow me!
[Bard leads them to attack the Orcs, Gandalf and Bilbo join in; inside the Great Hall where the women, children are]
Lake-town Woman #1: I say we stand with our men in life and in death.
Lake-town Woman #2: I’m with ya.
Bain: Arm yourselves!
[to Alfrid who’s disguised himself as old woman hunched over]
Lake-town Woman #3: Come with us, love.
Alfrid: No, no, no. You leave an old woman be.
Lake-town Woman #3: Don’t be afraid.
Alfrid: I said get off!
[suddenly the leader of the women pulls the cloak off of Alfrid’s head]
Lake-town Woman #1: Alfrid Lickspittle, you are a coward.
Alfrid: A Coward? Not every man is brave enough to wear a corset.
Lake-town Woman #1: You’re not a man, you’re a weasel.
[as the women and children head off the join the men, Alfrid notices some of the hidden treasure]


[back on the battlefield]
Thorin: Dain!
Dain: Thorin! Hold on! I’m coming!
[he kills an Orc as heads over to Thorin]
Dain: Hey, cousin, what took you so long?
[Thorin laughs and they embrace]
Dain: There’s too many of these buggers, Thorin. I hope you’ve got a plan.
[Thorin notices Azog and his Orcs on the mountain top]
Thorin: Aye, we’re going to take out their leader.
Dain: Azog?
[Thorin gets on a ram]
Thorin: I’m going to kill that piece of filth.
Dwalin: Lead on!
[as Thorin heads off, Dwalin, Kili and Fili join him riding towards Azog]


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