Starring: Steve Carell, Timothée Chalamet, Maura Tierney, Amy Ryan, Kaitlyn Dever, Andre Royo, Timothy Hutton, LisaGay Hamilton, Amy Forsyth, Christian Convery


Bio-drama directed by Felix Van Groeningen in which the story chronicles meth addiction and recovery through the eyes of a father, David Sheff (Steve Carell), who watches his son, Nic (Timothée Chalamet), as he struggles with the addiction.


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David Sheff: So how are you doing?
Nic Sheff: I’m doing great. You know, just, um, um, just doing what needs to be done.
David Sheff: What does that mean?
Nic Sheff: I’m sorry, dad.
David Sheff: Why don’t we just have lunch and talk. We can do that, right?
[Nic nods his head]
David Sheff: Please, you think that you have this under control.
Nic Sheff: I don’t understand why I do things. It doesn’t make me any different. You’re just embarrassed, because I was like, you know, I was like this amazing thing, like your special creation or something, and you don’t like who I am now.
David Sheff: Yeah, who are you, Nic?
Nic Sheff: This is me, dad. Here, this is who I am.
David Sheff: This is not you. this is not you, Nic.
Nic Sheff: What are you doing, huh? You always got to be controlling everything all the time.
David Sheff: Let me, let me book you a room.
Nic Sheff: No, dad.
David Sheff: A hotel for a couple of nights.
Nic Sheff: No, dad. I want it to go like this.


[on the phone]
David Sheff: My son has gone missing. Nicholas Sheff. S-H-E-F-F.
Man: There’s no one by that name, sir.


[referring to Nic]
David Sheff: There are moments that I look at him, this kid that I raised, who I thought I knew inside and out, and I wonder who he is.


[referring to taking drugs]
Nic Sheff: When I tried it, I felt better than ever I had, so I just kept on doing it.
David Sheff: Why?
Nic Sheff: I don’t know.
David Sheff: I thought we were close. I thought we were closer than most fathers and sons.
Nic Sheff: Dad, I’m…
David Sheff: This isn’t us! This is not who we are!
Karen Barbour: Just stop. Just, please, both of you stop.


Nic Sheff: I’m really sorry, dad.


David Sheff: Nic, what you have is extraordinary, and you’re going to get it back. You’re going to find it again.


Karen Barbour: Let us help you.
David Sheff: I don’t want your help. Don’t you understand that?


[referring to Nic]
David Sheff: I don’t know how to help him!
Vicki Sheff: You can’t!


David Sheff: My son is out there somewhere and I don’t know what he’s doing!


Nic Sheff: I don’t feel like I have a disease. This isn’t like cancer. This is my choice, I put myself here.


Vicki Sheff: How’s our boy, David?


Vicki Sheff: I’m not giving up now. Never.


David Sheff: I failed.
Vicki Sheff: I can’t do it alone.


Nic Sheff: I need to find a way to fill this black hole in me. I still have a family. I want them to be proud of me.


David Sheff: [to Nic] What you have, you’re going to find it again. You’re going to get it back.


David Sheff: [to Nic] I had such grand plans. You’d graduate from college, do something amazing. And now I just want you to not die.


David Sheff: Do you know how much I love you? If you could take all the words in the language, it still wouldn’t describe how much I love you. I love you more than everything.
Young Nic Sheff: Everything?
David Sheff: Everything. Everything.


Nic Sheff: It’s hard as hell to get sober, but I love my family. I want them to be proud of me.


David Sheff: [to Nic] I understand how scared you are. It’ll pass though, it always does.


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