Regardless of what you think of this horror franchise I think you would have to agree when the original film came out it was a breath of fresh air in the found-footage horror movie genre and since its spawned so many sequels it has now dethroned the Saw franchise to become October’s new movie sure winner.

As the final installment of the Paranormal Activity series has finally hit theaters we thought it would be fun to put together our list of the best quotes from these films to celebrate the final show down.

So let’s get ready for Halloween and put some creepiness into our lives with this list of the best Paranormal Activity movie series quotes…


Paranormal Activity (2007)


The original is still the best in my opinion. The premise is simple, effective and totally creepy.


Katie: I feel it. I feel it breathing on me.


Micah: [discussing demons] Basically, they’re these malevolent evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and commit evil for their own amusement. It’s pretty creepy. I mean, they stalk people for years, like decades, and sometimes they’re really intelligent in the way they do things to freak you out.


The Psychic: You cannot run from this, it will follow you. It may lay dormant for years. Something may trigger it to become more active and it may over time reach out to communicate with you.


Micah: What if we just get this Ouija board and we find out what it wants and then we give it what it wants? Then it’s gone.
The Psychic: Because what it probably wants is Katie.


Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)


Ranked as my 3rd favorite in the series. The story doesn’t cover anything new but still has some chilling moments to hold its own ground.


Ali Rey: I don’t know if the house is haunted, but I hope it is.


Katie: I feel like there’s stuff going on at our house, to the point where I actually told Micah about it, and I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy.
Kristi: You should take your own advice. We shouldn’t talk about this stuff. It just drives us nuts.
Katie: You’re right.


Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)


This prequel is ranked as my 2nd favorite because the story digs deeper into its mythology with some great creepy moments.


Randy Rosen: What’s Bloody Mary?
Young Katie: You don’t know what Bloody Mary is? It’s where you go in the bathroom and you say “Bloody Mary” three times in the mirror and then you see a ghost.


Randy Rosen: They don’t just stick around for no reason. It wants something.
Dennis: What does it want?
Randy Rosen: Well, the book says it feeds off of your fear.


Randy Rosen: [about the demon] This isn’t Casper the fucking friendly ghost you’re chasing man!


Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)


At the moment this one is ranked as the lowest in the series as it’s just not scary at all and the story offers nothing new.


Alex: Can you be the one that believes me?
Ben: That l think that there’s something in my house?
Alex: Okay, so there is a supernatural force in the house coming after you? Yeah.


Robbie: He does not like you.
Ben: What? Who? Who does not like me?
Robbie: You’ll find out.


Katie: You’re almost ready, Hunter.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)


This is ranked 4th for me in the series. Although the change in setting was a great idea it just sadly lacks in any real scares.


Jesse Arista: Have you ever felt like something was watching you?


Jesse Arista: Last night I couldn’t control myself. And a lot of times I feel like I’m losing time. I can’t… I don’t know what I’m doing.


Arturo Lopez: The last time I seen my brother, he said there was others like him. He said they were all marked. He said these witches were trying to build an army or some shit.
Marisol Vargas: An army for what?


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)


Although found-footage movies have now been done death I think as this is the final one in the series, and just to see how they finally tie everything up in the series, including who the infamous demon Toby is will be its selling point for me.


[as Ryan and his friends are watching old footage of Katie and Kristi in trance]
Leila: Daddy? I can’t sleep.
Ryan: What’s going on?
Leila: There are noises in my room.
Ryan: Did you hear noises in your room? Okay, well Daddy will go up and make sure everything’s…
[suddenly Leila sneezes]
Katie, Kristi: [from the TV screen] Bless you.


Leila: He’s gonna take me away.
Emily: Who?
Leila: Toby.


Ryan: What if someone conspired for us to be in this house?



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