By Dilnoza (Kyrgyzstan)


My choice for the film review is Black Mirror – British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker where the series are not related to each other by plot, actors, time or place of narration. According to Brooker, all the subjects unite only satire on the way of life that is prevalent in the modern society. The cross – cutting theme is the influence of information technology on human relations.

The series shows the modern life of mankind and all the problems that technological innovations bring to people’s lives. In each series, people can recognize themselves. Black Mirror shows the world where technology burst into human life and took a solid place. Without computers, TVs, laptops, phone and other electronic devices people cannot imagine their lives. This kind of technique is called the “Black Mirror” of mankind.

The World Wide Web has captured the billions people in its networks. Social networks swallowed the youth up. And it has already reached the point close to the situation where people cannot see the difference between reality and virtuality. During watching Black Mirror, person will see a realistic picture of the modern world, where people are ruled by technology. In order to clearly show the world with its own norms which is shown in Black Mirror, I will provide as an example one of the episodes of this serial which is called “Nosedive” – Series 3, Episode 1, where the whole life revolves around the rating in the social networks.

High rating gives you a discount on the purchase of the real estate, luxury seats in an airplane, and the possibility of rapid career growth. The rating defines to which social class person belongs to; the higher ratings person has the more respect, kindness and privilege he receives. But the issue is that people in that world are ready to go on with a strained smile and fake feelings all their lives and forget about sincerity only in order to make their ratings to be on the top.

If draw the parallel between our world and the world, represented in the episode “Nosedive”, it will be obvious that there is a huge difference in the ways of living. In these two different worlds people have different concepts of norms of behavior; what is normal for “Nosedive” world, it is abnormal for our world. For example, if we make friends for the reason that we love them and enjoy the time spent with them, in the world from the series people are communicating with you only because someone has the high ratings in the social network.

The significance of the ratings in the social network is so high, that the world became feigned in all senses. These kinds of norms which are being followed by the world from the “Nosedive” episode are abnormal for the world we are living in. Norm it is a standard of appropriate behavior, but since different societies have different standards, it can be concluded that they follow different norms which could be abnormal for others but normal for themselves.

Rating: 5/5


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