By Daniel Occelli (Mexico City)


Finally my most anticipated film of the year hit theaters and I got the chance to watch it, and I am, once again, speechless. Denis Villeneuve proves once more he is the best, or one of the best directors working today, by challenging the audience once more like he did last year with what will be another sci-fi classic in the future.

Before I go into detail with everything I loved about Blade Runner 2049, I will mention some of my flaws with this film, there aren’t a lot of them, but going with such high expectations into the theater I did have some cons with some aspects of the film, first of all, some performances were not up to par with those of our main characters, especially Silvia Hoeks as Luv, her performance was way over the top and it took me out of the movie. Another flaw I had with this film was the score, don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely loved it, but I wanted more of it, and more of a Noir feel to it, like the one in the original, this was more of an intense score and I didn’t get enough of it.

Another minor flaw with the film was the pace, it was extremely long, and it had to be, but much like the original, this is a slow movie, with a lot of dialogue and not a lot of action, I was expecting this going in, but you do feel the 2 hours and 40 minutes runtime. My last flaw with the film is that you can see in one scene the involvement of the studio, with some plot points being explained to us like we didn’t understand the film, I know Denis Villeneuve would never do that, he is always challenging the audience and for the whole movie, the exposition scenes had been seamless and perfectly managed, that’s why that scene caught me off guard. But it didn’t bother me, it just surprised me.

Now let’s get into everything I loved about this film. First of all the visuals, the design and the world this film takes place in are all perfect, in every sense of the word. Denis was not only respectful with the original, but he improved upon it with the design and the world building, he went outside the city and showed us new worlds and he never forgot what movie he was making, every location we visit feels like part of this universe and it really made me feel immersed in the world of Blade Runner.

My favorite aspect of this film is without a doubt Roger Deakins’s cinematography, I haven’t felt this way after watching a film since The Revenant, the way he uses color, and water, and light and shadows, I’ve just never seen anything like it, this is an Oscar worthy piece of work, it really dropped my jaw with some of the shots, especially the ones inside Wallace’s headquarters.

Now let’s talk about the script, the characters and the performances: I loved some of the small appearances we saw in this film, especially Barkhad Abdi and Dave Bautista, I loved seeing them there. As for the villain, I loved the small amount of scenes I saw Jared Leto in, but he wasn’t in the film enough, and maybe it is because this is not a film about good vs. evil, he was the villain of another story really, that I hope we get to see in the future, but this was not his story, he was just an element in it, and I loved him, too bad he went all method again and he only appears in like 20 minutes of the film.

I also loved Ryan Gosling’s boss. As for our main characters, I think this is the best performance I’ve seen from Ryan Gosling in a while, if he was nominated for La La Land, he definitely deserves it more this time, Harrison Ford was also insane here, he made me forget he was Harrison Ford, I absolutely loved his portrayal of the character again, he brought it once more. And my biggest surprise was definitely Ana de Armas, she gave this film a way more believable love interest than Racheal in the first one, I really loved her, and she is gorgeous. I have to say some of her scenes were my favorite scenes in the film, the “Her” aspect of the movie for me fit in perfectly, and the sex scene was so beautiful, I loved it.

In more technical aspects of the film, I think the sound design was perfect, the way the speakers come close to bursting in some scenes and the way the image trembles alongside the earbursting sound effects, I loved it. And the editing of the film was also pretty amazing, especially in the fight scene in the beach, and in the old club with Elvis, I loved those scenes.

Denis Villeneuve made me love him even more with this movie, and I can’t wait to see what he will do next, I hope he goes back to a more suspensful thriller before doing another sci-fi film, but I trust him with whatever he wants to do.

I will give Blade Runner 2049 a 9.5/10 the best film of the year so far, I can’t wait to watch it again.

Rating: 5/5



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