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Have you been craving a good scare recently? A movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Well, Blair Witch isn’t the film to satisfy your hunger for terror. Blair Witch is a remake of the 1999 horror film, The Blair Witch Project. Both films are conveyed in a documentary type horror style, which is captured from all of the characters’ cameras. These cameras include digital cameras, headsets and even a drone. In the Blair Witch our protagonist is James. He convinces is group of friends to tag along with him in an excursion to find his missing sister, Heather. He believes Heather to be in the supposedly haunted woods of Maryland. Locals with knowledge of these woods escort James and his group of friends. During which, the locals tell them that the woods are haunted by a witch. And that if you were to camp in the woods the witch would be angered by your presence and you will pay the ultimate price. James and his friends don’t believe these skeptics because how could such a superstition possibly be viable? Oh, but James and his friends are utterly mistaken. James and his companions experience an array of bizarre occurrences further proving the Witch’s existence. They made the mistake of camping out during the night time. A mistake that would cost them their lives.

Did that description frighten you? Well it was actually a significantly more frightening than the actual movie itself. Blair Witch doesn’t live up to its expectations. It’s incredibly surprising to me how predictable and cliché this film actually was. I expected a spectacular horror film involving supreme terror, unique crises and a standout ending. Instead I witnessed poor acting, clique horror movie situations and a stale conclusion.

I feel as if I could have gotten actors off of Vine to play in this movie and they would’ve delivered the lines a whole lot better. I almost believed I was watching a homemade horror flick off of YouTube. The actors definitely need to work on their skills of making their dialogue sound believable instead of making it sound as if they were reading straight off of the script. The only credit I give them for is when they were being terrorized by the Witch. The screaming and sheer terror was more believable than their dry attempts at delivering dialogue. I actually could believe they were being tormented by an evil entity because they got that part down. But when the locals were discussing the legends of the haunted woods over the campfire, I cringed. Talk about bland! But the acting wasn’t the only attribute of this movie that was quite stale.

There’s nothing that disappoints me more than a predictable movie. Especially when you’ve seen the same situation in almost every horror movie you’ve ever seen. Can you recall a scenario where someone jokingly scares another person in the movie? Or the people telling the scary stories pretend to be the monster? Sounds slightly like Scooby Doo to me. I honestly thought that the locals were actually the Witch and I was going to be so utterly disappointed. They constructed a myriad of stick figures and hung them spread out above the campsite while everyone was sleeping. But later they admitted to doing so just to somehow prove the Witch was real. But then it turns out the Witch did the exact same thing later in the movie, and everyone still thought it was the locals. For half of the movie the monster didn’t even show up which made it boring. But the clichés throughout the movie weren’t the worst attributes about this movie.

The ending absolutely angered me. So everyone died except one of the locals, James and one of the girls. James finds a house in the woods and hears his sister’s voice coming from within. So he runs into the house, but it’s of course a trick portrayed by the Witch. So of course James and the girl ran inside. But the local also followed them into the house as well. The local has gone insane since the Witch has been terrorizing him the most. So he tries to kill the girl but she stabs him. Then both James and the girl walk into a room, and they both are slain by the Witch. I honestly wish that one of the people had survived because how did people stumble across these tapes then? Because everyone who goes deep into these woods is slain by the Witch. But apparently the creators of the movie didn’t think this through. It would’ve been a better film if they had one survivor bring the tapes back to the town.

This movie wasn’t one to watch if you’re craving a good scare. From the poor performance given by the actors, to the cliché scenes, to the terrible ending. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of scary movies. You’ll be sorely disappointed and maybe even angry. I feel as if the creators just wanted to make a movie that teenagers will be frightened of. But they need to take into consideration that some people need more psychological manipulation to get scared instead of the same scenes of. If you’re looking for a scary movie trilogy, I recommend Insidious.


Best Quotes


Lisa: What is that?
James: The guy who uploaded this video said it was from a tape found in the Black Hills Woods.


[after watching the video footage]
James: I think that might be my sister.





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