Starring: Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, John Cena, Kathryn Newton, Graham Phillips, June Diane Raphael, Hannibal Buress, Sarayu Blue

Story: Comedy directed by Kay Cannon in her directorial debut, the story centers on three parents, Lisa (Leslie Mann), Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) and Mitchell (John Cena), who when they stumble upon their daughters pact to lose their virginity at prom, they launch a covert one-night operation to stop the teens from sealing the deal.


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[they wave to their daughters as they leave for school]
Lisa: Bye.
Hunter: I think our daughters are friends. I think that makes us friends. I’m Hunter.
Lisa: I’m Lisa. That’s my Julie.
Mitchell: I’m Mitchell, Kayla’s hero.


Hunter: I can’t believe it’s prom. They’re so grownup.
Mitchell: I can’t even huh my daughter anymore without feeling her boobs.


Lisa: Julie left her laptop open.
Hunter: You guys are snooping on our kids.
Mitchell: No!
[referring to their daughters emoji conversations]
Lisa: We don’t understand what they’re saying so it’s not snooping.
Hunter: Oh, my God. I love puzzles.
Lisa: Something about an eggplant.
Hunter: In teenage emoji eggplants are dicks.
Mitchell: Wait, what?
Lisa: All emojis have a secret meaning, so like trees are weed and this thing is “yasque
Hunter: “Yasque.”


[trying to translate their daughters emoji messages]
Lisa: So she’s going to get roses, kiss and then touch his dick eggplant.
Mitchell: Look at that drool coming out of a smiley face.
Hunter: That’s jeez.
Mitchell: Stand down.
Hunter: It is. Look, it’s coming. Like…
[tries to dos smiley face with drool coming down]
Hunter: This is a sex pact. They’re planning on losing their virginity on prom night.
Mitchell: Maybe it’s not sex. They’re saying, “Hey, you’re okay with me. You’re okay with me.”
Lisa: Maybe.
[just then they see #SexPact2018 appear on the screen]
Hunter: Oh, I fucking knew it!
Lisa: Our girls are not thinking things through. I’m going to stop them.
Mitchell: I’m in.
Lisa: Let’s cock block those motherfuckers.


Sam: [to Julie and Kayla] This is our last big night together.


Julie: [to Sam and Kayla] This pact is going to make our night even more perfect.


[as they follow their daughters limousine]
Mitchell: They’re getting away.
Hunter: W-W-V-D-D.
Lisa: What would Vin Diesel do?


Lisa: In times of crisis parents are known to have superhuman strength.


Marcie: This is so messed up. Did your dad try to stop you when you wanted to lose your virginity?
Hunter: He was too busy high fiving me.


Mitchell: I’ll do anything for my daughter.
Kyler: What about a little chugging contest?
Mitchell: Bring it.
[Kyler drops his pants down]
Mitchell: Wait, what?
Kyler: We’re butt chugging.
[Mitchell looks horrified]
Hunter: You got this, dog.
Mitchell: [to Lisa] No, I’m tagging out. You’re in.
Lisa: What?!
Mitchell: You’ve had a baby, everything’s looser down there.
Lisa: I didn’t have a baby out of my butt!


[as they’re butt chugging]
Lisa: On a count of three. One…
Mitchell: Ooh, not a fan!
[just then Kayla opens the curtains from one of the windows inside the house and sees her dad and Kyler butt chugging]
Party Crowd: Butt chug! Butt chug!


[to Julie and Sam]
Kayla: I’m tripping so hard. I just had a vision my dad is chugging beer through his asshole.


[as Hunter is pouring beer down the pipe into Mitchell’s butthole]
Mitchell: I can’t do anymore!
Connor: Hose spray!
[they hear police sirens and everybody starts running off]
Hunter: Hose! Hose!
[just then Mitchell pipe hose sprays into Hunter’s face making him gag]


Blockers is set to open in the US and UK 04/06/2018.



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