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Darkest Hour (2017) Movie Review

By Tim Connelly – Darkest Hour isn’t just a terrific film; it’s like having a bird’s eye view to one of the most significant moments in…

Happy Gilmore (1996) Movie Review

By Xavier Brown – This is a classic sports comedy film starring Adam Sandler who is also the writer. He is playing the main character…

The Big Sick (2017) Movie Review

By Gutsche Maximilian – The Big Sick tells the story of a Pakistan-born Uber-driver and comedian called Kumail Nanjiani (playing…

12 Strong (2018) Movie Review

By Danny – When it comes to true story movies it’s always important to make sure everything is portrayed correctly. Many people…

Lady Bird (2017) Movie Review

By Maximilian Gutsche – The movie is a Coming-of-Age story, but very different than most films of this type. A Coming-of-Age…

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