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Hellboy (2019) Movie Review

By Riyadh Ali – I am writing this review the day after the viewing, in order for my brain to process the film, and by God, this…

Halloween (2018) Movie Review

By Carolyn D’Arco – It’s been forty years since the debut of the terrifying Michael Myers and since then, we have seen a slew…

Billboard (2019) Movie Review

By K. Krombie – In Billboard, cartoonist Casey Lindeweiler (John Robinson) inherits his deceased father’s radio station, WTYT 960…

Shazam! (2019) Movie Review

By Fraser Simpson – So DC Superhero films are a mixed bag. When they are not in a universe, you have The Dark Knight Trilogy…

The Addams Family New Quotes

Animated comedy directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, based on The Addams Family comics by Charles Addams…

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