By Finn Keating McMahon (Ireland)


For all of you film fanatics like myself, it would hardly a surprise to tell you that Blood Simple was the first film ever to come out of the genius directing duo: the Coen Brothers.

The Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan) would later be known for film titles such as No Country for Old Men, Fargo, and O Brother, Where art Thou? so before I write any reviews for those films, I think it would be most appropriate to start off where they did.

Blood Simple follows the story of Protagonist, Ray, who is having an affair with his employer’s wife, Abbey. Ray’s employer, Marty is the owner of a run-down bar, and when he hires a private investigator to follow his wife and finds out the news, he pays a large sum of money to private investigator, Loren Visser to kill the pair of them.

And the plot meanders from there, getting more complex with every scene. This film is obviously not up there with the Coens’ best work, but it’s damn near it. In fact, one may even argue that it has the best plot ever to come out of the directing duo, and that’s probably true.

This film truly is genius: the twists and turns which it takes are far from predictable, and when it borrows a cliché, well, let’s just say it’s not a cliché anymore. This is a film that makes you feel like the four main characters are the only people currently in existence. Everything else in the world doesn’t matter, only what these characters are going through.

That being said, the movie isn’t perfect. Like I say, the film has a genius story, but the story isn’t quite told in a great way. I understand it’s a neo-noir thriller, but there are some parts where the film feels like it’s dragging slightly, and it lacks a certain ingredient that’s missing from the rest of the Coen filmography. Then again, I suppose they couldn’t have given the script to The Big Lebowski to the studio on with their first feature, could they?


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