By Zombie_Wizard999 (India)


Every Romantic movie is about a Guy and a Girl. They meet. They fall for each other on the basis of mere physical attraction between them. They do not completely know each other or even try  before taking the big step, and not completely knowing each other, fall for each other, call it love, end up in a relationship, face a few teeny-tiny problems, realize how much they miss the other person and patch up. But then again, the cycle repeats, fights, break ups, cursing each other, bawling one’s eyes out for each other and what not. But no Rom-Com shows the struggles of the couple. What happens after the INFATUATION is GONE. What happens when the LUST DIES? What happens when they get to know the real person behind the face?

Blue Valentine shows exactly that. Or rather it shows what happens when the reality hits the rainbows and sunshine, like a black cloud that brings a storm and brings them back on to the earth where everything smells and everybody hates each other.

I loved this movie. Blue Valentine is a movie that shows the REAL stuff, and this movie is authentic. It tells you brutally about what happens after the “lovey-dovey” stuff is gone, after the butterflies in the tummy are dead. The love fades away. Responsibilities kick in. You are no longer a handsome hunk wooing girls on the street, but a responsible father, husband, citizen.

The lead actors perfectly portray what goes through a young infatuated couple. Ryan Gosling (Dean) nailed it, at every point of the picture. His portrayal of a father, a husband, a lover makes you realize how amazing of an actor this person is. At one point in the picture he throws away his wedding ring in rage, immediately regrets, and starts searching for it. Michelle Williams (Cindy) depicts the character of a person who fails to fulfill her desire of becoming a doctor, due to circumstances that lead to her marriage and a baby. When she runs into her ex at a store the way she renders her emotions is a marvelous watch. Struggling to make ends meet, she is the only person working in their home, she is dead from inside, shows no signs of happiness or joy, looking after the house, work and child by herself, while Gosling’s character doesn’t have a stable job and is aimless, passive and shows no indication of ambitions, aims or goals.

The taking of the movie shows us how situations have changed from their younger selves to a married couple. How the love is now gone. The attraction is dead, and how a young couple that couldn’t keep their hands off each other is now struggling to spend a vacation in each other’s arms. Although you feel sad that most of the movie depicts how the female lead has no romantic feelings in their relationship, and Gosling’s character is the one trying to bring that spark back, yet failing.  

In a few emotional sequences, I couldn’t help but feel sad for Williams’ character and how she couldn’t achieve her dream, and how her boss promotes her to other place because he likes her and  not because of her work in the clinic. The climax just kicks you in the gut, and a few dialogues will make you realize what you’ve been missing by watching those untrue mushy rom-coms.

Concluding, this movie is a MUST WATCH. It depicts the reality, the struggle, behind every young infatuated couple that falls too hard too soon.

Rating: 5/5


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