By Gowher Shah (Nottingham, England)


It has been a while since I have watched a genuinely good horror movie that has been good enough for me to write about and recommend. Last week I watched Bone Tomahawk and ever since, I have wanted to write about it. Bone Tomahawk is an interesting mix of Western, Adventure and brutal Horror.

The movie is about a small group of cowboys who set out in search of a group of cannibals who have kidnapped some of their townspeople, including the wife of one of the rough riders.

Bone Tomahawk is a movie of two half essentially. The first half of the movie follows the group of cowboys as they are on their journey and the different struggles that they face. During this period you begin to connect with the characters and understand there different personalities. Some may find this section a little boring, as there is not much action involved but more character development. Me personally, I like slow burning movies so I did not have much of a problem with that but others may find the pacing a little slow. This can be expected from a movie that is around two and a bit hours long.

The second half of the movie goes from 0 to 100 real quick! Bone Tomahawk has some of the most graphic, violent, gore scenes that I have ever seen in any Hollywood movie in recent years. As a man watching this movie it will literally give you nightmares, you won’t understand this until you actually watch it.

One of the highlights of Bone Tomahawk has to be the acting and the characters. Patrick Wilson plays the determined Arthur O’Dwyer whose beautiful wife Lili Simmons has been captured. Matthew Fox plays John Brooder. A strange, well-spoken gentleman with a dark side. Richard Jenkins plays the sentimental and babbling old timer Chicory, who is probably my favourite character in the movie and is hilarious at times. Kurt Russell masterfully plays his boss, the sheriff, and honourable lawman, Franklin Hunt who feels obliged to help his town’s people.

Bone Tomahawk has to be one of the best hidden-gems I have ever discovered. The story is original, the acting is superb throughout, and to top it off with some of the most fucked up scenes I have ever witnessed and trust me I have seen some fucked up shit in the past. I highly recommend watching this movie for horror and western fans alike. If you can get past the first half of the movie, you will not be disappointed.

I would give this movie a deserved 7/10.



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