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[to Marta]
Aaron Cross: What are you gonna do? Huh? What are you gonna do? You can’t run, not alone. You don’t know how. You certainly can’t hide, not from people like this, with the resources they have, you won’t make it to sundown. So what…what does that live you? You go public, sure. You go loud, call your sister, cause that worked out well for you. Call some ex-roommate, who calls a guy that knows a guy at the Washington Post, put it online, cause you know what? You blow me off, that’s the only play you’ve got. But you better ask yourself this; could you ever say it loud enough, or fast enough, that they be too afraid to finish what they started?
[Marta looks at Aaron, knowing that he’s right]
Aaron Cross: Now, I’ve got a plan, and it’s just not that complicated. What I’m going to do is wait for the next person to show up to kill you, and maybe they can help me.
[he unlocks the car doors]
Aaron Cross: Go for it.


Dr. Marta Shearing: You have to understand. All the work at Outcome, all those tests, the burn rates, dosage panels, tissue stress? I mean, that is us tuning chemistry. We don’t fabricate anything, that happens downstream.
Aaron Cross: Wait. What’s that mean, downstream?
Dr. Marta Shearing: It means, you need live virus to seed adhesion. Cultures are highly reactive, you have to process on-site, and we would never do it here.
Aaron Cross: Okay, on-site where? Where?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Where we hold the virus?
Aaron Cross: Yes!
Dr. Marta Shearing: Yeah, well, we can’t drive there.
Aaron Cross: Where is it?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Manila! The Philippines.
[upset from hearing this, Aaron gets out of the car]


Dr. Marta Shearing: Where do you stand with your dosage?
Aaron Cross: I have three hundred milligrams of blues, it’s not even enough for another day. I haven’t had a full green in fifty one hours, which is strange, cause I don’t feel physically degraded. Maybe it’s the…
Dr. Marta Shearing: Wait! Wait! Wait! Did you just say you’re still taking greens?
Aaron Cross: What are you talking about?
Dr. Marta Shearing: You were viraled off physical medication last year.
Aaron Cross: What?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Jesus. They viraled everyone off greens eight months ago. They infected you with live virus, which means that physically you’re stable, you don’t need to take greens. They locked it in. Any…any physical enhancement is now permanent.
Aaron Cross: So…so you infected me? When was this? What…is this when I was sick? They mystery flu? That was you?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Uh…well, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.
Aaron Cross: That was you. That was on purpose, right? When I almost died!
Dr. Marta Shearing: I’m sorry, but it wasn’t me.
Aaron Cross: Why am I still taking green pills then?
Dr. Marta Shearing: I don’t know. I…I’d thought you’d stop.
Aaron Cross: Why am I…why am I asking you anything? To keep us on a leash, right? Is that it? To keep a hold on us? To keep us dependent? Who tells you that this is okay?
Dr. Marta Shearing: No one…I do…
Aaron Cross: Who says it’s okay?
Dr. Marta Shearing: I do research. I design, I survey, I don’t…I don’t administer meds. I don’t make policy!
Aaron Cross: No, you just hold the gun.


Dr. Marta Shearing: Oh, God! Look, I was there for the science. We were all there for…for science! And I know you don’t care, but I made a huge sacrifice. I couldn’t publish, I couldn’t conference, I couldn’t tell a single person what it was I did! But I thought I was…I thought I was helping my country and I know that…
Aaron Cross: Tell me you can viral off blues? Can you viral off blues?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Theoretically, yes.
Aaron Cross: Yeah.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Pills allow for temporary adhesion.
Aaron Cross: Okay.
Dr. Marta Shearing: To lock it in you need live culture. Live virus!
Aaron Cross: You know how to do that?
[Marta doesn’t answer]
Aaron Cross: You know how to do that?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Yes.
Aaron Cross: Okay.
Dr. Marta Shearing: But I told you, it’s on the other side of the planet.
Aaron Cross: That’s where we’re going.


Mark Turso: What the hell don’t I know about this?
Terrence Ward: You directing that at me?
Mark Turso: That was a detract team we sent in there.
Terrence Ward: I don’t know what that means.
Eric Byer: It means they’re good at what they do.
Terrence Ward: Well, I was told that they were missing.
Mark Turso: They don’t just go missing. What didn’t you tell us about this woman?
Terrence Ward: Nothing. She…she is nothing to tell.
[turning to Eric]
Terrence Ward: You vetted her up and down!
Mark Turso: Then what the hell are we looking at?
Arthur Ingram: She has a registered gun.
Mark Turso: They knew that going in.
Arthur Ingram: She’s got building permits…uh propane, welding tanks. A stray bullet…
Mark Turso: You want to keep guessing? We’ve gotta get in there. I got a dozen people waiting on the perimeter.
Terrence Ward: We don’t control the site.
Dita Mandy: Not yet.
Mark Turso: Getting the picture now?!
Terrence Ward: Well, I can’t…
Eric Byer: Okay, stop! Stop! I can’t run this from in here. I need a crisis suite, I need integrated grids and coms, I need all of it. NSA or Pentagon or Liberty Cross, I don’t care, just get me something now.
[to his team]
Eric Byer: Pack up your codes and drives, whatever else you’re gonna need. We’re gonna move and we’re gonna stay there. Dita, how am I putting a net over that house, there’s local all over it.
Dita Mandy: We go with germs. She took samples from work, pathogens viruses, it’s national security.
Eric Byer: Good. Okay, I like that. It plays down, get it…get it out there. Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! Everybody find another gear, okay? Cause I want to be out of here in twenty.


[to Aaron]
Dr. Marta Shearing: So, let’s say you want to change the human body, you want to fix a mistake, you want to repair something, improve something. Well, if you’re gonna reprogram human genetic material, you need a delivery system, and nothing works better than virus. It’s like a suitcase. You…you pack in genetic mutation, infect the body and the vectrons lowers into the target cells. Getting it where you want it, how you want it, is the nightmare, unless you have a map. There was this terrible accident at Fort Detrick in 1985. Five researchers dropped dead in the lab and it was…it was such a catastrophe that they brought in Dan Hillcott from Stanford to asses the damage. And he got in there and he realized that underneath it all was this incredible breakthrough in viral receptor mapping. He had a map.


Dr. Marta Shearing: Now, you’ve had some very minor alterations made to different chromosomes. The green side, the physical side, is nothing more than a one and half percent rise in your mitochondrial protein update. But with one and a half percent, you see this immediate increase in cellular temp, muscle efficiency, oxygenation.
Aaron Cross: You mean blue side.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Intelligence, obviously, but it’s more than that. Neural regeneration and elasticity. Sensory function, pain suppression. It’s the most exciting development in gene targeting in the history of the science.


[to Eric, as the CIA team are recovering the dead bodies at Marta’s house]
Arthur Ingram: They found a body. They’re pretty sure it’s a woman and it’s not Marta Shearing. They found dog tags, they think she was shot.


[as they spend the night at motel near the airport]
Aaron Cross: Marta, I uh…you can’t call anyone. There are people that care about you that think you’re dead. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Anyone you contact becomes a target. So you need to put aside any normal emotional response that you have. The only edge we’ve got right now is they think we’re both gone. Alright?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Fine.
[referring to the fake identity he’s created for her]
Aaron Cross: So, you want to go through this? Just become familiar with it.
[Marta opens the wallet containing June Monroe’s ID card]
Dr. Marta Shearing: June Monroe. Who is June Monroe?
Aaron Cross: You are.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Did you know her?
Aaron Cross: Not anymore.


Dr. Marta Shearing: Why do you have to stay enhanced? Why is it so important to you?
Aaron Cross: Come here.
[on his laptop Aaron searches for the of fallen war heroes and shows Marta his real identity, PFC. Kenneth J. Kitsom, who was killed in Iraq in 2003]
Dr. Marta Shearing: What is this?
Aaron Cross: This was me. Was. My army recruiter was looking to make his quota, he added twelve points to my IQ. Twelve points to make the amendment. You ever seen a Cognitive Degrade, Marta? Sensory withdrawal, you ever do that? Pull someone’s blues and watch them drop off their meds?
Dr. Marta Shearing: No.
Aaron Cross: Cause they paint a pretty graphic picture in training. If I can’t keep it together, we won’t make it.


[to Eric as the CIA team continue to check Marta’s house]
Mark Turso: They found another body. One of ours. Picking up shell casings all over the place. I don’t think your doctor is in there.


[after checking in separately at the airport using the fake passport Aaron had created for them, Marta sits at a coffee shop and answers her cellphone quickly as it rings]
Dr. Marta Shearing: Where are you?
Aaron Cross: I’m right behind you. Don’t turn around. You’re gonna stay right here until it’s time to board. Okay? You’re doing great. You see that corridor on your right? You’re gonna want to find somebody who’s walking that way and just tag along. Keep moving, keep your head down. See you on the plane.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Aaron? Hello?
[she turns and sees Aaron is no longer seated behind her]


[as the Eric’s team go through what they have found at Marta’s house]
Zev Vendel: The trail is definitive and fresh. A K-19 tracked her from her house to through this wooded area and in here, at this little parking lot. Either she had a car waiting for her, or somebody picked her up. There were security cameras on the street, there’s nothing back here.
Mark Turso: There’s gotta be some satellite footage.
Zev Vendel: Maryland is not exactly a high value U.S. target. There’s plenty of weather imaging, but we’re gonna have to swing a little wider to find something real.
Dita Mandy: We’re grading some foreign platform, we need about an hour.
Eric Byer: Come on. She’s not pulling this off on her own. Who the hell is helping her?


[as they look at the satellite footage from around Marta’s house]
Arthur Ingram: You see those two shadows, one of them is her. That’s the parking lot. One of them stops, then here comes the car.
Mark Turso: Where’s this from?
Dita Mandy: The Canadian Forestry Satellite.
Arthur Ingram: Okay, here comes the other one into the car and, there. There they go.
Terrence Ward: Where?
Dita Mandy: We lose them east. Our window drops out about two miles up the road. But we’ve got the silhouette, we’ve got surveillance footage racked and ready to go. We’re gonna split teams, find this car and link up a trail.
Terrence Ward: They’ve got seventeen hour head start.
Eric Byer: Where the hell can she go?


[after arriving at Manila, in Philippines without detection, they reach the Sterisyn’s factory compound]
Dr. Marta Shearing: I’ve never been here at night. I don’t know the rules.
Aaron Cross: There are no rules. Okay? You belong here. Come on.
[Aaron walks towards the security gate]
Aaron Cross: Evening. Dr. Shearing and I are here to open up the lab, please.
Steri-M Guard: Sir?
Joseph: What’s all this?
Aaron Cross: Hi, how are you?
Joseph: Dr. Shearing? Dr. Shearing, hey, it’s me, Joseph.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Joseph! Hello, how are you?
Joseph: I’m good. I’m good. Welcome back.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Thanks.
Joseph: I’m sorry, I just don’t have you on my list arriving.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Oh, that’s because we had to change our schedule.
Aaron Cross: Yeah, we took an earlier flight. Joseph, I’m Dr. Brundage, by the way. Nice to meet you.
Joseph: Oh, pleased to meet you too. But Dr. Poomala is not here, he went to Singapore. He just left yesterday. The rest have gone home. No one told me anything.
Aaron Cross: Ah, right. I understand. Well, look, we’re gonna be here all week and we have a lot of work to do, so we need to get in there tonight. Get things started, okay?
Joseph: Yeah, of course. It’s just that…
Aaron Cross: You can call Dr. Poomala if you want. I just don’t want to put you on the spot.
Joseph: Oh, no. No. We don’t have to do that.
Aaron Cross: Okay. Great.
Joseph: It’s just the two of you?


[as the CIA team have tracked Marta and found footage of her at the airport]
Eric Byer: Manila. She took American one sixty seven to Manila. She landed forty five minutes ago.


[after finding out Marta has gone to Manila, Eric gives instructions to his team in order to find who is helping Marta]
Eric Byer: There’s two hundred and forty three people on that plane, we’re gonna scope every one of them right now. So pick a face that you like, pull it down and deselect it if you’ve cleared it. If there is anything that smells wrong, there’s a hair out of place that you don’t like, you do not clear it. You flag it and you send it over to Dita and we’ll check it out. We have to be working off the same grid, that’s Homeland nine point five. If you don’t pull that access, raise your hand, Colonel Hardy is gonna come over and sort you out.


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