The Bourne Legacy Quotes: The Weakest Link

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Directed by: Tony Gilroy
Written by:
Tony Gilroy (story & screenplay)
Dan Gilroy screenplay)
Jeremy Renner – Aaron Cross
Scott Glenn – Ezra Kramer
Stacy Keach – Retired Adm. Mark Turso, USN
Edward Norton – Retired Col. Eric Byer, USAF
Donna Murphy – Dita Mandy
Michael Chernus – Arthur Ingram
Corey Stoll – Zev Vendel
Alice Gainer – Lean Forward MSNBC Anchor
Prue Lewarne – CNN Reporter
Howard Leader – MSNBC Man Analyst
James Joseph O’Neil – Sterisyn-Morlanta Gateman
Rachel Weisz – Dr. Marta Shearing
Tony Guida – Dr. Benezara
Sonnie Brown – Dr. Lieberburg
Neil Brooks Cunningham – Dr. Dan Hillcott
Zeljko Ivanek – Dr. Donald Foite
Robert Christopher Riley – Outcome #6
Noel Wilson – Neuro Luncheon MC
Albert Finney – Dr. Albert Hirsch
Dennis Boutsikaris – Terrence Ward
Oscar Isaac – Outcome #3
David Strathairn – Noah Vosen
Corey Johnson – Ray Wills


It was always a risky venture to do another Bourne movie without Bourne in it and although this is by no means a bad movie, it does suffer from an overstuffed plot and not enough characterization. On the plus side Renner and Weisz have great on-screen chemistry, they both do a great job with what they’ve been given and there’s some good action sequences that elevates the movie. The Bourne Legacy quotes have energy and drive with some zingy dialogue to make the movie fly along briskly.

Verdict: Although this film is the weakest link in the Bourne franchise it has enough escapism on offer to make it worth a look.

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[first lines; we see Aaron Cross swimming in a river at a training site in the middle of Alaska, he gets a metal container in the water, comes out and stands by a fire to warm himself, we then see two high-ranking CIA officials discussing Bourne]
Ezra Kramer: There’s a reporter in London named Simon Ross. He caught some phone chatter we didn’t like and his name came up. They put a team out there to take a better look, they’ve been sitting on it pretty tight all day. I just got a call about an hour ago, we got a real problem here.
Mark Turso: What kind of problem?
Ezra Kramer: This guy is a writer for The Guardian. He’s preparing an exposé on Jason Bourne, Treadstone and Blackbriar.
Mark Turso: Sourced how?
Ezra Kramer: Unknown.
Mark Turso: From Bourne? It’s possible?
Ezra Kramer: Possible? We got Bourne six weeks ago in Moscow. He was on foot, wounded with a full Cossack posse up his ass. Somehow he walked out of there. I kind of lost my perspective on what’s possible.
Mark Turso: You sound tired Ezra. I’d make more of an effort if I were you. You’re the director of the Central Intelligence Agency of United States of America for God’s sake. Act like it.
Ezra Kramer: I go down for this, Mark, this goes any more wrong…
Mark Turso: Ezra, you were given a Ferrari, and your people treated it like a lawnmower. You break it, you bought it, was ever thus.
Ezra Kramer: Well, maybe I should be speaking directly to Eric Byer.
Mark Turso: No, no, no. You’re enough trouble already. I’ll let him know.


[as we see Aaron looking at a map in the mountains of Alaska, he takes two tablets from a small metal container, one green and one blue and then moves to find a target; back in DC, Byer and his team meet to assess the risks of having the program being exposed]
Eric Byer: So the last audit on Treadstone?
Arthur Ingram: Uh…third page.
Dita Mandy: Seven weeks ago.
[Byer turns to the page in the document]
Eric Byer: This is from the CIA or this is ours?
Dita Mandy: I don’t know. It’s theirs.
Arthur Ingram: This whole pile is theirs.
Zev Vendel: Is anybody reading these ground cables?
Arthur Ingram: Look, how wide are we digging?
Eric Byer: What do you mean, how wide? Just get me everything. Treadstone, Blackbriar, Alcom, Larx, all the beta programs. And that means take it all the way back to Emerald Lake, I want all points of conversion, I want all research personnel. I want to know about anybody who talked to anybody about anything at anytime.


[referring to Bourne’s file as their meeting continues]bourne-legacy-2
Zev Vendel: Seriously, has anybody looked at this stuff on Bourne? In the field reports. It’s incredible.
[reading from Jason Bourne’s report]
Zev Vendel: Three years off program, non-med, first gen, still rolling. Is there any way we can score some data off of this? Have they caught him alive? I mean, even as a base line. I mean, even forensically.
Eric Byer: Maybe you’re in the wrong meeting. Because the meeting that we’re having is about an infection. We’re here talking about a serious infection, and all we’re tryin’ to do is determine how far it’s spread, so that we know how much we have to cut to save the patient. You have never heard of Treadstone, and Bourne, I don’t care if they bag him and drop the body on the sidewalk, we’re not gonna touch it. You’re gonna turn off that side of your head now, and get with the rest of us here, and you’re gonna start to consider the magnitude of what we’re facing if this moves sideways on us. Because, we get into this, we dig around, and we find out that these CIA clowns have led this Treadstone mess metastasize into the rest of these programs? Just…just pray that doesn’t happen.


[we see that Aaron back in the mountain drawing his own blood for a lab test kit then taking the blue and green tablet again; back in DC we see Byer watching the news of Simon Ross being shot; then we see Dr. Shearing arrives at Sterisyn Morlanta labs as she goes to check on an Outcome agent]
Dr. Marta Shearing: How is he?
Dr. Donald Foite: He’s prepped. He drank a half liter of water while he was waiting. He had some renal issues last year.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Mm. Or maybe he was thirsty.
Dr. Donald Foite: I have a pending task request?
Dr. Marta Shearing: I know, I read it.
Dr. Donald Foite: I’m trying to complete my core text study
Dr. Marta Shearing: I’ll get a more sustained contrast off an IV.
Dr. Donald Foite: Unapproved?
Dr. Marta Shearing: Mm-hmm.
Dr. Donald Foite: Yes! Thank you!


[as Marta goes check Outcome agent #6]
Dr. Marta Shearing: We haven’t seen you in a while, so we’re gonna be doing a full spec workout.
Outcome #6: I just had a full spec three months ago.
Dr. Marta Shearing: Yeah, we had to change the boundary schedules and you’re a week over the new line.
Outcome #6: Let me get this straight, if I’d come in ten days ago I’d have been in the clear?
[Marta doesn’t answer]
Outcome #6: Never gets any longer, does it?
[referring to the small metal container round hung round his neck]
Dr. Marta Shearing: Gonna have to take that off.
[the agent takes off the container hung around his neck and we see that it’s similar to the one Aaron had around his neck and was taking the blue and green pills from]


[referring a CIA film footage of Albert Hirsch introducing Dan Hillcott at a dinner party]
Terrence Ward: Where’d you find this?
Eric Byer: YouTube.
Terrence Ward: I thought we had everything firewalled?
Eric Byer: Yes, so did I. But then again, I thought the CIA would handle Treadstone, so maybe I’m just behind the curve.
Terrence Ward: Well, is that it? Is that all of it?
Eric Byer: No, no. They apparently thought it was okay to attend about half a dozen of these things together.
Terrence Ward: Proving what?
Eric Byer: We’re looking at the medical directors of Treadstone and Alcom publicly celebrating their top secret man crush. If this Bourne mess exposes Treadstone, they will turn Hirsch inside out. They’ll be talking to Hillcott before we even know what happened.
Mark Turso: What’s the damage?
Eric Byer: Alcom. We’d lose Alcom.
Terrence Ward: Uh…meaning what?
Eric Byer: Meaning we will burn the program to the ground. And I mean from top to bottom.
[referring to the film footage of Hirsch and Hillcott]
Terrence Ward: Because of this? Because their friends? These two guys built our platform!
Mark Turso: You want to wake up and see this on CNN?
Terrence Ward: Jesus! Just like that?! Hirsch and Hillcott? How many people even understand this work, let alone have the will to pursue it? Nothing is even happened yet!
Eric Byer: Then we have to get ready.
Terrence Ward: To get ready for what? Ready for what?
Eric Byer: We don’t lose it all, we’ve got the science, we’ll keep the data. All of our JSOC liaison seem to be safe. We’ve got the beta program tucked away, take a pause and rebuild it. I wish there was a better alternative, but…


[back in the Alps mountain, Aaron reaches his station, shoots his gun several times and walks into the woods, as he walks he hears the voice of another agent]
Outcome #3: You’re gonna pretend you don’t know I’m here?
Aaron Cross: I was just trying to be polite.
[the other agent, who was hiding on top of a tree, jumps down]bourne-legacy-3
Outcome #3: I wasn’t expecting you so soon. What’d you do? You come over the mountain?
Aaron Cross: Don’t they forward my position?
Outcome #3: You beat the record by two days.
Aaron Cross: Oh, yeah?
Outcome #3: Yeah. You didn’t know there was a record?
Aaron Cross: No. Never came up. It wasn’t your record, was it?
Outcome #3: No one comes over the mountain.
Aaron Cross: Yeah, well, I did.
Outcome #3: Yeah.
Aaron Cross: I’m Aaron, by the way.
Outcome #3: Why did you do that? If you wanted to clock, why take the risk? Why take the mountain?
Aaron Cross: I lost my chems. I dropped my program kit, that’s why.
[the agent looks at Aaron then walks off to his cabin, Aaron follows him]


[as they enter the agent’s cabin]
Outcome #3: Protocol’s for me to call in your arrival. They’re gonna want to a sample. You got bloodwork, right?
Aaron Cross: I owe today.
Outcome #3: Alright, pull it now. The drone takes about three hours to get up here, so I’ll get some food started. You can dry your shit.
Aaron Cross: So, look, I got a real problem here. I came over that mountain cause I lost my chems.
Outcome #3: What are you taking?
Aaron Cross: Daily of these meds, two fifty green, cognate programs, four hundred blue.
Outcome #3: Define lost.
Aaron Cross: Lost, fell on some rocks off a twenty meter cliff. Lost.
Outcome #3: How’s that possible?
Aaron Cross: Look I’ve had a pack of wolves on my ass since I left the drop, okay? I thought I lost them, but they came at me at the river, so I took the ledge up to the ravine, try to rally out the night, I chose wrong. I got caught out in the open, I couldn’t climb, I couldn’t make a fire, my hands got stiff. I dropped them.
Outcome #3: You’re gonna have to write that up.


Aaron Cross: So, is that yours?
Outcome #3: Hmm?
[Aaron looks over at the tubes of blood on the counter]
Aaron Cross: The bloodwork? That’s yours, isn’t it?
[the agent doesn’t answer]
Aaron Cross: You’re not a contact, are you?
[the agent looks away from Aaron]
Aaron Cross: You know, look, I’m…I’m sorry to call you out like that. It’s just that I’ve never met anybody in the program before. Never, nobody. You’re like the first.
[the other agent busies himself with building the fire up]
Aaron Cross: I know you have some extra chems here.
Outcome #3: Am I supposed to ration you out till you leave tomorrow?
Aaron Cross: Yeah.
Outcome #3: Did you chem today?
Aaron Cross: Green only. I haven’t had a blue in thirty two hours.
[the agent goes outside, opens a storage container where he has a stash of the pills]


[Eric gets a call from Wills at the Anti-terrorism center in New York]
Ray Wills: Hey, uh…he’s here. Bourne is here, in New York.
Eric Byer: What?
Ray Wills: Jason Bourne is in Manhattan, confirmed. He’s alive and global, that’s all I have. Gotta go.


[after they send their bloodwork on a drone to the nearest military post, they spend the evening the cabin and they hear wolves howling outside]
Outcome #3: Your friends are here.
Aaron Cross: Yeah. Don’t you think that strange? Wolves, they don’t do that. They don’t track people.
Outcome #3: Yeah, maybe they don’t think you’re human.
Aaron Cross: So how many of us are there?
Outcome #3: You ask too many questions.
Aaron Cross: Well, maybe you don’t know either. So what are you doin’ up here anyway?
Outcome #3: How do you know that I’m not evaluating you?
Aaron Cross: Oh, I don’t know. Are you? Maybe I don’t care.
Outcome #3: Maybe you’re evaluating me.
Aaron Cross: I went off the grid for four days, that’s why I’m here. Skipped my check in. Now I’m on this bullshit scavenger hunt.
Outcome #3: Yeah, well, they have their reasons.
Aaron Cross: Yeah, well, I thought I was having my wrist slapped, but now I’m not so sure. Still trying to figure out if you’re supposed to kill me or give me a pep talk.
Outcome #3: Seriously, man, you think too much.
Aaron Cross: Aren’t we wired to stick our nose in, you and I? There’s not another person for three hundred miles. I know nobody’s listening, so come on. You gotta give me something, talk to me! Come on!


Aaron Cross: Why did they pull you off the field and put you up here?
[the agent gives no answer]
Aaron Cross: It’s not physical, the way you’ve been moving. So what did you do? Turn down assignment? Start thinking for yourself? Fall in love?
[the give ;Aaron a hard stare]
Aaron Cross: You fell in love.
[the agent gets up, gets a gun and puts in front of Aaron]
Outcome #3: It’s better for wolves. There’s an amo box by the door, you take as much as you need. We’re done talking. You ate, you’re pulling out early, you should hit it.
Aaron Cross: Okay. Some other time, then.
Outcome #3: Yeah.
Aaron Cross: Thanks.
Outcome #3: Good luck.
[we see Aaron in his bed in the cabin, he turns on the light and sees the names of the other agents that had previously stayed in the cabin carved in the walls and ceiling, including Jason Bourne’s]


[we see Eric talking to a military general regarding the termination of his Outcome agents in the field]
Eric Byer: I think we need to clarify something here, Don.
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Clarify what?
Eric Byer: You keep using the word unacceptable, and I want to know exactly what you think you mean by hat?
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Unacceptable means exactly that! I don’t like what you’re telling me, I don’t like how you’re telling me. We’re at a critical phase on four missions, Rick. The intelligence loss, if we stop now, it couldn’t be quantified.
Eric Byer: Yes, actually, it could. You’d be right back to where you were before we delivered the program.
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Don’t tell me there’s a problem with Outcome, cause I’d be hearing about it.
Eric Byer: I didn’t say there was.
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: You’re not saying much of anything.


[we see that in South Korea yellow pills are being given to an Outcome agent to be taken instead of the blue and green pills; then we’re back to the scene with Eric and the military general]
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Do you understand their full utility? We just set Iran’s missile program back thirty six months with one deep cover agent. The best action recon out of North Korea in the last two years came from Outcome.
Eric Byer: I’m fully aware of this.
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Do you know how long we waited to get a real long-term operative inside Pakistani ISI? You’re asking me to wipe the most valuable intel gathering assets we’ve ever put in the field!
Eric Byer: We’re shutting things down immediately. And this contingency was covered loud and clear.


[we see an Outcome agent in Pakistan taking one of the yellow pills; then back to the scene with Eric and the general]
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Tell me this isn’t why we’re having this conversation.
[he points to the newspaper article about the CIA program]
Lt. Gen. Paulsen: Jason Bourne got away, didn’t he? That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? I have visibility on every action program in this system, except yours. I’m sick of hearing the reason I can’t do something or see something is because it hasn’t cleared the National Research ASSAY Group. Where do you pull this kind of weight?
Eric Byer: Don, I’m a patriot, the same as you are. I bleed over this, the same way you do. But you and I have our jobs because we’ve got the strength to do what’s necessary. And I’m sorry, but right now, this is it.
[we then see Outcome agents dying, in South Korea, Pakistan and America, after taking the yellow pill]


[the next morning as Aaron is preparing to leave the cabin, it’s snowing heavily outside]
Outcome #3: It’s really coming down out there, getting ugly.
Aaron Cross: Oh, yeah? Well, maybe I should try to get ahead of it, huh?
Outcome #3: No, it’s too late for that. Just stick around. I need some help squaring the place away anyway.
Aaron Cross: Yeah, I don’t know. I already have to do that medication write up. I don’t know if I want to have to explain my itinerary as well. You know what I mean?
Outcome #3: Don’t worry about the chems, I got that covered.
Aaron Cross: I’m gonna have a look.
[Aaron goes outside to check the snow, he hears a noise and turns to the other agent]
Aaron Cross: You hearing that?
[the other agent goes inside to turn on the radio]
Aaron Cross: You expecting anything?
Outcome #3: In this weather, without a heads up?
Aaron Cross: Well, it’s definitely getting closer.
[he walks back into the cabin]
Aaron Cross: What you got?
Outcome #3: Nothin’, man. I got nothin’.
Aaron Cross: Is it working?
Outcome #3: Yeah, it’s working. The gear’s fine, it’s not the gear.
Aaron Cross: Well, maybe it’s a resupply.
Outcome #3: They were here yesterday and they can’t land in this anyway.
Aaron Cross: Who the hell is it?
Outcome #3: I don’t know. I don’t know. We should spread.
Aaron Cross: Yeah. Look, I’ll take the nest. Let me know when you get eyes on it, okay?
Outcome #3: Yeah.
[Aaron leaves the cabin taking his kit, as he leaves suddenly the cabin is shot by a missile making it explodes, killing the other agent, however, in the military base the soldiers detect Aaron’s signal and send back the drone to track him, Aaron quickly covers his stomach with a metal plate to block the signal coming off his implanted signaling device and shoots the drone]


[after Eric has been told about the drone being shot down in the mountain]
Eric Byer: It didn’t just go down, it was shot down. They’re sure of that?
Dita Mandy: That’s what I was told.
Eric Byer: By who? With what?
Dita Mandy: They don’t know. They were sourcing a second signal when it happened.


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