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[the witch brews up a potion in her cauldron]
The Witch: Now, let’s see. What have we here?
[the witch fishes out a tart from the potion]
Merida: Uh…a cake?
The Witch: You don’t want it?
Merida: Yes! I want it! You’re sure if I give this to my mom, it will change my fate?
The Witch: Oh, trust me! It’ll do the trick, dearie.
[as Merida walks out of the cottage]
The Witch: Expect delivery of your purchase within a fortnight.
[to herself as Merida walks off]
The Witch: Oh! Oh! What was that thing about the spell?
Merida: Did you say something…about…the spell?
[as Merida turns to face the witch she sees the cottage and the witch have disappeared]


[as Merida returns to the castle she prepares a tea tray for her mother and places the tart on the tray]
Elinor: Merida!
Merida: Mom! Oh…uh…I…um…
Elinor: Oh, I’ve been worried sick!
Merida: You…you were?
Elinor: I didn’t know where you’d gone or when you’d come back! I didn’t know what to think! Oh, look at you dress!
Merida: Oh, Angus threw me. But I’m not hurt.
Elinor: Well, you’re home now. So that’s the end of it.
Merida: Honestly?
Elinor: I’ve pacified the lords for now. You’re father’s out there ‘entertaining’ them.
[Elinor smiles]


Elinor: Of course, we both know a decision still has to be made.
[Merida turns and picks up the plate of tart]
Elinor: What’s this?
Merida: It’s a peace offering. I made it, for you!
[Elinor takes the plate of tart]
Elinor: You made this for me?
[she takes a bite of the tart]
Elinor: Mm.
[Elinor’s face suddenly screws up]
Merida: How do you feel?
Elinor: What…what is that?
Merida: Different?
Elinor: Tart, and um…gamy!
[Elinor starts to feel sick and puts the plate of tart down]
Merida: Have you changed your mind at all about the marriage and all that?
[Elinor takes a drink and gargles it in her mouth to get rid of the taste of the tart]
Elinor: Now, why don’t we go upstairs to the lords and put this whole kerfuffle to rest?
[she takes Merida out of the kitchen]


[as they walk towards the hall Elinor suddenly starts to feel sick]
Elinor: Oh!
Merida: Mother?
Elinor: I’m woozy suddenly. Oh, my head’s spinning like a drop!
[Merida catches Elinor as she’s about to fall]
Merida: Mom!
Elinor: Oh! Suddenly I’m not well.
Merida: Uh…how do you feel about the marriage now?
Elinor: Merida! Ah! Will you take me to my room?


[as Elinor is feeling sick from eating the tart, Merida helps take her to her room, the three lords spot them as they pass]
Lord MacGuffin: Queen! We’ve been waiting, patiently.
Elinor: My lords, I am out of sorts at the moment. But you shall have your answer…
[suddenly Elinor does a massive burp]
Elinor: …presently. Now, if you’ll excuse us.


[as Merida helps her mom get into bed]
Merida: Just take all the time you need to get yourself right, mom. And maybe in a bit you might have something new to say on the marriage?
Elinor: What was in that cake?
Merida: Cake!
[suddenly Elinor rolls of the bed in pain]
Merida: Mom? So, I…I’ll just tell them the wedding’s off then?
[Merida hears a growling noise from where Elinor rolled of down the bed]
Merida: Mom?
[Merida walks round to see if Elinor is fine, she sees a giant shape rise from the floor and as it turns we see Elinor has transformed into a bear making Merida scream with terror]
Merida: Bear!
[Elinor starts freaking out and tearing up the room]


[after Elinor has transformed to a bear]
Merida: Mom, you’re…you’re a bear! You’re a bear! Oh, that scatty witch gave me a gammy spell!!
[Elinor, now unable to speak, gives Merida a shocked look at her revelation]
Merida: It’s not my fault! I didn’t ask her to change you into a bear. I just wanted her to change…you.
[realizing what Merida has done, Elinor growls at Merida in anger]


[Elinor paces around and growls in frustration as if telling Merida off]
Merida: There’s no point in having a go at me! The witch is to blame! Googly eye!
[Elinor finds her crown and puts it on]
Merida: I’ll go over to her place. Unbelievable! I’ll get her to fix this.


[as Elinor decides to leave her room]
Merida: Mom, you can’t go out there! Mom! What are you doing!
[Merida tries to stop her mom from leaving]
Merida: Dad! The Bear King! If he so much as sees you, you’re dead!
[suddenly Merida hears Fergus, who’s heard the commotion and is heading towards them followed by the lords, Elinor heads the other way and Merida follows her]
Merida: Mom! Wait!


[trying to stop Elinor from sneaking out, Merida snatches off Elinor’s bed sheet that she’s wrapped around herself]
Merida: Stop!
[Elinor feeling embarrassed tries to cover herself]
Merida: You’re covered with fur! You’re not naked! It’s not like anyone’s gonna see you!
[at that moment they see the triplet’s nanny standing in the hallway looking at them in shock, Elinor waves at her and she screams and runs off]
Merida: Now you’ve done it.


[after Elinor tries to get away from Fergus hunting her down and she stumbles into a room to hide but finds the triplets playing]
Merida: A witch turned mom into a bear. It’s not my fault. We’ve got to get out of the castle. I need your help!
[the triplets cross their arms and stare at her]
Merida: Oh, alright! You can have my deserts for two…three weeks!
[the triplet in the middle indicates with his hand that Merida needs to increase the offer]
Merida: Fine! A year!
[the triplets nod their heads and agree to help Merida get Elinor out of the castle]


[after the triplets help Merida and Elinor sneak out of the castle, Elinor turns and gives a worrying look towards the triplets]
Merida: They’ll be fine. Won’t you, boys? Mom, we’ve got to hurry!
[Merida pushes her mom out the door and turns to the triplets]
Merida: Now, I’ll be back soon. Go on and help yourself to anything you want, as a reward.
[Merida closes door, the triplets turn and see the half eaten witch’s tart and head towards it]


[after leaving the castle, Merida and her mother head out to the forest]
Merida: Where are these wisps? Come out wisps. Come on out! Lead me to the witch’s cottage! I’m here. Fine, don’t come out now that my mom’s watching!
[Elinor looks at Merida questioningly]
Merida: I was standing right here, and the wisp appeared right there! Then a whole trail of them led me off into the forest
[Elinor starts walking off into the forest]
Merida: Does she think that I just happened upon a witch’s cottage?
[after walking a while in the forest Merida suddenly stops and looks around her]
Merida: Oh, mom! I know this place. The witch’s cottage is this way! Come on! Hurry!
[Merida starts running ahead and finds the witch’s cottage]
Merida: I can’t believe it! I found it!
[she opens the cottage door but finds it completely empty]
Merida: No! She was here! No, really! She was just here! Oh, wait.
[she snaps her finger like the witch had done before and goes back to open the cottage door, but it’s still empty]
Merida: No!
[she keeps shutting and opening the cottage door]
Merida: No! No! No!


[in the witch’s cottage, Merida accidently sets off a Rube Goldberg machine which brings up the witch’s cauldron with a ghostly image of the witch appearing above it]
The Witch: Welcome to the Crafty Carver, home of bear carvings and novelties. I am completely out of stock at this time, but if you’d like to inquire about a portrait or wedding cake toppers, pour via; one into the cauldron. If you’d like a bedouin garlic, vial two. If you’re that red-haired lass, vial three.
[Merida quickly pours the contents of vile three into the cauldron]
The Witch: Princess, I’m off to the Wickerman’s festival in Stoneleigh. I won’t be back till spring. There’s one bit I forgot to tell you about the spell. By the second sunrise, your spell will be permanent, unless you remember these words; ‘Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.’
Merida: Fate be changed? Mend the bond? What does that mean?
The Witch: One more time. ‘Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.’ That’s it! Ta-ta! Oh, and thank you for shopping at the Crafty Carver!
[and suddenly the witch’s ghostly image disappears]
Merida: No! No! Where did you go!
[suddenly the witch’s ghostly image appears again and starts giving the same message, Merida starts pouring in all the vials into the cauldron in panic and accidently blows the cauldron and the cottage disappears]


[after the witch’s cottage disappears, it starts to rain, Merida builds a shelter for Elinor and turns to her]
Merida: We’ll sort it out tomorrow.
[as they sleep, Merida has flashback to when she was little and was afraid of thunder her mother would hold and comfort her]
Elinor: Hey, wee lassy. I’m here. I’ll always be right here.


[Merida wakes in the morning to find Elinor has laid out a table for breakfast]
Merida: Uh…good morning. So, what’s all this supposed to be?
[Elinor growls trying to communicate]
Merida: Sorry, I don’t speak bear.
[Elinor mimes that Merida should remove her bow from the table]
Merida: Oh!
[Merida removes her bow and Elinor starts eating the berries she’s gathered for breakfast]
Merida: Find those by the creek, did you? They’re Nightshade berries. They’re poisonous.
[suddenly Elinor spits out the berries she’d just put in her mouth and in panic drinks some water]
Merida: Where did you get this water? It has worms!
[Elinor quickly spits out the water she was drinking and sits in defeat, Merida smiles and gets up]
Merida: Come on.


[Merida and Elinor head to a creek and Merida uses her bow to catch a fish]
Merida: Breakfast!
[Merida holds the fish up and Elinor claps]
Merida: Oh, wait! A princess should not have weapons, in your opinion.
[Elinor nods in agreement and Merida holds the fish out for Elinor]
Merida: There you go. Go on.
[the fish flaps as it’s still alive and Elinor turns away in disgust]
Merida: How do you know you don’t like it if you won’t try it?
[Merida then cooks the fish over a fire and Elinor tries to eat with decorum but quickly chomps it down, as Elinor is still hungry Merida then teaches Elinor how to catch fish from the creek and they start bonding]


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