By Charlotte Bennett (England)


So, I saw Breaking Dawn – Part 2 with a bunch of friends yesterday and I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t that up for it. I mean I didn’t expect it to be all that. I’ve seen all the other films form the Twilight Saga and thought they were pretty good but just thought this was gonna be a bit cringey and predictable. But boy, was I wrong!

I thought Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was just brilliant. It was so well done from beginning to end and there was never a dull moment. We got to see all our favorite characters in action and also meet lots of new ones too. There was still the romance and ever- strong love between Bella and Edward making all those ‘Team Edward’ fans happy and the uphold of friendship between Bella and Jacob pleasing the ‘Team Jacob’s’ too.

This film really did give the Twilight Saga an epic finale. The battle between The Cullen’s and their friends, which we’d seen them gather and ask for help, against the all- powerful Volturi really put us on the edge of our seats. There were so many shocks and surprises throughout the battle and that big twist! (If you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean!)

While keeping to Stephanie Meyer’s story line from the second half of the novel, the film really put its own spin on things making us love it all the more. There were elements of comedy, romance, drama and action here, what more could you want?

I think they finished the film really well. The end brought us back to where we started and lead us through the years up to now showing us the story along the way. And we got to see the cast from all five films, bringing back memories for all us Twilight fans. It made me sad to think there wasn’t going to be another film following this one though but at least we know they live happily ever after (at last!).

Rating: 4/5



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